Sunday 30 September 2012

Aries Full Moon - Rebels With A Cause

Actor Marlon Brando - Moon in Aries
Full Moons are a time of fulfillment, of harvest and scooping up in our arms all the ripe fruits and bounty fallen at our feet as a result of the seeds sown under the previous New Moon. All sounds very fine and dandy but what if the seeds were bad seeds from a duff batch, or good seeds, planted with the best of intentions but then left unattended, neglected and deprived of vital nutrients? More than likely we would stare at the empty or disappointing basket of goodies and scratch our heads in dulled bemusement at best and frustrated anger at worst. This  weekend of 29th September 2012, the Full Moon in Aries could be one of those times when there is a lot of shaking of heads and frustrated anger and our baskets may well contain more than a few nuts and empty shells.The astrological archetypes playing out their dramas at the moment all come under the fiery spotlight of the Aries, Hunter,Harvest or Blood Full Moon.
Actor Jared Leto Moon in Aries
EMI Records tried to sue his band 30 seconds to Mars for $30 million. 
He fought back, making a documentary Artifact, questioning why the band was in debt after generating so much income.
The astrological map, the ‘Great Mirror In The Sky’, is reflecting an image we may find difficult to accept and avoiding looking will not make it all go away. Perhaps it is better to take a careful look at the picture, study it closely and prepare. This is a plain case of 'being forewarned is being forearmed'. The few days leading up to the Full Moon is the Gibbous period, a time to gather information and learn. Lets start by getting some facts in a row and marshaling our arguments in order that we may be better informed. While we are at it, better prepared for what exactly? Well there is little doubt that this Full Moon, falling in the tetchy degree of 7 Aries is going to be a tough one.
(7 Degree/SuperHighway Man & Maps/MisApps) This is the degree that is caught in the snarl-up between Uranus and Pluto, already hit by two squares. (Hot Spots & Lightning Rods - Uranus/Pluto 2nd Square). 
To illustrate the point further, let's try using the analogy of a business to represent the sky chart, at the moment and use the planets as figures within the company. 
Working in ‘The Cardinals & Co' are a few key active players,The Sun – plays the C.E.O. 
Writer Gore Vidal Sun in Libra Moon in Aries
Looking very dapper in his Libra guise, sporting an understated yet sophisticated suit with everything artfully colour coordinated. There is a slight touch of flamboyance and he is elegant, coiffured, beautifully manicured and smelling of expensive cologne. As we take a peek into the room he is sitting in we see that he is cool as a cucumber, exuding the aura of a life led with consummate ease. (Sun in Libra - Perfect Balance).Charming and smooth, a faint smile is playing across his lips despite the obvious highly charged atmosphere in the room. This Boss appears to be quietly and intelligently listening, taking care to include everyone around the table although it would seem that sitting directly opposite him is a pair of animated and rather irate employees.
Actor James Dean Uranus in Aries
This antagonistic duo turns out to be a combination of the full blown Moon, representing the people and revolutionary Uranus, a new union shop steward. Both are dressed in Aries scarlet and appear very fired up, so much so, that they are sitting beside a red banner with an angry slogan hastily written. They do seem to be rabble rousing and egging each other on at the same time, both speaking at the same time and impatient to be the one whose message is being heard. This is a strong combination of energy representing the people and their message is shocking, adrenalised and octane fuelled.
Sitting at right angles to both these parties is: Pluto, The Vulture Capitalist, dressed somberly in a conservative Capricorn suit, cut from a dark cloth and impeccably put together. 
Napoleon Bonaparte Pluto in Capricorn (played by Herbert Lom)
This character knows the art of power dressing. He seems to have his arms crossed and quite where his allegiance lies is unclear. The truth is that this ‘Axe Man’, a name whispered behind his back, has been trying for a while to oust the trouble making Union Representative in the scarlet suit, Uranus. This impudent rabble-rouser who originally appeared out of nowhere has been agitating and calling for revolutionary changes within the company for a while. It would also appear that there is a long-range plan to oust the 'Axe Man' Capitalist, to overturn the money-man’s schemes and old hatchet jobs and set up a new system. This is not the first time these two have tried to out maneuver each other but now it has all been brought before the Sun Boss. Pluto believes he has the upper hand since the direct face-to-face conflict Uranus now has with the Sun in Libra can work in his favour. So there he sits, Pluto the asset stripper, with his arms crossed saying very little but nonetheless holding the keys to the Treasury.(The Dark Lord Pluto Applies Direct Pressure)
The Libra Sun Boss, is still trying really hard to get everyone to pull together and work as a unit and be a team but now he seems to exhibit greater signs of irritation. This Boss will not hold with individual members zooming off and doing their own thing because he wants action to be directed towards the common goal because it has to be fair for all concerned. However, Pluto has been having a long struggle with Uranus and they just can not agree but now Pluto appears to be secretly pleased that the Boss has woken up rudely awakened to the fact that there is a troublemaker in town. Uranus in Aries is all lit up by the Full Moon and is aware that swift and effective action may be taken to suppress and rid the company of the identified problem. 
'Cut him and his pals out and I will reward you with the keys to the treasury, go on we can survive without him and his kind' Pluto whispers in the Sun's ear. The Libra Boss and Pluto in Capricorn, the Vulture Capitalist also have their own mini battle of course as neither one agrees with the others methods and both question the hidden motives.  Power struggles and potential coups preoccupy both of their minds and so they harbour their own suspicions about one another. They definitely do not trust each other one tiny bit but have found themselves focusing on a common enemy, the revolutionary Uranus in the red suit. 
Meanwhile the Rabble Rouser Uranus, et al, appear to find some temporary diversion and wonder about the benefits of forming a coalition.
The Sun Boss Libra is highly strategic, understanding the politics, reading both sides and being nobody's fool. He knows the real issue is actually between the Axe Man Pluto in Capricorn and the Rabble Rousing Uranus in Aries and that dragging anything else in as ballast or to be used as chess pieces is all a smoke screen diversion.
How does all this help us? What are these dark forebodings telling us to do? We now know that the days before and after the Full Moon will be stressful. Just like the board room there will be a surfacing of power games and the potential for explosive flared and frayed tempers. We could find ourselves or those we encounter having a sudden rush of blood to the head and wilfully baying for some kind of freedom, needing more self expression and asserting their individuality. Politically any of the global hot-spots responding to the 7-8 degree Cardinal position in the celestial sky will be vulnerable to the full Moon throwing light onto issues and spotlighting unresolved problems. 
Just as equally we may encounter some forms of repression, which goes along with fear induce suppression and lets include various compulsions into this cocktail for good measure. Again on a personal level that suggests a need for further self expression and a realignment of issues of self-worth. On a global level the invisible, silent minorities or majorities could be compulsed to take some form of action in all the many troubled locations already acting as lightning rods to Uranian energies. 
Che Guevara - Uranus in Aries
Unlike all the metaphors that have been used some of us around the world will be more in the middle of it rather than just in some objective figure of speech but we all hope that we are not. Well where is the help then? Is this all just astrological scaremongering? Perhaps all that will happen is maybe a normally placid uncle stays at the bar later than usual, which delays the family dinner, which makes a mother seethe as the potatoes burn, which distresses a father, who hates to see the mother upset as he knows he will get the force of her anger later. I really hope so that this type of scenario explains it all and please note this is a made up best case scenario and in no way reflects anyone's past, present or future family life. We really don't want any more worst case scenarios but they will appear somewhere in the global drama sadly.
Firstly, many people will either unconsciously or wittingly pass through this week paying little or no notice to its finer points. Daily life with it’s rituals will ebb and flow as per usual. Both inner and outer events could seamlessly blur into our repetitive routines. However, a significant number of us will notice and be affected by the shifting currents and the trade winds of change mirrored in the skies.
Secondly the help. Well there is another pattern in the sky mirror, a handy trine between Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini and if we squint we may just catch sight of it, or more accurately hear it if we listen in. Returning to our imaginary celestial corporation, we can eavesdrop a conversation taking place in the Sales Room. The conversation is so loud it can be heard by everyone anyway. It is between Mercury the I.T expert and Jupiter, the Head of Marketing. The talk is positive, upbeat and full of ideas generally. Mercury in Libra speaks charmingly of co-operation, negotiation, balance and harmony (Mercury in Libra - Postcards From A Refined Mind) and Jupiter in Gemini is open to hearing the message and can expand it with even more plentiful ideas (Jupiter Makes A Move). They are both talking the same language and coming up with multiple clever and novel solutions. 
Actress KIm Basinger Jupiter in Gemini & Actor Richard Gere Mercury in Libra
For us, we can take heart and hope that we can also come up with an idea or a bit of breakthrough thinking. What is more, we can tell others who will also be receptive and excited about the nature of these plans and schemes. Oh yes - we can think our way through it, great. Just as the energy level rises with our spirits and the very exuberance and brilliance generated by Mercury and Jupiter something else is heard. Over the jabbering ten to the dozen both finding the other highly enchanting and educational, our attention is taken away by a low but constant muttering from the Conference Room.
If we take a look at this side room we note a rumble of disagreement between the Head of Public Relations, Venus in Leo, looking radiant, by the way and wearing some very eye catching jewellery. However, whilst looking dazzling she appears to have recently had a very bad run-in with Mars, Head of Sales, who also happens to be the Boss's son. Making matter worse neither party was willing to give way. Previous, salacious gossip abounds about their sexual chemistry anyway, which this very public row has only fuelled. 
Actress Amy Adams Venus in Leo & Leo Di Caprio Mars in Scorpio
Mars has recently been in cahoots with Pluto as they have been seen whispering intensely to each other in dimly lit corridors, rumours are rife. Mars has being sneaking and carrying the argument forward and is now sitting close to those of influence and power.
(Mars in Scorpio - What Lies Beneath)

Writer Paul Thomas Anderson - Moon in Aries & Venus in Leo/Actor Joachim Phoenix - Mars in Scorpio
Actress Amy Adams - Venus in Leo/Actor Phillip Hoffman Seymour - Mars in Scorpio
Venus has now been brought before the Nodal axis board and ‘she’ notices that Mars is sitting way too close to an axis member with important influence, the North Node, hah! he is even mirroring the body language and wearing the same colour waistcoat of black and maroon.
Venus is sitting uncomfortably on her own time bomb as it happens, she has packed her posh handbag with a toxic ‘something’ that could be information or pictures, it is there as a safeguard and is probably unethical but she promises it will only be used under severe duress. This is all highly unstable however and she could lose all control once it ‘got out’. Venus is sitting on the Fixed Star Alphard, you see and that could mean trouble. Alphard is associated with violence, a lack of control and tragedies often associated with unethical principles. 

Actress Susan Sarandon - Mars in Scorpio
She is appealing not only to the eye but also to whoever it is on the other end of the conference call she is part of. We are not sure who is there but most probably they represent the shareholders or other interested parties.Those other interested parties are the North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus and it is they who have hauled Venus in for this conference call, whether to ask her opinion or to grill her over certain accusations is unclear. The Nodes by themselves are conflicting voices, they argue for the company’s vision and best interests. They are conflicted by choices swinging between a vision of going forward by innovation, to accepting and embracing change, to try out and explore new territories and techniques or by consolidation, to keep the status quo, to keep on with old products and services. (Axis Of Power & Possessions - Scorpio/Taurus
Prince Alber & Princess Caroline of Monaco - Both with North Node Scorpio/South Node Taurus
Recently the call for austerity measures, ruthless elimination and harsh choices has rocketed. Mars has got wind of it and is urging on the side of change now ‘out with the old, in with the new’. 'Don’t go with the fuddy duddies who have run the place, granted they have wisdom and have done a good job but now it is time for a new broom', he exclaims. We can all feel so trapped in this continual, complicated, complex enmeshment and heightened high drama that we can become quite resigned and complacent about being able to effect change.  Everything is beginning to feel so taut and tense we could forget that this is a Full Moon which usually means that we will begin to feel confident enough to meet the challenges presented to us. This Full Moon in Aries, a Cardinal fire sign will want us to be nothing less and with the gracious Sun in Libra we may just root through that apparently sparse basket and make something beautiful of whatever's in there anyway.
We have to pay attention to where our own Mars lies with our personal promptings to be brave and take on new challenges. We will want to open our arms to embrace change and make plans to take a few brave steps towards something that we really want. The call is coming, on the end of the line in that conference room just around the corner….
Actor/Director Dennis Hopper Moon in Aries
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