Monday 15 October 2012

Moonbeams In The Air - New Moon in Libra

Director Michael Powell - Sun & Moon LIbra
On 15th October 2012 the Moon moves out of it’s dark Balsamic phase and starts afresh. In the week or so before this date we may have already been going with the flow more, allowing things to drift along where they will, a little and trying to let go of what needed to be released. We may have said ‘goodbye’ or even have said 'hello' to what we thought was lost but is now re-found. There is a general sense of resting and of waiting. We feel that there is something hidden but brewing just out of our sight. Something appears to be growing, building and gestating. We may not know exactly what it is because the time for revelation is a few weeks away yet but we are prompted and primed to prepare for a change.
Actress Clare Danes - Moon in Libra
This glimmer of light, this sliver of silver and shift in awareness is this month’s New Moon which occurs at 24 degrees of Libra. This degree falls a degree or two shy of two Fixed Stars. The first is Spica, which brings riches and brilliance as well as highlighting talents and gifts. Combining these themes could give us a mixture that could be most welcome, a taste of honey in the midst of these stressful times.
Richest person in the world 2012, Mexican Carlos Slim has Spica conjunct south node
Then there is Arcturus, foretelling recognition through self determination but warns of impulsive and rash actions. Depending on what may else be triggered in a chart by 24 degrees Libra potentially we could sparkle and shine showing our splendidness in a variety of ways. Those born around 17th/18th October of any year have their Sun always shining on this point in their chart and can easily relate to the show of talents as well as the recklessness and hubris at times other times. Personalities such as Lee Harvey Oswald and Eminem have demonstrated this type of energy very publicly.
Playwright Arthur Miller - Moon in Libra Libra/Libra Sun conjunct Arcturus 
testifying at the McCarthy-era Un-American Activities Committee 
Taken by itself it may pass by unnoticed but with this New Moon it is not just ‘by itself’ because there are some other planetary playmates affecting the proceedings for the next couple of weeks. Most notably there are some happy and pleasant tunes on the juke box. One is a duet of Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries living out ‘The Hard & Fast Trines’ and speeding up the place with a heady blend of rock and roll and heart-pumping dance. (Mars in Sagittarius - International Horse Power). Another, is also an duet but this time between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, this plays for us ‘Make Your Dreams Come True Trine’ with a more ‘new-agey’ pan pipes ambient tune for the chill out space. (Saturn in Scorpio - Snake Charmer Karma). Finally yet another duo play their melody, this time between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Gemini a slightly more quarrelsome pairing ‘The I Can Do Better Squares’. (Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde - Happiness Is An Inside Job). They seem to be elbowing each other out the way, vying to be ‘the most’ of whatever is required - no doubt though they are the most fashionable, popular, generous, couple, who are extravagant and generally the life and soul of the celestial party. Still they will all think they look good on the dance floor.
Actress & Dancer Rita Hayworth - Moon in Libra
New Moons ignite, they will start stuff off, they sow the seeds, often in unseen and invisible ways, after all the light from the Moon is still just a sliver it is hiding more than it is showing. New Moons are those times when there is often a spark of novelty or freshness, as we start again or begin new projects or undertakings. Our hope and optimism surges, we feel a ‘well why not’ attitude welling up inside us and we may notice it in other people. 
The few days around the New Moon are excellent for trying out new things, whether experimenting with new styles trying, new tastes or generating new ideas this is a time for experimentation and play. 
Actor John Phillip Law - Moon in LIbra
Activating the airy sign of Libra, much of this testing and trying out could take place with artistic or intellectual areas. We may especially be drawn to those who promote an ease, some peace and a soothing of conflict and abrasive situations.
Director Ingmar Bergman - Moon in Libra
We can use this moon energy in our favour by beautifying our spaces and by opening up communications with others especially on a one-to-one basis. Use these next few weeks as a breathing space. Like a break in the ice in an Arctic wasteland we can move about a little. We can gain some perspective and regain our sense of balance. Make yourself and others feel a bit ‘nicer’ a much derided word but one which can feel really good when received or sincerely felt. A nice smile when we don’t expect one, a nice word when we feel frazzled and a nice touch when we feel down. We can both give and receive - all very up lifting, all very, very Libra style.
Musician Sting - Sun & Moon Libra
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