Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sun in Scorpio - Stare Into The Deep Shadows

Actress Vivien Leigh - Sun in Scorpio
The Sun traveller moves country on October 23rd 2012. It leaves the fresh air of Libra and plunges into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. It will be good to be able to refresh and rejuvenate in these healing spa waters and to immerse ourselves so thoroughly after spending our time being perfectly fair from an aloof and somewhat distant position as we were in Libra. There is a depth to this water that can be a little unnerving at first.
Director Louis Malle - Sun in Scorpio
'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud' (1958)
After the Sun travellers time under Libra's cool drying winds of last month there is now a welcome shift and a need to move a little deeper. Here, however, we also encounter the endlessness of these depths. Plunging into the inky dark unknown can seem terrifying and yet some ancient part of our DNA knows this place. It is the place from where we all came from. It scares, attracts, repels and seduces, in fact, much like the sign of Scorpio itself. Those of us with Sun sign Scorpio know exactly the truth of this statement because it is part of Scorpio mythology. 
Actor Richard Burton - Sun in Scorpio
As we all journey with the Sun we will all move and alternate in Scorpio’s extreme landscapes of freezing ice and boiling water geysers. Life has a different tone and we will notice it has a very different feel to the one we just passed through. Gone is last months cool examination of all the points, gone is the balancing of notions and potions and the harmonizing of all sides. Gone is the see-sawing of opinions, the fair debate and the intellectual urbane not-a-hair-out-of-place say-it-with-a-smile, counter argument. Now the velvet glove appear to have a sexy slide as it comes off and the real stinger in the tail is suddenly revealed. Uncompromising, intense, extremist, taking no prisoners and unafraid of breaching polite sensibilities. Welcome to Scorpio land, which is where we and the Sun traveller find ourselves this month. The issues and behaviours of Scorpio will be all around us, whether we like it or not, whether we ponder, answer and deliberately evade or debate them. At some level we will meet them face to face.
Artist Pablo Picasso - Sun in Scorpio
As a balance to plunging the depths Scorpio also wants to transform. In order to transform Scorpio needs to rise above the dross and mire and soar. Healing through catharsis is a Scorpio speciality. Scorpio will brazenly face the valley and peaks with an equal determination to transmute and transcend. The habit of cauterising the wound can be painful but necessary to prevent further damage. Really, 'no pain - no gain'.
Actor Ethan Hawke - Sun in Scorpio
'Sinister', 2012
What else can we expect as Scorpio energy pours down to us through the Sun’s rays? After all we will all be affected whether we are indoors, outdoors, sleeping or waking, we will all be saturated in its hypnotic, intense, mysterious, emotional and seductive power. Driven to go deeper and enrich our personal relationships. Driven to pursue hard truths and lessons. Driven to persevere come what may through tough times and triumph in survival. Driven to make things more authentic for ourselves we may all be that bit more willing to delve into the unknown to 'get real'.
Director Martin Scorsese - Sun in Scorpio
'Taxi Driver'
The zone's presided over by Scorpio in our lives will start to undergo this annual purge. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Scorpio energy then they will get a lift and feel buoyed by this energy. If you are Venus in Scorpio the way you relate and how you receive love and money will get a boost. If you are Mars in Scorpio the way you marshal your troops to attack or defend will come to the ascendancy.
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - Sun in Scorpio
Sun in this Scorpio season, the end of October/November, is about going that much deeper generally but most importantly within ourselves. Probing levels of intimacy, how far can we go, how much do we want, sharing ourselves and testing out trust issues with ourselves and others. It is also about secrets and exposure, what is a confidence and what is shameful. Who needs to know, should they know and what are the agendas are they overt or hidden. Obviously Scorpio is about power and control in all arenas of life, inflicting it, resisting it and shifting it. Its the same basis, within our families or within our wider world. Scorpio is fully focused on submission and permission and desire and possession. Intimately or politically, we may all find ourselves scaling heights of delight or plunging into the depths of despair. One way or another, no half measures are served in this establishment. Whatever we do, however we behave, we will be sure to do it with an increase in force, intention, intensity and passion. Just remember the person next to you is also receiving the Scorpio stare-down from the heavens and is equally fuelled by the Suns ‘coming right at yer’ Scorpio energy. Intense passion for compassion then.
Singer/Songwriter Ryan Adams - Sun in Scorpio
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