Sunday 11 November 2012

General David Petraeus - The Centaur's Secret Affair

On 9th November, 2012 General David Petraeus resigned as head of the C.I.A. The four star general cited a serious error in judgment over his extra marital affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. 
There is no time of birth for Petraeus, at the moment but regardless of the actual birth time, we can still find plenty of information from just using the day of birth. 
General David Petraeus birth chart
Currently Pluto, God of the Underworld, is in Capricorn and making an uncomfortable square with Uranus in Aries. Pluto exactly connects to General Petraeus chart via a conjunction to his Chiron in Capricorn. Chiron is often seen as 'The Wounded One' and in the Earth sign of Capricorn looks very intent on unearthing all of 'the dirt' and exposing some old wounds. It would not be a surprised if his chart ends of showing a Cancer Ascendant as this would place both Mars the planet of war, and Jupiter the 'Big Cheese' above the horizon and very visible. Using the Whole Sign House System, Chiron along with Mars will then be in his 7th zone of ‘Partnerships & Open Enemies’. 
Petraeus and his 'embedded' biographer Paula Broadwell
General Petraeus, has a name with Greek mythological resonance and now finds himself right in the middle of a huge Greek tragedy. In mythology, Petraeus was a centaur who attended the wedding of Peirithous and Hippodamia becoming an unwelcome guest. Once there Petraeus and the other rowdy centuars, tried to abduct all the women, married or not, including the bride.
We all will make mistakes. The key is to recognize them and admit them, to learn from them, and to take off the rear view mirrors, drive on and avoid making them again.'
General Petraeus's Rules for Living from 'All In'
In mythology another centaur, Chiron, carries an eternal wound but decided to exchange it for death and into the bargain saves Prometheus. Self sacrifice is also part of the story of Chiron. In the scenario of this General and his 'Prom Queen' biographer it may look doubtful that Petraeus is saving anyone but himself by confessing his wrong doing. With a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Venus and Jupiter in Taurus there is a possibility that the C.I.A's chief keeper of secrets is hiding more than he is divulging. Both he and Paula have Sun Sign Scorpio within close degrees to each other, and Scorpio is 'the master of secrets'.
General Petraeus has survived cancer as well as an accidental bullet wound to the chest,
 and a parachute collapsing during a jump that could have killed him.
He can run two miles in ten minutes and was regarded
as one of the finest minds in the United States Army.
The current conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn with the general's Chiron will be very painful both for him and all the other people concerned. 
David Petraeus and his wife Holly
No one really acts entirely on their own and generally very little is carried out in total isolation. It is clear that all points in our birth chart connect with something and even the unaspected planets are ‘housed’. General Petraeus has a Mercury in Sagittarius that is indeed unaspected and as such these planets such as this have a life entirely of their own. Astropost labels the unaspected planets as ‘calling planets’ they call out, they can shout and will demand attention. General Petraeus has a calling Mercury, speaking of communications, texts and writing. His lover, Paula Broadwell, who co-wrote his biography 'All In' was involved in writing another book when the F.B.I were alerted by incepted texts about sex under desks a raw and graphic but yet more Mercury symbolism.
Broadwell's natal Jupiter at 6 degrees Capricorn is exactly on the point of transiting Pluto and right on top of the general's Chiron. Jupiter will want to amplify and expand everything it touches and has also been known to throw down quite a few thunderbolts from Mount Olympus on high. 
Jill Kelley alerted the FBI after being frightened by wording of threatening e-mails
It was the FBI investigation of harassing emails sent by Paula Broadwell to a mystery woman and their subsequent probe of Broadwell's emails that revealed the affair between Broadwell and Petraeus. The second woman has now been identified by a senior U.S. military official as Jill Kelley, a married mother of three and a longtime friend of the Petraeus family.
Paula Broadwell and her husband Scott
A senior military former colleague of Petraeus has used the 'blamed the woman' defence stating that Broadwell followed the general around relentlessly she ‘went from someone very likeable to a shameless self-promoting prom queen.. in the end I believe she got her claws - so to speak -in him...he had enough honour to know that a cover-up is much worse than a public a result, I think he can recover.. continue to be a player on the national stage, but she's toast. Her reputation is unrecoverable..'

credits:ivanov andrey & daily mail & facebook & the australian & washington post & mailonline
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