Tuesday 20 November 2012

Mars in Capricorn - Iron Dome

Gaza Strip - Messages of Love & Politics photo Mia Grondahl
On 16th November, 2012, the warrior planet Mars packed its bags and set off again on its travels, this time into the earthy zone of Capricorn. Mars is on a mission here and has set it’s eyes on reaching the top of the mountain. That is a Mars in Capricorn ambition and this is where Martian focus will apply pressure until it floats off again into the airy mists of Aquarius on 26th December, 2012. Mars will want to establish an authority here, as it winds and grinds its way through this most ambitious of signs. Mars, the planet of action will have its sights set on the top and will be determined to display some authority and status. Suited and booted, Mars in Capricorn exhibits that it has power dressed and means business. A ground offensive is set in motion which, much like a tank manoeuvring through rough terrain, is pretty unstoppable.
As Mars enters Capricorn we will all grind through the gears so that we can achieve maximum efficiency and control. Our actions and impetus will focus on our goals, with very little time given over to downtime or daydreaming. In theory anyway, as any parent knows, as soon as the law is laid down the child's spirit will rise up in rebellion. For the first few days that Mars spends in Capricorn don’t be surprised if you feel a little reluctant to get right down to work, or to get on and do what you must do, face your responsibly and attend to ‘reality’. If you find yourself scuffing your shoes in the dirt, hands in pockets and jaw set firmly, it just might be your 'child within' spirit rebelling and needing to show its own strength. After all Capricorn is a slow starter but it strongly believes that it will get there in the end. Capricorn is relentless, its mode is Cardinal (driven) and its quality is Earth (Solid). Combine the two qualities and there you have some force of nature. What is more it Mars is ‘exalted’ in Capricorn and both Mars and Capricorn will like the idea of being on top of the world and on top of its game.
Mars loves a good old fight and whilst it was in freedom loving Sagittarius some real battles played out on the global stage. There were contesting philosophies, ideologies and grand plans, as witnessed in the United States (the ‘land of the free’ had to try to define 'free') Presidential election (U.S. Presidential Election Astrology - Obama vs Romney). 
U.S. Presidential Election 'Battle'
In China a raft of personnel changes ‘at the top’ resulting in the election of Xi Jinping emerging from 'a sea of identical, conservative suits' to become paramount ruler for the next 10 years.
China's Leader Xi Jingping with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
On the day of the eclipse (Scorpio Solar Eclipse - The Path of Totality) just as Mars was preparing to leave the rousing Sagittarius fire sign Mars in Sagittarius - International Horse Power), fighting and unrest ignited between Israel and Palestine in Gaza. Unfortunately, a few days later, as Mars entered Capricorn, the fighting really escalated. One of the military leaders of Hamas, Ahmed al-Jabari was assassinated in an air strike on Gaza City by the Israelis, which resulted in Hamas stating that Israel had 'opened the gates of hell'. Hamas then began air attacks on Tel Aviv (Mars) which led to Israel threatening their 'Iron Dome' (Capricorn) missile shield. The fighting is ever increasing with a realistic fear that Israel is steadily building towards a ground offensive as the more powerful long-range, Iran built missiles from Palestine reach more civilians in previous 'bubble' cities like Tel Aviv and even Jerusalem.
Israeli Defence Force (IDF) Twitter Account
What else can we expect from this Mars as it takes over the command of the command turret in ‘tank platoon Capricorn Mars’? While Mars in Sagittarius fanned the flames of ideological rhetoric, voicing its beliefs, clearly articulating the right and wrongs and actively debated various possibilities. Mars in earthy Capricorn will have dispensed with all that rhetoric and needs to take action or instigate some practical planning. Whilst part of the picture is being decisive, or over planning and strategically formulating ways to reach an objective, there will also be a fair amount of political manoeuvring and the display of naked ambition. In essence any Mars sign will always want to move, to spring into action and flex its muscles.
Hamas Paramilitary wing Alqassam Brigade's Twitter account 
Mars in Capricorn wants to prove itself and show-off its hard won spoils. Displaying its badge of honour, drawing attention to exactly how and why it deserves to be the most qualified and flashing it glinting shiny medal as a badge of honour from hard fought combat. It leaves us in no doubt as to its authority. Quite surprisingly this Mars veers towards the flashy. Make no bones about it Mars in Capricorn quite literally ‘Lords It’.
Political, psychological digital battles on the frontline of the Social Media War.
Check out the Capricorn zone in your own chart. This area will be shaking with the passing of this bulldozer tank of a Mars, moving through it. Used wisely this can result in a healthy and long overdue 'shake-up'. If Mars is moving and shaking through your 6th zone or house, you may set up a strict 'lose unwanted weight' regime and a health campaign. Through your 4th house zone the  offensive may focus on dispensing with unwanted clutter and getting everything 'ship shape'. Through your 8th house the crusade may well be fervently focused on shifting any stagnancy attached to your joint finances, insurance claims and investments. Conversely used more negatively and unconsciously this Mars could well just charge forward, pressing on towards a personal goal blindly but perhaps crushing some who are innocently and obliviously sunbathing along the path. Other Mars signs may equally register their resentment and resistance through your 11th house zones via people regarded as friends who may have cause to take offence. Or this may register through your 7th house and a business partner or spouse/partner may pout and frown and feel swept away with a new offensive. Knocking down your 5th house doors may see your kids slightly uneasy as you huff and puff. It is logical that if we all blindly motor on through to whatever we want without paying attention to road signs (saying STOP), borders saying 'anything to declare' (PASSPORT), or protesters just having a different point of view (saying NO) then we will really start to register more 'no-one-wins situations. 
Through skillful negotiations, however, real attention to other people and our surroundings, not just lip-service then perhaps a win-win path can be found - Cardinal earth really establishing something 'real' and 'worthwhile'.
During Mars in Capricorn's plough though its exalted Earth sign it meets some formidable 'foes.' Namely Uranus currently wearing martian Aries colours and Pluto also Dark Lording it in Capricorn. It will not be a journey without incident or obstacle. Capricorn is naturally suspicious of anything too 'easy', but advances will be made. Sometimes the terrain is tricky and it is hard to see the think-tanks for the tanks. We may have to think hard about just what we are setting our sights on.

When Mars moves to 4 degrees Capricorn on 23rd November, 2012 it will encounter Uranus exactly, at 4 degrees Aries. This will create a flash point, a trigger, which reverberates through to the edgy Cardinal square face-off (Uranus vs Pluto). 
Prime countries and leading figures involved in the conflict who also have planets 'keying into' this sensitive point are: 
Israel with Venus at 4 degrees Cancer
Egypt with Mars at 3 degrees Cancer
Lebanon with Neptune at 3 degrees Libra
USA (Sibly chart) with Venus at 3 degrees Cancer and Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer
Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Uranus at 4 degrees Cancer

The next trigger point occurs a few days later, on the 27th November 2012, with Mars meeting Pluto in the same sign at the same degree, 8 Capricorn. This will be one Hell of a 'powered-on' Mars, a revved up Mars with wings. Prime countries and figures in the conflict who also have planets 'keying into' this sensitive point are: 
Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Mercury at 9 degrees Libra
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal with Venus at 8 degrees Cancer
Turkey with Mars at 7 degrees Libra
Palestine with Neptune at 8 degrees Capricorn.

The planets act as a sign post in an often perplexing and sometimes wonderful journey. They are not forcing events along like arms on a pinball machine because they are pointing out not blindly pressing us onward. Hopefully in the middle of this maze, in the tangles within the forest, there will be a clearing and a breathing space for us all to think clearly and behave responsibly. The United Nations has 'peace loving' Venus conjunct visionary Neptune at 7 degrees Libra in the 6th zone of 'Service & Public Servants. Let us hope that this may be that signpost urging towards that clearing and a much needed breathing space.

United Nations chart.
Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnels.
Smuggling Tunnels of the Gaza Strip (photo Benoit de Freine)
U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rising up to the role of peacemaker by cutting short her tour of Asia with President Obama on the 20th November, 2012 to try and broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. She will have talks with Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, officials from Palestine and Egyptian leaders in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo. The Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees of Scorpio is exactly conjunct the degree of her Rising sign (some debate on time for her chart but this seems more than appropriate/astrologer Chris Brennan's post here). Her Nodal Axis Scorpio/Taurus is also resonating with the current Nodal Axis (Axis of Power & Possessions - Scorpio/Taurus) in the form of an opposition. This is a Counter Nodal Return, when the transiting North Node in Scorpio will conjunct her Natal South Node in Scorpio almost supercharging the energy and indicating powerful events and transformations that are inevitable, even a fated destiny. She may feel a little insecure to begin with amongst all the revved-up resentments, angers and explosive, tinder-box scenarios but she is still bringing her two fixed stelliums with her, Scorpio Rising, Venus and Mercury and then her Mars conjunct Pluto with Saturn in Leo to the various peace talks tables.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
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