Monday 5 November 2012

Venus in Libra - Grace & Danger

Face of the Statue of Liberty in construction, Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra
Due to the destruction of much of Liberty Island’s infrastructure after super storm Sandy 2012 it seems the base on which Liberty stands is crumbling.

From October 28th, 2012 Venus glides seductively on the pleasing airs of Libra land to find fresh sources of stimulation and enchantment after her dutiful travels through the earthy terrain of Virgo. She will want to spend her time charming whoever she meets and greets until the 22nd November, 2012 when she slips into Scorpio's magnetic, mysterious water world. 
Actress/Princess Grace Kelly Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra
Venus would really likes to indulge normally and be left to her own pleasure seeking devices. (Venus Come Out Of Your Shell). Nourishing and anointing the body, making it look good, smell lovely and feel ‘ohh la la’ is what Venus is about. Right here in Libra, one of 'her own' signs its easy for her to make all the rules. Venus in Libra would naturally feel very much at ease, really comfortable and at home. Venus loves to be indulged, as she naturally encourages and adores beauty in all it's many forms and manifestations. It was during this Venus time in early that Libra she was haunted by a quincunx aspect, an aspect which requires adjustment. Here we have a Libra Venus with her mighty caravanserai of needs and greeds adjusting to a Pisces Chiron, dissolving everything into a fine sea mist, overcoming its losses and wanting us all to transcend just about anything. The actual reality of ocean surges and monumental flooding endured by many recently dealing with the effects of super storm Sandy. It reached its height and became a 'Frankenstorm' over Halloween and the high tides of the full moon. (Taurus Full Moon - Shelter From Hurricane SandyVenus in Libra is used to taking note of first impressions, she will focus on appearances and recognises the art of presentation so it is hard to imagine just what she is experiencing just now in this awkward position. 
Writer/Director Michael Creighton has Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra
Venus will really be weighing up what she valued and what she has lost. Naturally Venus has such an appreciation for all the finer things of life like art, music, culture and high-social life and longs for them always. Venus will also get very involved with money, fairness and justice and here in Libra, we are even more aware of her scales of justice and their symbolism. Luckily one of greatest desires of Venus is to create harmony, especially in relationships and Venus also centres on love and the Chironic Pisces wounded healer is going to like the feel of that. There are also the twin pillars of essential life for Venus, love and money, they need to be in place on the right foundations in most people lives Venus will want those pillars standing firm. Meanwhile Chiron will be off soul-searching, healing pains from past loves and a past life, happily nostalgia but needing to mourn and let go. 
As for the money bit that is all part of the pain and will need to be brought into the open air to heal. If we can delay Chiron in Pisces from limping away, feeling martyred and sad  perhaps Venus in Libra can learn some more ways just now of being compassionate, the highest form of love. This is a time for Venus in Libra to live out her fairness and justice ideals, to really share with others and to practice those random acts of kindness.
Aftermath of super storm Sandy
neighbours who have power helping others out, Hoboken, New Jersey
Venus has been tasking in Virgo for the past month and has got all of us used to this way of being. We have been making sure we get the details right, running on routines and showing and sharing our love and attention through small but very important, helpful ways. Quietly and diligently we have been of service in Virgo, where possible. Now Libra is beginning to run it's own ‘Love and Money Show’. 

OK, then lets get the Libra scales out and really get some balance into our lives. Lets make the list, draw the boxes and make the ticks. We all want prosperity, we all want love, we all want well-being and we all want harmony and we want it for everyone. Well, we have the raw materials already, we have the tools and we have got the skills. We will need some organisation and we learnt about that and saw its benefits in Virgo, last month. It still sounds like a tall order for the 'lazy' part of Libra to put into action. In some parts of the world they have not been given a choice but to really need to co-operate and help one another. 
Staten Island, NYC after super storm Sandy now coping with nor'easter winds and snow
7th November 2012
We have got what it takes to think our way forward towards what it is we really value and for us to change a few old perceptions. Venus wants to give our mind-sets a tweak here and there and to give all the things we already love and value a little face-lift. So lets put our best foot forward.The rebel yell from Uranus in Libra's opposite sign Aries, needs us to start our own personal revolution. We already value the three C's, co-operation, compassion and change, we have just got to deal with the old corporate grouse Pluto in Capricorn who is wanting to transform things in his own tried and tested old ways. Libra will want us to apply our attention to social issues and ideas, abstractions and concepts. Venus in Libra will definitely need those scales to balance fairly and squarely and will be comfortable going through legal channels. 
Actress Caroline Proust in Engrenages (Spiral)- Sun Scorpio & Venus in Libra

It will also want us to be fair, diplomatic and evenhanded in our dealings with others as well as we may have to reach compromises. An example is the New York City marathon which was due to run on 4th October 2012 but was cancelled at the last minute by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The race, which runs through the city's five borough was due to start in Staten Island, one of the places hardest hit by the super storm. With 47,500 runners from around the world and usually about a million people lining the route critics felt that the marathon, usually a cause for celebration of courage and charity would divert people and resources away from the recovery and be insensitive to peoples grief and suffering. A compromise was brought of sorts where an impromptu 'mini unofficial' marathon was run in Central Park on its first day of being open after the storm. 
After superstorm Sandy runners volunteer
an 'overwhelming sense of community'
Venus in Libra time is when we want to put on our best face and be more sociable. We will all be urged to take the air and circulate a bit more and some of us will be thrown together and just have to learn how to do it. We learning about being more enchanted by life in general. We want to please and we will want to make sure everyone and everything is all moving in harmony. Anything discordant will send us running for the hills. For the past month, to cover up any hurt or anger we may have absented ourselves and noisily ‘tidied up the kitchen cupboard’ in keeping with Virgo's nature. Now in Libra we are more likely to have a meal and wait for the turmoil to abate or just fan the flames. 
Actor Burt Lancaster - Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra

We will all have a month where our relationships may get more emphasised. It will matter much more how we are treated and how we treat those around us. It all becomes so much more important how we negotiate the space that we share with others. Social graces must be in place to oil the machinery because without them, of course, the social cogs would just grind against each other awkwardly leading to erosion and things would simply breakdown. Before we get too carried away with the perfection of our ideas lets remember that it may also be the case that we can get much more indecisive, perfectionist and hyper sensitive. If things don’t go our way we may even resort to patterns of passive aggressive manoeuvring and just force our way through. We may also sink into a self-indulgent spirals because we are prevaricating and avoiding making a decisions or just watch a movie.
Actor Ryan Gosling Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra
(from internet meme 'Hey Girl')
Key to understanding what may be going on for us is to look at where we are ‘Libra-attuned’. We all have degrees in our birth charts that looks out for and long for any wisps of Libra vibration. Where is your personal Libra antenna? It will be good to look at how smoothly the matters connected to your Libra house and planets run now. Are they functioning as well as they could or is there room for improvement? 
If you have Libra spanning the 6th zone, for example, you could be adjusting your working environment. Or try organising social events for those you work with. You could get more in harmony with your body mind rhythms. Of course you could just rush out for a sugar binge at times of stress.
Your own Venus may be in Libra. This may be a time to welcome in new arrivals in the form of people or even in the shape of notes and coins. Work it or rather just accept it. This is your time to have some ‘Wow factor’. All things must have a go at being bright and beautiful. If you are a Sun sign Libra then you know all this already.  Well maybe to a point. Because even a picture perfect, got-everything-right first time, Libra person like you can always do with an extra boost of compliments and appreciation. This month may be just the time to get them so indulge. A quick glance at the Venus list of ideals gives us a clue as to just how fundamental and central Venus needs are in all our lives. Libra can often like us to sample the delights of cultured and sophisticated taste but most of us will just go all out to co-operate and help one another more. 
Rooftop of 20 Jay Street, DUMBO area Brookland, NYC, artist Tom Fruin  a water tower 
 from scavenged, reclaimed, and recycled plexiglas and steel, survived storm Sandy
Our ability to negotiate and manoeuvre past conflicts and to seamlessly move through hard edged imperatives will be on the increase this month. As will our need to try and enjoy what we are doing in the moment. We will instinctively know what needs to happen to insure that our shared spaces become more harmonious. Our political instincts are clearly heightened and sharpened and we all want to get clued into what is going on in the corridors of power. (U.S. Presidential Election - Obama vs Romney) Above all we will need to and have plenty of opportunities to ‘put on our best smiles’ and use our tact and charm in the face of anything. It will feel good to help one another get through difficulties with a certain grace.
Producer/DJ Robert Miles Sun in Scorpio & Venus in Libra
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