Thursday 13 December 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius -Substance in the Shadows

Writer Victor Hugo has Moon in Sagittarius
One of his best know works is Hunchback of Notre Dame
'sacrificing the earth for paradise is giving up the substance for the shadow'
The Moon moves out of it’s dark Balsamic phase on the 13th December, 2012 and starts afresh in the sign of Sagittarius. In the week or so before this date we may have been just going with the flow, allowing things to drift along where they will and maybe we tried to let go of what needed to be released. We may have even said ‘goodbye’ to what we thought was lost or an enthusiastic 'hello' as it may well be rediscovered. There will have been a general air of waiting and a sense of resting a while. We may feel that there is something hidden but brewing, just out of our sight. Something is growing and building, a glimmer of a plan or a flicker of an idea may be gestating. We may not get to know exactly what it is, the time for revelation is a few weeks away yet but we are prompted and primed to prepare for a change of our own making.

Actress Emma Watson has a Sagittarius Moon
This glimmer of light, this sliver of a shift in awareness is this month’s New Moon occurring at 21 degrees of Sagittarius. This degree falls a couple of degrees shy of the star Lesath, or Aculeus, which can highlight outspokenness and ‘toughing it out’. Over this time it look as if we will be able to give as good as we get having to verbally defend our opinions, standpoint or beliefs and committing ourselves.

Depending on what is triggered in our chart by 21 degrees Sagittarius we could use a smooth and soothing tone and have a way with words to get our point across. Or we can even dream up fantastic new ideas relating to area of our chart being activated. Those born around the 12th/16th December of any year have their Sun always shining on this point and can relate really easily to the double action of having to tough it out and smooth over ruffled feathers, sometimes at the same time. Examples of this double handed juggling act include Gustave Flaubert, Jamie Foxx, Sanjay Gandhi, Dionne Warwick, Dilma Rousseff, Oscar Niemeyer (We Are Stardust Series 2 - Oscar Niemeyer Drawing Curves in the Sky).
Christopher Plummer has his Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. At the age of 82 he became the oldest actor to win an Academy Award in 2012 in the film Beginners for Best Supporting Actor.
We can all benefit from this easy way with words that may have to say difficult things. The smooth and palatable line can divert attention away from the tender difficult subject matter. We can accomplish much more this way, even if sometimes it still kicks up the dust and grit of opposition we will be more than equipped to finding a path through. At the very least we can raise a laugh even over the grumbling and shaking of fists.

While the Sun and the Moon have each other for company (Sun in Sagittarius - Big Time Adventures on Horseback), nurturing mutual benefit and understanding, they are still a bit ‘out there’ on their own. This ever expanding duo is pretty much left to their own devices as they form no other major ties to the rest of the planets at the moment. Now being left to get on and do its own thing, independent, free and untrammeled may sound like music to any Sagittarian ears and it may seem so on paper. Yet despite what Sagittarius says the sign actually thrives on contact with others, it is Mutable, it feeds off feedback, even if it 'knows'. 
Astrologer Liz Greene has Moon in Sagittarius
'Freedom is important to Sagittarius for ver special reasons....It is almost as if the heavens are strewn with magical glyphs, and life is like a treasure hunt. One tries to work out what a particular experience means, and what it is supposed to be teaching, and how one can grow from it. Once that experience has wrung dry, and then one finds the next clue in the next experience. Hopefully, one day it will all be revealed, which, of course, it never is. The design just gets larger and larger.' By Liz Greene, Barriers and Boundaries.
The New Moon in Sagittarius for us means that just as we first gallop off without bridle, girth or reins we may literally fell like cavorting (in keeping with the party season). We may all relish the feeling of freedom, shaking our heads with delight at the prospect of such uninterrupted and unmonitored time to just be ourselves. Oh the plans we may foresee, the truths we can try to hunt down, the new opinions we can try and and form and all those ideas blowing around like tumbleweed through our fertile imaginings. We may want to set our sights on huge vistas, panoramas of potentials, massive all encompassing projects, the list may seem joyfully endless. Then we may turn around to gush at those around us, to gleefully share what we see, only to discover that our audience have not followed our personal star at all but are in actual fact chasing their very own ones. We may just have to 'keep the faith', believe in ourselves and enjoy our own jokes, now that is something Sagittarius finds easy.

Actress Portia de Rossi has Moon in Sagittarius (with Ellen DeGeneres Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Sagittarius/both with Sagittarius Ascendents) 
Over the next few days of New Moon time will bring a rush of outward looking Sagittarian energy. We could stand out from the herd, reach higher ground and gain some perspective or just take an idea and soar on the thermals. Think about future projects, plans and schemes and try to envision how you want things to actually manifest. Sagittarius needs a firm footing with its four feet stable on the earth to shoot any arrows skyward. Don’t expect everyone to gather round and join in with you, they may well have their own stuff to get on with. The gathering could well come later in a few weeks time at the Full Moon. On the same day as the New Moon it so happens that Uranus, planet of bolts from the blue and illumination takes a move forward, thus ending its backward, Retrograde, motion, for the time being anyway. With Uranus in Aries surging onward again it rekindles our more revolutionary and exciting projects. We are thirsty for change, hungry for innovation and ready to make it happen. This all neatly fits in to the recent forward of Mercury (Mercury in Sagittarius - Postcards from an Optimistic Mind) and its re-arrival into the sign of the moment - Sagittarius and so excited and full of ideas right now.
New Moons want to ignite, they are there to start stuff off, they sew the seeds, often in unseen and invisible ways, after all the light from the Moon is still just a sliver and like an acorn it is hiding much more than it will have to showNew Moons are those times when there is often a spark of freshness even novelty as we start something again or begin brand new projects and undertakings. Our hope and optimism will surge and we feel a ‘well why not’ attitude welling up inside us and we may even notice it in other people. The few days around the New Moon is excellent for trying out new things, experimenting with new styles, trying new tastes or generating ideas. This is a time for experimentation and play. With the New Moon activating the fire sign of Sagittarius, much of this testing out could be motivational, inspirational, or philosophical it will also be very focussed on political matters.
We can use the energy in our favour by taking steps to learn something new or factor in a period of study. We would benefit from opening up our world and expanding our boundaries and find ourselves being quite daring. We may be a bit more loud and boisterous even letting our hair down more than occasionally. Share your jokes you never know someone may find them really funny or not but hey thats life.
Singer/Actor Ol' Blue Eyes, member of The Rat Pack Frank Sinatra had Sun & Moon in Sagittarius 
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  1. Thank you, for such a refreshing, informative, exciting post! - I'm Jupiter 21 Sag, conjunct Venus, trine Uranus, btw, trawling the net, looking for info. :) Love your site!

    1. Welcome Gilly and thank you for your kind and generous words, very Venus conjunct Jupiter in Saggi! Mid May Jupiter in Gemini will 'prod' awake your own Jupiter-Venus-Uranus gathering "its party time!" this could go the way of celebrations, excess, over-doing, over-everything, a burst of freedom, a release.......whatever way you go with it I'm sure your good nature will prevail!