Thursday 10 January 2013

New Moon In Capricorn - Serious Changes Germinating

Just weeks after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, the National Rifle Association (NRA) president Wayne LaPierre said 'Look, I get it a bunch of kids died, and it’s really fucking sad or whatnot, and blah blah blah, but it’s not the end of the world here, people..the beat goes on..LaPierre wants armed officers in American schools 'the only answer to death by guns is flood the country with more guns and stand ready for the shootout' The media response is that the NRA president appears to blame everyone and everything except the guns. There are also various conspiracy theories as the identified shooter, 20 year old Adam Lanza's father Peter, claimed his son's body from the morgue also receiving death threats along with his other son Ryan also mourning the loss of his mother.
Adam Lanza's had Moon in Capricorn and the Moon was also in Capricorn at the time of the shooting.
Venus in Sagittarius - Faith in the Future
On 10th January, 2013 the Moon moves out of it’s dark Balsamic phase and starts afresh. In the week or so before this date we may have been appearing to be just going with the flow perhaps allowing things to drift along where they will and hopefully, letting go of what needed to be released and saying a few ‘goodbyes’. We may even have said a couple of hello's to what we thought was lost but now appears re-found or renewed. There has been a general sense of resting, of waiting and anticipating. It could feel like there is something hidden and brewing just out of sight. Something that has been growing, building and gestating. We may not know be able to actually pin down exactly what it is, the time for revelation is a few weeks away yet but we are prompted and primed to prepare for the changes waiting in the wings, ready or not.
Executive Director, Gun Owners of America, Libertarian, Larry Pratt has Moon in Capricorn
'Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands...laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun...

Of course there are other opinions..the debates continue.
The signal of change is just the merest glimmer of sharp, silvery moonlight. This merest shift in our awareness is the seeding or initiating of transformation and occurs with the monthly New Moon. This is the time we can pick up on and tune into the haunting and subtle whispering murmurs of adjustment promised by the powerful Lunar rhythms. We are more sensitive at this time to the tiny filaments of alteration, the gossamer thin shifts in direction and the momentary realignment of momentum. It is there to be sensed and responded to and is as subtle as the New Moon's light flickering like candlelight over the surface of the earth.
India started a very serious the New Year 2013 with candlelit protest vigils
Mars in Aquarius - Idealistic Battles & Contradictions
This month the New Moon seeds at 21 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn, the mountain goat or sea goat, Capricorn, the Achiever, Capricorn, the wise Cardinal Earth sign, this is the powerhouse energy being stirred into wakefulness just now. Capricorn qualities of ambition, grit and determination will emerge as we throw our intentions behind the practicalities of ‘getting the really important stuff done’. We will feel that we must now face the new glare of reality and adjust to changing things with a fair chance of some even tougher times ahead. We will feel an urgency to set something in motion right now that could provide us with more authority, some tangible signs of security or more control, further down the road. We may not see the finished results for a while but that lighthouse that we have the architect’s plans for in front of us will show itself to be useful later in our journey when we most need it's full beaming light. Quite possibly at the time of the Full Moon in a few weeks time. 
We may well have to slug and tough it out as we step into the ring and prepare for a wave or force of energy coming our way. Depending on what is triggered in our chart by 21 degrees Capricorn we could all use a technique which allows us to withstand and weather a few hurtful blows, or any accusations or criticism. Those born around 9th/13th January of any year have their Sun shining eternally on this point and can relate easily to the wisdom of standing firm and toughing it out. They have learnt to construct a protective shield around their vulnerable inner core. People like boxers George Foreman and Joe Frazier have included this ability in their career choices. Others like Richard Nixon, Heather Mills, Rod Stewart and David Bowie have learnt to stand firm and endure, some creating personas and alter egos which provide a buffer any swings and blows that may come their way.
David Bowie Sun,Mars and Mercury in Capricorn 'comeback' after a decade his 66th birthday 8th January, 2013 and looks back at life and Berlin 24 years after and face the strain..
We may all benefit from this ability to protect and shield and to be able to stand firm. We may have to perfect our block and put on a brave face but we will triumph in the end in our own unique way. Sometimes, as is the case at the moment in New South Wales, Australia, people are facing the blasts of fiery winds scorching destruction upon the earth - for them abandoning an unwinnable fight may be the greatest defence. Controlled fire ravaged earth will encourage new growth, as the phoenix rises from the ashes so do new shoots but there are also obvious losses. Survival and adaptation is an unique hallmark of Australian native flora. Their ability to handle fires, however, really sets them apart from the rest of the world because not only do some species adapt, some depend on the fires to exist. Some plants have the capacity to sprout new growth from groups of little dormant buds under the bark that are only broken by the heat of fire others like Acorn Banskia need to bake their seeds and Wooly Bush seeds are just fire resistant, in fact the chemicals contained in the smoke can actually trigger germination. Protective shields and various personaes apparently exist in the plant world as well.

New Moons ignite, they start stuff off, they sow the seeds and often act in unseen and invisible ways. After all the light from the Moon is still just a sliver it is hiding more than it is showing. All New Moons bring times when there is often a spark of novelty and a freshness as we start again or begin new projects and undertakings. Our hope and optimism will get a surge, we may feel more of a ‘well why not’ attitude welling up inside us and we may also notice it in other people. The few days around the New Moon are excellent for trying out new things, experimenting with different styles trying new tastes or generating ideas even if some of them feel radical. 
Self-styled Guru Asaram Bapu has Moon in Capricorn. He has created a furore in India by holding the Delhi gang-rape victim, Jyoti Singh responsible for her brutal attack and subsequent death from her injuries suggesting that she could have saved herself by deferring to her attackers with 'Bhaiya' a Hindi word meaning 'big brother'. He then called his critics 'barking dogs'
This is the time for experimentation and trying things out. Activating the earth sign of Capricorn with this New Moon, much of this testing out could take place with more practical, structural and systemic matters. We can use this energy in our favour by taking steps to rebuild, redesign or strip back something to the bare necessities, reevaluate and start afresh. Be a bit more responsible now and be the authority, make the tough call because the 'buck stops here'. With Capricorn, somebody is finally responsible and with Capricorn's ruling planet in Scorpio the issues are being brought to light. Saturn in Scorpio - Snake Charmer Karma
'The death of the student who was gang-raped on a Delhi bus has prompted anguished soul-searching about the place of women in Indian society..25-50 million women in India are 'missing' well as infanticide and foeticide girls can die of women also die early..Ultrasound for sex determination in India is illegal but remains widespread' A womens place in modern India
Over the next few days of this New Moon time use this re-structuring, re-assuring, wise Capricorn energy to establish your new position or place in the world...Yes, that is how big the plan may be. 
Think about future projects and apply new energy to any plans and schemes you may have had on the back-burner. Obviously, think realistically about how you want things to actually manifest. Don’t expect everyone to gather round and join in with your schemes, they will have their own stuff to get on with. The time for gathering will come soon enough with the Full Moon. One Billion Rising
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  1. Great post Pippa! am off to sow a few early seeds today as an act of faith... thanks also for the video which I'm sharing on FB. Love to you M x (Lin Cook)

  2. Thanks Morvah for your kind more 'One in a billion' to the good....may all your seeds fall on fertile ground!