Sunday 21 April 2013

Venus in Taurus – Power House Heart of the Masses

The London Marathon 21st April 2013 in all its glory and a triumphant gesture of defiance and endurance.
Twitter #BBCMarathon. £50 million raised for charity in 2012.
After the sadness of the Boston Marathon. 
Lining up at the start of the London Marathon 2013 around 36,000 athletes and fundraisers fell silent paying their respects to everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombs that killed three people and injured 180. coming over the finishing line the runners will put their hands over their hearts for Boston.  
After all that springing, thrusting and leaping around through the fresh green springtime pastures of Aries, cutting a fine figure and creating more than some disturbance. From the 16th April 2013 Venus in her element, glides and gracefully wriggles her way through the meadows and fields of Taurus the Bull. Can we now expect a little bit more peace and calm and find our quiet sanctuary where we may rest our weary heads and exhausted bodies? Have we now reach a plateau, a breathing space before we are tested again?
Mo Farah 'the Mo-Bot' has Venus in Taurus
The double Olympic champion caused controversy by pre-planning to drop out of the London Marathon 2013 just under half way but gaining all the publicity, advertising and financial gain under the pretext of learning.  
If you are tempted to answer yes to these questions be prepared to think again. Maybe some astrology has suggested that Taurus is the lethargic Bull or even the placid Cow who can tolerates so much and who preserves despite, and often against the odds. OK, think that this Taurean Time may get easy, sorry. Things are about to get FULL-ON!
David Weir 'the WeirWolf' has Venus in Taurus
He has won a total of 6 gold Medals at the Paralympics 4 in 2012 and has won the London Marathon 6 times.
For the past month when Venus the Goddess of Love zipped through Aries everything seem a lot more achievable. It seemed that if we wanted someone or something we just went for it. The problem answered by simple quick and direct action a done deal. Now with her stay in Taurus Venus will spend her time chewing and mulling over the consequences of those actions. Here Venus may appear to be staring and standing apparently stock still. She is taking in whatever, the smell of the grass, the feel of the air, all sensory information, the breeze and the smells. The Bull is actually one hell of a power house and the Bull is preparing to expend a great burst of its energy and when it goes for it, boy does it go! Charge! comes near to being descriptive. So do not mistake the barely perceptible action for inaction you may need to readjust your perceptions and your cosy positions and complacency.
Russian born Paralympian Athlete Tatyana McFadden has Venus in Taurus
Winner of both the Boston Marathon & the London Marathon 2013 
Born with spina bifida, paralysed from the waist she was abandoned by her mother and put into an orphanage that could not afford even a wheelchair for her. She had to walk on her hands for the first six years of her life and was not expected to survive for very long.  The commissioner of disabilities for the US Health Department, Deborah McFadden, visited Russia, had a different plan she adopted Tatyana bringing her up as a single mother and changed the course of her life. 
Whilst here she will spend her time being naturally graceful, she is powerful and packs a powerful message behind the smooth seductive surface. Easily wanting to indulge in the fruits of the earth, Venus in Taurus leans towards the Epicurean. 
Michel Roux Jnr 'The Marathon Chef'  has Venus in Taurus
He has run the London Marathon 17 times to raise money for VICTA charity for visually impaired kids.
Television's Two Star Michelin Chef, inherited the Roux Brothers Dynasty and manages Le Gavroche,
 listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as having served the most expensive meal per head when three people spent $20,945 on one meal (including cigars, spirits, and six bottles of wine costing $19,248) in 1997.
Venus in Taurus has a somewhat ambivalent dialogue with money. On the one hand she smacks and licks her lips at the thought of spending of it and will have a million strategies for earning shed loads of it, the need to conserve it can also suddenly become overwhelming and imperative. Shops and restaurants are tailor made for the Venus in Taurus in the mood but so are banks and other financial institutions. Take your money seriously, develop plans to save it, spend it or just earn MORE of it. Venus in Taurus has money in mind even if this is seen as a revolt, counter force against it or a contentious force with it.
Martha Washington, wife of the 1st President of the USA, has Venus in Taurus
The only woman, apart from Lady's Liberty & Justice to be depicted on a Dollar Bill.

'Lady Washington' came from a wealthy plantation family in Virginia, she brought huge wealth into her second marriage to the 1st President of the USA, George Washington, enabling him to buy huge amounts of land and have 100's of slaves to add to his personal estate.
Basically Venus likes to indulge and so does Taurus. Feed the body in every way, anoint it, making it look good, smell good and feel so good aah! that is what Venus is about. 
There so many things that Venus can love. Beauty in all it's many shapes and wondrous forms is a heartfelt expression of Venus. An abiding, intense appreciation of the finer things such as art, culture and social bonds. Relationships are always high on the Venus value list as are money and fairness. A run through all that our Venus may desire gives us a clue as to just how fundamental and central she is to our lives. Love and Money, how very Taurus. Venus Come Out Of Your Shell 
UK runner Derek Hawkins has Venus in Taurus
Only stepped up from track to Marathon in 2012
He ran it in just over 2 hours as he also ran the London Marathon 2013.
Venus has been explosive, impulsive and impatient during her time in Aries for the past month and has got us all kind of used to this way of being. Getting straight to the point, engaging respectfully, being pro-active and having high standards. How different is it going to be with Taurus the Bull running the ‘Love ‘n Money Show’? A word of advice, lean towards being convivial, civic and community minded. Also display and be proud of your worldly goods, develop your taste and indulge your desires. 
If you want to attract, be aware that during this time simplicity masks deep complexity, a simple message condensing a complex theory will be more effective, just as a homily sums up a tome, at the end of the day, for Taurus the simpler and more direct the better. No matter how difficult, tough or hard, for Taurus this can all be endured – if – it all makes sense, if there is a valid reason, if there is a tangible goal. 
BBC TV Presenter Sophie Raworth has Venus in Taurus
'Its good for your body but more importantly for me its good for the soul..
I did it' I finally managed my Sub 4 marathon finishing in 3 hours 56 minutes, I couldn't stop smiling all the way down the Embankment and down the Mall to the finish line'
Sophie ran for the St John's Ambulance after blacking out in last year's race after the care she received was able to get up and finish.
Open up discussions on those difficult subjects you skirted around for the past month for fear of over stepping boundaries or being impolite, work out a plan or strategy that will be of practical and helpful use. If you mean well, trust yourself. Taurus bull’s muscles, when put to use, are powerful, graceful and a force to be reckoned with, and you too can exercise this visceral and potent power harnessed towards your goal.
We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more sensual and earthy. Very real and practical concerns can dominate our relating. We may get more in touch with our bodies, bending, flexing, feeding, draping, honing, preening and indulging them to squeeze the best out of them. Taurus is known for its stamina and can keep on going….and going….and going……
Stanley Biwott has Venus in Taurus
Winner of the Paris Marathon 2012 outpaced in the London Marathon 2013 by Tsegaye Kebede who was overlooked by Ethiopa for the 2012 Olympics but the winner in 2013 Mars in Aries - The Primal Punch. Biwott's fellow Kenyan Priscah Jeptoo won both the women's race in the Boston Marathon & the London Marathon 2013.
Before we get too carried away it may also be the case that we get much more blunt, materialistic and frustrated as we have to negotiate other beings who are equally desiring the things we have set our eyes on, also sometimes saying it strait from the hip just as it is can be unintentionally hurtful.
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Taurus-attuned’, we all have degrees in our birth chart which looks out for any Taurus vibration. Where is your personal Taurus antenna? It will be good to look at how smoothly do the matters connected to your Taurus house and/or planets run? Are they functioning as well as they could, or is there room for improvement?
If you have Taurus spanning the 5th zone of Romance & Creativity, you may find your ‘fun time’ gets a perk as what you do for the sheer love of it deepens and may go to another deeper level.
Your own Venus is in Taurus, a lovely time to welcome in new arrivals whether people or coins. This is your time to have the ‘Wow factor’ so work it.
If you are a Sun sign Taurus then – hey this stuff is easy right? Well yes, but to a point, even a money minded, food loving Taurean knows the value of living with less and learning that patience through the lean times is often the best policy. There is wisdom in knowing you can have too much of a good thing.
For this Venus in Taurus month we may have our pleasures laid out like a feast or laid bare like a famine but one way or other we will interact with some end of this polarity. Bursting through our clothes with expanded waistlines or ripped muscles we become hyper aware of our own and others bodies, and what they can and can't do. How best to excite, sooth and honour the rippling graceful power of the Bull its endurance and heart

The Boston Marathon began in April 1897 with Venus in Taurus
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posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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