Monday 28 May 2012

Eris Playing Out Another Note Of Discord

Eris has produced another clanger at another public event in the world. She has entered through the back door and rolled in her Apple of Discord - see earlier post Lady Gaga and Eris the Party Pooper.

Eris has entered the building again
David Lawley Wakelin who has made films criticising the Iraq war has just entered the court room at the Royal Courts of Justice, London through a door normally reserved for the judge and started shouting accusations at Tony Blair. He accused Blair of being a war criminal in no uncertain terms over and over again. Lord Justice Levenson had to apologise to Mr Blair for the fact that anyone was able to enter 'through was is supposed to be a secure corridor' and has ordered an investigation into this unheard of security breach. Mr Blair tried to brush off the incident but put it on the record that the claims 'were totally untrue'.
Tony Blair has Venus in Aries and Eris with her intimate knowledge of Aries energy (Aries ruled by Mars the God of war) is keeping Blair on the back foot, in a defensive pose, about his part in the Iraq War. True or untrue Eris has made her play.

posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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