Monday 28 May 2012

Lady Gaga And Eris The Party Pooper

There has been plenty of discussion about Pluto losing star status and Vesta gaining some, as astronomers demoted and elevated these two celestial objects from planet to dwarf planet (Pluto) or from asteroid to planetoid (Vesta). All this seems very confusing to those of us just trying to get our heads around what this means astrologically. 
With all the disruption we certainly know that Eris has entered the building.
Pluto has been redefined from the status of Planet to Dwarf Planet. How does this happen and who decides? Well, the vote involved just 424 astronomers, about 5% of the astronomy population. A word of warning though about dumping old Pluto back down into the Underworld and redefining his status, on what some astronomers see as a whim. The Underworld may be where Pluto prefers to hang out, in mythology he is Lord but just don’t force him down there, don’t make light of his power and never, ever, underrate him. 
In fact the building energy between Pluto and Uranus at the moment, tension in the form of a square that will be exact on 24th June, 2012 and the first of seven! That will certainly be testament to just how powerful this ‘small’ planet can be. We should expect quite a bit of provocative and excitable revolutionary brouhaha to follow. It is true that controversy and ‘disorderly fuss’ can often end up appearing pointless and irrational but in the denouncement of German satirist Karl Kraus 'every little error could show the evils of the world and that great evils could be inherent in what can initially appear to be a small error'. 
Lets see how does this effects Lady Gaga and Eris as we cannot leave those two in the wings on their own for very longLady Gaga, convent educated self-professed ‘Fame Monster’ or conversely, a role model and freedom fighter. She self proclaims ‘Today and every day we fight for freedom. We fight for justice. We beckon for compassion, understanding and above all we want full equality now’. Well she has been forced to cancel her sell out show in Indonesia as hardline Islamists and other outraged groups have suggested that she can corrupt the youth in their country with her dance moves. She would claim that she was ‘born this way’ but this has become a more serious issue. The concert has been on and off like proverbial Gaga’s draws in a costume change. There have also been threats of violence as a last ditch effort to force Gaga to re-route her tour and to get the message that she and her message are not welcome. This is causing Gaga to take realistic responsibility for her own safety and the safety of her audience and consequently she has had to cancel. 
What of Eris, the dwarf planet/planetoid/asteroid, who is she and what is her place at this astrological table? In mythology she is the Greek Goddess of Discord and Strife and in her most famous storyline she initiates the Trojan War as a result of being the only goddess not invited to the party (a wedding celebration on Mount Olympus). After all who would want to invite a whole lot of pain to your happy day? In a fit of pique, some would say a justified wake up call, Eris simply invites herself, anyway. In effect she gatecrashes the wedding ‘do’ and by way of a wedding gift she rolls in an apple injected with a dab of poison. This myth is quite fascinating and naturally complex. The Apple of Discord inscribed for the ‘most beautiful’ causes the three goddesses who were legitimately invited to argue and the unfortunate Paris is picked to choose just one of them. He knew that whoever he ended up choosing, the two left out would bring about a whole world of pain. They all three goddesses try to bribe Paris, he was tempted by unlimited power and wealth, wisdom and strategy and the most beautiful women in the world. He chose Beauty.
Perhaps this myth can be seen as a warning against our habit of going with the path of least resistance and consigning those undesirable bits of others or ourselves into exile. Saying to ourselves ‘if I can't see it, it's not happening’ is something we tend to do as children. We can put our hands over our eyes when Mummy says time for bed but this doesn’t make Mummy or her words go away. Eventually we do have to take that bath and get ready for bed, we must advance, mature and grow up. We eventually must clean up our act. We must take a bite of the apple, take off our blindfold’s and see the truth, no matter how much we don’t like it or disagree with it. If we don’t it may force its way into being consumed eventually and then containing more toxins than is healthy to munch down on.
In the birth chart, Eris can give us information on where in our lives we inject this poisoned apple, where we can throw a right wobbler into a party which will upset the nice stable status quo. Eris will show you where you can be a thorn in the side and where you can create havoc and disturbance from a seemingly innocuous or seemingly small act.
So where is Lady Gaga's Apple of Discord? It certainly seems to be part of her life picture at the moment. Well no surprise to see that Eris is jumping all over Gaga's Venus in Aries. They are in fact involved in a conjunction, united and fully merged. Eris and Venus have become one in Lady Gaga's chart and in her life. Things are probably coming to a head for her in a less than comfortable way with regard to Venus issues such as self worth, beauty, values and desires. Ex's & Xx's Venus Rx and Venus Come Out of Your Shell .
Venus in Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war and Eris is also the sister of Ares, the Greek god of war. Boom what a combination of trouble and strife in your life.
In keeping with our love of the planetary movements synchronicity in life patterns. At the moment for Lady Gaga as Eris moves in on her chart’s lady Venus in Indonesia and the Philippines she has found herself in a major media storm pivoting around her self expression and values. She has been forced to make a strategic retreat due to an unacceptable threat of casualties.
Lady Gaga has had to reassess her Venus stuff through her Eris discord and strife life.  
                            Her values - 'I’m not a creature of your government, Manila'.
What she receives ‘Lady Gaga has been declined a permit to perform in
the world’s largest Muslim country’.
How she is desired ‘Fans have been eagerly awaiting Lady Gaga, with every seat in Jakarta’s 52,000 seat stadium scooped up – half in the first two hours of sale’.
And what in turns she desires ‘The singer, who signed up to Twitter on 26 March 2008, had 20.12 million followers on her @ladygaga account’ the most followed on the planet. She also has 8 million fans on Facebook and more than 800,000 ‘circles’ on Google+. Lady G puts this popularity down to the fact that she writes everything herself and that she posts on anything and everything she loves.
Lady Gaga meets Lady Venus and Lady Eris for a while longer so we haven’t heard the last of it yet.
Eris and Dysnomia her 'moon' (hubble space telescope wikipedia)
We all have Lady Eris in our birth charts. A point that reveals what has been banished it can also give us clues as to what form this can take and when she can apparently throw in  the poisoned apple for our attention. No one is really immune, we all have Eris in our psyches/birth charts, as well as that she is permanently ‘doing her stuff’ to our charts, permanently interacting to greater or lesser degrees at various times. Sometimes she is interacting with our charts at a low level, and her influence is less noticeable but other times she is much more insistent and combines with other dominant voices. Then there are other times when she insists on getting the whole platform to herself.
Eris is slow moving, she takes her time, so she will be sliding that Apple of Discord into Lady Gaga's party for at least the next decade and this will be a backdrop for her permanently there, probably creating trouble. Sometimes trouble can be kept at bay and other times it is more active, set off by other planetary movements. At the moment Saturn is frustrating Lady Gaga's Sun in a double whammy (Sun is also crunching Saturn) this is very stressful with a heavy workload.  She will be pressed up against time issues, deadlines, calls to grow up and be responsible. She will be asked to obey conventions, respect traditions, try to be normal, act more traditional and conservative. This adjustment will impact her ego (Sun) and the resulting flare-ups trigger those slower brewing stresses elsewhere in her chart. 
For Lady Gaga ‘Eris has certainly entered the building.
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