Saturday 26 May 2012

Jupiter & The Eurovision Song Contest

Jupiter expands our boundaries, pushes us past what is expected and stretches the envelope of our psyches. The Eurovision Song Contest is a music contest watched by an average of 125 million people. It is one of the longest running television programmes ever, with more than 50 countries having contributed over the years. This all sounds very Jupitarian with such an international expansion of our knowledge and foreign travel. In fact anything with a word vision tends to smacks of a Jupiter theme and with all these boundaries crossed and all these countries participitating the whole thing is redolent with Jupiter vibes and foreign flags.
One the day of Eurovision's first broadcast, the 24th May, 1956, Jupiter was in the ‘I’m A Star’ sign of Leo. The search for a star questing over many countries. Jupiter's outreach nearly 60 years ago yearned to find an International Star. Many of Eurovision critics say the flops are even more value than the winners of the competition. ‘Nil Point’ being a catchphase for a loser was coined from Norway's struggle over a period of time to get a single point in the competition.
And then there was ABBA from Sweden....
The first winner of the Eurovision competition back in 1956, was Lys Assia whose Jupiter beams from the sign of ‘Everyman’ Aquarius. People with Jupiter in Aquarius are often the first to break the mold, to try to find an opening and forge a path where few before have travelled. In this context Albert Einstein springs to mind. Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo and the original winner that first year really emphasised this axis. Tonight with Jupiter in Taurus will the winner have Jupiter in Scorpio, the opposite sign and follow an odd rule. Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA has Jupiter in Virgo, the opposite to Jupiter position in Pisces when ABBA won in 1974.
Who knows, that is the fun of the Eurovision carnival, actual mayhem, enmeshed in controversies, camp as christmas and a fabulous excuse for an odd party. 
I'm taking a punt at the Russian babushkas not because of the astrology no, just because they are a bunch of Russian women well above a certain age who are having a go. That is Jupiter really pushing the boundaries.
Oh and there is a chance the writer from the Swedish and Norwegian entries has Jupiter in Scorpio and who knows about those babushkas Jupiter's, what have they got?
babushka, babushka, ya ya
Let the shenanigans begin...
And the winner is...... Sweden again in 2012!  Swedish born singer called Loreen oof Berber descent got about 40% of the vote a really BIG win in jolly old Jupiter terms. 
Before an audience of 100 million Sweden wins Eurovision 2012 with singer Loreen who
angered Azerbaijan authorities by meeting with civil right activists who demand democratic reforms.
The reporting of Loreen's meeting with civil rights activists discussing the lack of democratic human rights in Azerbaijan and  trying to make the bigger picture in that country clearer caused quite a problem. Loreen's Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius a sign that likes to inspire others but can also end up being seen as rabble rousing.
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