Friday 25 May 2012

Venus Come Out Of Your Shell

Venus shows you How to Get What You Want Or Is That Get What You Need?..
Listening to Alain de Botton, philosopher and writer, on BBC 6 Music's 'Paper back writers' picking his favorite songs and giving reasons for his choices, says that Sinead O Connor is ‘like a feminine ideal for me’.
'nothing compares' to Sinead O'Connor
Venus has long been associated with 'feminine ideals' and ‘woman kind’. Venus has symbolised the ultimate in femininity, the perfect woman, she has always attracted attention and often a following. Even before the mythological images of Venus tiny carved statues or totems have been found and attributed among other things as self-portraits, fertility symbols or Venus symbols.
Venus of Willendorf
Venus de Milo being one well-known example from mythology. Venus rising out of the foamy waves and onto a perfect beach as Aphrodite (meaning foam-born) on a scallop shell is stated as an historical 'fact' on many tourist sites for Cyprus. Venus/Aphrodite is painfully beautiful, magnificent, usually semi-nude, alluring and unremittingly seductive. 
Botticelli's The Birth of Venus
Ursula Andress (venus in pisces, sun in pisces) sex symbol of the '60's, rising out of the waves as a 'shell-diver'-'honey from the sea' Bond Girl. Reproduced in male form years later by Daniel Craig (sun in pisces) as Bond and in life married to actress Rachel Weisz (venus in pisces,sun in pisces). 
Deeper Astro Info: Daniel Craig also has Chiron in Pisces at the midpoint of Rachel Weisz's Venus and Ursula Andress's Sun. Thus his aching wound (Chiron) is in the sign of the ocean depths, Pisces, two fish permanently bound together, as one rises the other falls and visa versa. Daniel's point of pain bridges and connects, both his wife Rachel and the actress Andress whose image and archetype he invokes. His Piscean longings merges with his inner picture of 'perfect' woman. They will be permanently bound (on celluloid which is very Neptunian, the ruler of Pisces).
When someones Chiron's merges closely with the other's Venus then the person with the Venus will be seen as the love object, who can heal their pain. For Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiz the sign is Pisces, the sign of the redeemer (a Christian symbol is the sign of the fish) the chance of issues of saving,redemption and forgiveness will be increased. 
As for Ursula her Sun is involved, traditionally a very masculine expression. No wonder it is a man who gets to replicate her Venus moment!
As a note of interest to those of you 'into' synchronistic, magic moments, drawing what you need at the time you need it, as I am. Last night I attended a very interesting talk on this Venus Transit by astrologer John Wadsworth, here in Glastonbury, and I randomly (!) sat next to a women who informed me that she had Chiron conjunct Sun conjunct Venus in Pisces, the very thing I had been working on before I left the house! 

Ursula Andress Iconic Bond Girl

Daniel Craig 'eye candy' Bond
It figures then that where Venus lies in our birth charts is where we hold a flame for beauty and love. 

Most especially it holds a key to help unlock the perfect picture of what ‘woman’ should be, how she should ideally behave. For instance if you have Venus in Aries she should mind her manners, show some respect and exhibit a fair dollop of courage. Venus in Aquarius? Well she should be elastic when it comes to attitudes, show fair mindedness and exhibit a fair dollop of oddness (oh and enjoy carnivals).
Male or female your Venus sign describes how you display your feminineness to the world, and of course that femininity could be fierce, wild, exuberant and unrestrained, or quiet, compliant, peace-loving and senstitive. Most likely you can be all or many of these faces of Venus, but you may notice that you identify with some traits more than others, that you rely on these behavior’s more often and with a frequency that probably indicates your Venus. For everyone Venus can show you what traits you admire in women and how you go about attracting other people of any sex. If you are flashing rays of Venus in Sagittarius then chances are other people whose antennae are tuned to Sagittarius will sit up and take notice, they will be interested.
How to turn this knowledge to your advantage? Maybe you want to increase what delights you and attract others at the same time? Well if you know the sign where your Venus takes her pleasures then really do those things that are described by that sign. Really, really do them, in other words – indulge in them. Dive right in, you are born for it. 
If you do not know the sign of your Venus then by all means contact us with your date of birth at Astrology Wheel.

Here are some ideas on how to get out of your personal shell.
Feel free to add or subtract from the list based on your experience and do let us know. 
Add to the comments at the bottom of the post your own experience of Venus in your chart.

Venus in Aries – stretch your body, mind, imagination, do something physical, go to a dance or yoga class.

Venus in Taurus – host a social, dig you feet in the sand/grass/earth in the countryside, go to a gathering of your friends.
Venus in Gemini – nip out for anything use any excuse just nip out! Read a bit, tell someone about it, read a bit more, pop round to see a friend.
Venus in Cancer – get close, snuggle up to a loved one, get close to the waters edge safely.
Venus in Leo – get your face onto something, anything, just get your face on.
Venus in Virgo – visit a bookstore/library/book club, write a critique of something you enjoy, join something which critiques, season up something such as a food review blog.
Venus in Libra – enter a competition, go to a perfumery, hang around a gallery, loaf around culture.
Venus in Scorpio – go for a swim, show off your body, head for a raunchy night out.
Venus in Sagittarius – go horse riding, listen to jazz, travel anywhere and try different things.
Venus in Capricorn – hang out in the V.I.P lounge in any capacity, get yourself on any list which is exclusive,
Venus in Aquarius – tried a wig/mask/face paints, visit your local fancy dress store, get yourself anywhere which discusses films.
Venus in Pisces – go where the glamour goes you will start your own trend.
How does this tie in with the initial comments about Alain de Botton and Sinead O Connor? Well no surprise to find he has Venus in at 19 degrees of Sagittarius and Sun 28 degrees of Sagittarius, whilst Sinead has Venus at 23 degrees Sagittarius, and Sun at 15 degrees of – yes Sagittarius – simple, neat and fits like a Venus kid glove. 

Pippa - I have Venus in Leo so I'm off to Photo Booth ha!: where does your Venus lead you?

'venus de mile end'
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