Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Queen Speaks Taurus

Mercury lies at Zero degrees of Taurus today, the 9th May 2012. (Mercury in Taurus - Postcards from a Sensuous Mind)
Mercury, which represents speech amongst other things, has changed sign to Taurus, which rules the throat amongst other things. No wonder today is the day of The Queen's Speech in the U.K Parliament, 2012. 
Tick off some of the 'Think Taurus' symbolism as you read down the things listed in the Queen's speech: money related, material values, possessions, the status quo, property, land and countryside, debt-related fears, comfort and security... keep ticking on endlessly.. ad infinitum. Taurus is Venus ruled and there are also many beautiful qualities in the expression and nature of this sign including the very nature of Taurean speech, it is the Voice, the tone but also the meaning. 
Queen Elizabeth II Sun is also Zero degrees Taurus. Ah, the beauty and synchronicity of astrology. Ah, the beauty and nature of Taurus comfort and bon vivant. Maybe after her speech the Queen will enjoy her favourite tipple, a dubonnet cocktail that will be, one part Gin, three parts dubonnet, served in her personal crystal glass with a pitless slice of lemon under two ice cubes. Cheers ma'am!  
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