Tuesday 8 May 2012

Mercury In Taurus - Postcards From A Sensuous Mind

Mercury Moves Country For A Change Of Pace From Aries To Taurus on the 9th May 2012 and stays there for a couple of weeks. Mercury likes to affect the way we process and deal with information. In other words: how we talk, think, chat, tweet, blog, text, write, read, listen and learn.
Mercury moves from fast and furious fiery Aries country into lush, sensual, fertile Taurus terrain. Whenever Mercury changes sign, we need to learn a whole new language and adapt to different customs. Mercury is in the departure lounge waiting to cross the border into earthy Taurus. Subtle changes are in place, which you may have already noticed.
Mercury’s wings may seem clipped temporarily as ‘he’ adjusts to the ways of this new country.
It is possible that whilst Mercury was in hot headed Aries many of us noticed we had to up our game, we had to speak and think faster. We suddenly had to learn things in the fast lane, rush about on many short journeys, and make quick, if not downright impulsive, decisions. Much of our time was spent on the run and thinking about taking action. This could have included initiating a project, starting something from scratch or reinvigorating an idea that had grown a bit tired or jaded.  
Just as we have got halfway used to this style of speaking and thinking we will suddenly find ourselves from the 9th May 2012, in what appears to be a foreign country where everyone asks us to speak more slowly. Maybe we will get asked to repeat what we say in order to be understood more often. We will have to think more about what we are doing and what we want to say. Travelling could get bogged down because we are unsure of the directions and the need to adjust to the different road systems.  
In other words whilst Mercury is in Taurus you really need to slow down generally and think more about what and how you want to communicate.  
You will notice the difference yes you will notice the change. 
Salvador Dali has Mercury in Taurus
You and others around you, remember we are all feeling it, will seem less harried, hurried and frantic. Everything will seem a lot calmer and easier on many levels. Know, ahead of time, that for these next few weeks you and every single person on this precious planet of ours will be slowing down mentally, processing more deliberately and, oh, did I mention, also being a teeny weeny bit more stubborn!!  Your daughter, twitter buddies, wife, teachers, boss, neighbours, heads of state, the person sitting next to you on the bus and of course, you will be unwilling to be rushed and won't take too kindly to being told what to do either. Tempers could brew just under the surface, but heed the 'bull in a china shop' warning. If that bull gets stung by a bee all hell could let loose. Certainly people will not want to be pressured to do something they don’t want to do. One thing - once we decide on something, set our mind to it, we will be fixed and set to achieve it, for good or bad.
We will all feel this change, this mental shift but you may ask, how does it affect me specifically? Well, the sign of Taurus sits somewhere in your birth chart, even if you do not have any planets in this sign. You always have this Taurus county somewhere in your psyche. For these next few weeks this Taurus zone will have Mercury as a house guest. This is where you will have to be accommodating, shake out the duvet and put out a vase of fresh flowers. Welcome your mercurial visitor and make 'him' feel at home.
Track down where Taurus is in your chart and try to apply simply making the most of your quieter and slower times. Try to smell the roses, pick some daisies and enjoy those times when your mind is calmer. There will be a few less voices vying for attention in your head. Share some loving and beautiful thoughts with the people you care about. Focus on them. Take the slow road or the long way home and enjoy the journey. Make something handmade and use a more hands-on style. Show the world a poem, song or story you have been working on. Do something you really enjoy. Go on, allow pleasure to settle down and take root in your soul.
If you know where your 'Taurus country' is already, then slow down and put your full attention to it. Take time regarding the issues effected in that part of your chart. For instance, Taurus may be in your 6th house of working conditions and health, which could simply mean go easy on the chocolate!!! Or maybe not, as Taurus time is pleasure time. Mercury here will probably prompt you to think about what you are eating one way or another. Or is your Taurus zone the 10th house of Reputation and Career, if it is, then take a good hard practical look at your life plans and direction and patiently do your paper work.
Time turns like a wheel, and Mercury will move into Gemini country soon enough, which will be a whole new vista.
For now just take this Taurus time while you have it. Value it. Tell someone you love them, listen to music, let others read your story or your poem, sing your song, take a walk in nature, and give yourself and maybe someone else a gift. Enjoy your food. Savour this time.
As for me, well Taurus is in my 11th zone of free time and advisors so I’m off to take it easy with a friend over for a weekend of relaxing, walks in the beautiful countryside, watch a movie or two and obviously eating some nice things. That will most definitely involve more indulgent Seed Cake.....ummm food for thought.
Stevie Wonder with Mercury in Taurus in his natal chart is living in his world of senses all of the time, compensating for his loss of vision.
By the way my intoxicating anticipation of the Super Full Moon was slightly marred by some heavy cloud action in my part of the sky. This was my view:
So Super Full Moon hangover done with and after the swollen bloat, tension and release of the last weekend, (no not me after my Full Moon cake), what’s next on the celestial horizon? What is the ‘Star Weather’ ahead?
The Solar Eclipse (May 20th 2012), Venus Transit (June 5th- 6th 2012) as well as Mars picking up speed and Venus slowing down. Hmmm..
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