Saturday 5 May 2012

Super Full Moon Is Super Full

Tonight the moon will look MASSIVE (May 5th-6th, 2012) as it is much closer to the Earth than usual. The Moon can look dramatically large when she is near the horizon anyway but tonight this illusion will be intensified. 
Take a look up at the sky tonight, especially just after sunset, and take a moment to wonder  - glimpse at the magnitude of just what we are living under.
Be entranced and enchanted. See our Moon massive, swollen and mysterious. Feel the pull. The oceans and seas certainly will, and you are composed of about 70% water so……
Set your alarms, click your clocks and bleep your phones stop what you are doing just for a few breaths and lift up your gaze to your outside ceiling.
In that brief moment take the time to absorb the Super Moon’s reflected light. The suns rays are still upon us but coming through a different channel. This is time for thinking, feeling and doing things differently.
‘She’ who rules the underworld, the dark, the night. ‘She’ is up and at her brightest when the Sun is down and out.  And tonight, on this Super Moon she is ‘in flow’, strong, powerful and obvious.  Step outside and take a look.
Oh and by the way the Moon is in the brooding and intense sign of Scorpio.
Somewhere in your birth chart you have this sign of power and deep flow, somewhere in you rests the desire to experience INTENSITY.  Ahhhhh, take in this profound moon and wonder on how in YOUR LIFE where and how you are expressing this intensity. Because you will be. Somewhere. And this pressure has been building for last few days because it wants you to FEEL IT!!! Do that and the gods have been appeased, a part of your psyche has been acknowledged and there is high chance you will be rewarded with a little treasure.
Don’t worry if you haven’t had ‘your chart done’ or know where 16 degrees of Scorpio lies in your chart, you still have this part of yourself whether you know it or not. And it is being stimulated and activated.
If you do know then ‘yea’ you can be more focused in how or where your can make peace with your Scopionic zone. In this part of your chart ruled by Scorpio try to  reveal something hidden about yourself. Do something a little bit exposing. Is it in your 5th house of creativity, immortality and children? If yes then let your kids know something about you that reveals a deep and hidden part of yourself (age appropriate of course), tell them you love them so deeply it hurts. Pour yourself into a creative activity, preferably show it to someone. Does it occupy your 7th house of partnerships – hmm…..
Take a look out tonight, and if the clouds part, watch the display, breath in deeply, take in the profound. This seemingly simple act could have far deeper and complex repercussions. Even if, only for that small tiny moment in time, you join with the moon and become enormous.
If you miss her tonight she is not that unforgiving you get another chance tomorrow night.
By the way, its in my 5th house so – kids ‘I LOVE YOU’ and I’m off to make a cake…… 
....and here it is My FullMoon Cake
credits: ian parker & AP Ben Birchall
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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