Friday 11 May 2012

Sun Spotlights Hoarding

The Sun is moving to a 'face to face' encounter with Jupiter. This is a head to head meeting of giants. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and the Sun is the centre. This meeting has been brewing for a while, gathering momentum and finally takes place on the 12th May 2012 with a conjunction in the sign of Taurus. 
The morning began with news of a monster Sun spot. Scientists used Twitter to announce that this is the largest example of a sun spot they have seen in years and they believe it may generate solar flares and storms visible to us on Earth. Zeus is already kicking off then. Whatever and wherever Jupiter touches gets a blast of its expanding gas, and at the moment the Sun is receiving this bounty.
What does this mean for us? This astrological summit occurs in that part of the zodiac designated to Taurus the bull. Traits that are assigned to Taurus will be more visible and open to our awareness thundering and flaring out for all to see.
One of these traits linked to Taurus is the inclination to possess. Taurus is concerned with value. Taurus can also have a habit of holding on. Taurus can hoard. Right now there seems to be a proliferation of television programmes that try to tackle the secretive and distressing problem of hoarding. What it is, how does it affect the sufferer and their family. The BBC dealt with a moving, brave, honest and revealing story by a TV presenter Jasmine Harman about her own mother's struggle with the disease. Jasmine has brought this issue out of the dark so that we can all see it blinking and adjusting to the bright glare of the spotlight. 
The astrological timing of this issue coming under the spotlight could not be more appropriate as we are now in full flow of a mini Taurus explosion with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in this sign. Not every Taurean is a hoarder, of course and many Taureans can in fact turn away from materialism and run in the opposite direction.
However if you do have a habit of holding on to things, from the extreme cases highlighted on television to the minor barely noticeable level of never having a clear or an empty space on your desk or mantelpiece, this could be your Taurus hoarding complex. Or you could enjoy a car boot on a Sunday as a relaxation, maybe you own a collection or two, however, if you have to go to every car boot and your collection is everywhere, this is your Taurus complex out of control and let loose like a bull in a china shop. You could be staying in a relationship that has long passed its sell by date or you could be involved in friendships that have gone stale. These are also clues to the Taurus in your birth chart having a large and long say in your internal dialogue.
One part of the hoarding syndrome is what psychologists call ‘churning’ where 'stuff'  is never really disposed of but is instead moved from one part of the home to another - constantly. This 'churning' is usually a desperate effort to ‘clear’ and 'sort stuff out'. This is similar to how Taurus energy operates in distress, going over and over things and finding it hard to break out of the cycle, whilst at the same time really believing it is changing and moving on.
We all have it. We all have Taurus somewhere in our birth charts. We all have parts of ourselves where we can ‘churn’, where we can collect, hold on to and place great value upon and cannot really release. We prize it even after it should have been disposed of and cleared out.
If you have astrological knowledge then you knew the areas where you can grasp too hard and over attach. Where do you churn? Look to Taurus in your chart and take the antidote to deal with an upset Taurus, which is to share. Invite someone you trust to share part of your life which you feel is specifically ‘mine all mine’. Let go of something (s) take it unused from the back of the cupboard and let someone use it and enjoy it. Release those chains of habit. Re-evaluate the thing you most believe you have the most handle on. The chances are this is an area, in reality, where you may churn.
If Taurus in your 4th house zone of Home and Family well this sounds like a combination guaranteed to keep a tight hold on to sentimental bits and bobs connected to your past. Memories and opinions of parents, especially Dad, could be churned, kept hold of and not easily open to re-evaluation or any change. Or this parent could have had their own issues and struggles with collecting, hoarding or holding on much too long. A historical legacy that will take some work getting over.
If you have your South Node of Genetics, Past Lives and Family Inheritance in Taurus you are in for the long haul. Getting past this issue could take some negotiating and one road to take is balancing sharing with owning and possessing. Ultimately have less but really appreciate more!
The Sun symbolises our authentic self and at the moment it is being expanded by Jupiter in Taurus with the threat of flaring up these issues. With the help of the Sun turning the spotlight on and showing patience and sharing with ourselves and others, we can try to move forward in any problem areas rather than stamping over old ground. Joyfully we may even discover hidden treasures and things we thought we had lost may be found. This includes finding our own more authentic self which could be hiding, buried or crushed, under the rubbish and rubble we failed to get rid of in our life.
Lets unearth our treasures. We could all learn a little about having LESS and appreciating MORE...

Taurus is my South Node so I'm done 'driving big expensive cars and dragging my furs on the ground' and I’m off to sell some ‘stuff’ on ebay.
Synchronistically I have just noticed that in Astrology Wheel's Lunar Return Report 'Colours of The Moon' I am in ‘Dark Green’ today which is like having a hint of Taurus temporarily. 
'Green Earth Day. Money and pleasure are featured. Deal with and re evaluate the value of your things. On this day you are more inclined to be lazy. It is about gifts, either having, giving or receiving. Deal with your accounting and finances for these few days. Go to the bank, sort things out with your money. Make financial decisions, allocate funds, plan a budget, pay your bills, and check direct debits. Look after or enjoy what you possess. Put things into practical use. Use your hands. Make something. Relish in sensual delights. Enjoy a good meal. Indulge your senses. Try or buy a new perfume or beauty product. Take care of your body. Go for a massage. Re evaluate what you think is important. Appreciate what you do value. Count your blessings. Keep it simple. You want things black and white. Don’t rush things, take your time, steady but surely. These few days are when you can express and release your innate talents and gifts. Get out into Mother Nature, or just enjoy her gifts of flowers and fruit. This is settled, even calm energy. Laid back you may be but you can and will push on with what you need, which can feel like a steamroller to other people! Don't be too stubborn.'
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