Saturday 16 June 2012

Chiron In Pisces Goes Retro Part 1

Chiron Wounds Go Deep & Meaningful
Controversial and conflicted.
Pain and healing.
Hunter and hunted.
All of the above can apply to Chiron so how does astrology work with Chiron in a meaningful way? On the face of it Chiron is a chunk of rock floating out in space and has been classified by astronomers at various times as an asteroid, minor planet, planetoid and dwarf planet. It was discovered in 1977 by Charles T Kowal but 'pre-recovered' subsequently in images and data from the 19th century. Chiron was there all along in a comet belt orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is the leader of a 'band' of centaurs', objects newly defined in our Solar system.
Apparently astrologers and astronomers co-operated in the naming of Chiron in the first place. Examining mythology and tracing the entomology of the name, astrologers by and large, concur that Chiron represents the ‘wounded healer’.There are some astrologers, however, who still debate this to varying degrees. Some astrologers do not use Chiron at all and some astrologers concentrate solely on Chiron. For the most part though astrologers view Chiron as saying something about both wounding and healing that can sometimes change everything. 
Most of what is read in a horoscope will relate to the themes of healing, growth, transformation so what more does Chiron add specifically?
Chiron: The Story
In mythology Chiron is a one of many mythical creatures, he is the last and most refined of the Centaurs, half man half horse. Half brother to Zeus, Chiron is different type of Centaur. He is known as a Healer and a Teacher, intelligent and civilised. He had a hand in mentoring many Greek heroes before they could set off into the world. His friend, Hercules, stabbed him accidently and as a result he had to suffer eternity with the pain because he was immortal.  He searched for methods to heal himself and shared these with others in order to help them heal themselves until he finally swapped places with Prometheus. Prometheus was suffering his own hell, being chained to a rock, having his liver pecked out, and every morning waking up to the same scenario, all because of his gift of fire to humankind. Prometheus’s only release would be if an immortal chose to go to Tartarus - in effect to die. Enter Chiron stage left. Chiron’s own living hell meant unending pain, perpetually suffering a wound which could never heal since the arrow was smeared with poisonous Hydra blood. His immortality thus came at a great cost and guaranteed him eternal pain. A solution for both Prometheus and Chiron was for Chiron to die and end his suffering whilst at the same time releasing Prometheus from his hell. And so the deal was done. 
Chiron In the Horoscope
Chiron’s placement in the birth chart can show where or how we suffer but it can also indicate how we can heal, sacrifice, teach and mentor. 'The wounded healer’ will indicate how to face and embrace your own hurts and pains and will then enable you to then go on to act as a guide, comforter and healer to others who are experiencing similar difficulties. We seek out those who mirror our wounds and with whom we can exchange psycho/emotional or physical energies and where all concerned are changed by it in a positive way, hopefully. Obviously we need to be aware of attracting people and situations that only 'pick' at the wound and keep us in a state of circular pain.

Examples of possible scenarios:-
We may act as Hercules, accidently scraping someone we love with something we are carrying which is dripping with poison for instance, bringing our jealousy to the relationship can do some real damage……
Or we may play the martyr, always getting drawn into relationships which result in us fixing, or mending the other whilst simultaneously submerging our own needs….
Or we may identify with Prometheus, noble in our aspirations yet doomed to mediocrity and repetition until redeemed...
The list is long and complex and in all likehood we interchange and rely on all parts of the myth during our lifetime. The shift is more likely to come when we try to be as honest as possible and awake to what goes on as much as we can so as to unlock the unconscious repetitive patterns. Chiron can be viewed as a trapped comet and in our charts it can show us where we can feel trapped but luckily it also has the 'key' to unlock us from these confines. Chiron's glyph in astrology is seen as a key.

Chiron is generally seen as The Bridge between our past (Saturn) and our future (Uranus), the bridge between the Inner and Outer Planets and therefore the bridge between the transpersonal and the personal. Chiron's bridge links, connects and allows for movement and communication. In the water sign of Pisces we now have a chance to open our hearts and cross over to a world of imagination and endless possibilities.......
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