Tuesday 19 June 2012

Stonehenge Summer Solstice - Sun in Cancer

Air Turns To Water - Summer Solstice - Sun Moves To Cancer on the 21st June 2012
Once a month, in its journey around the zodiac, regular as clockwork, the Sun changes it’s sign, it is as if it moves to another country. This new country it moves into is nothing like the country it has resided for the previous month. No resemblance at all – nada.  For the previous month it has been getting used to functioning in a certain way, but now has to tango to an altogether different tune and rhythm. It may feel a bit strange at first, exciting, but strange.
come on....
That moment, just before you leave for any big or important journey is a critical time. This time is usually a combination of double checking essentials have been packed ‘where is my passport?’ and making sure the utilities are turned off and landing light turned on, just to be on the safe side. You may really want to go on this trip but for those last few moments you know you always take one last lingering look back at where you have been. You may have been staying in hotel room or your treasured home there will be that last look back. You may even silently say a private goodbye to the place just before you step into the taxi to take you away. For that brief time you saying both “hello” and “goodbye” it seems. This is a time of gathering together of what you are taking with you (suitcase, toothbrush, overnight bag, everything!..), and what you are leaving behind (fond farewells, goodbye parties, familiar haunts, loved ones….), you are occupying a liminal place and it feels transient and ‘different’.
Astrologically the Sun is now about to take such a trip, it is preparing on the 19th and 20th of June 2012, to take a trip to a very different land. 
These few days are the ‘critical time’ the liminal time just mentioned, when you are preparing for change, going forward but also looking back doing some last minute checking and quiet goodbyes.

These couple of day’s ahead might urge you to double check stuff. One clue is to look to your Gemini ruled Solar House, so for example: the 10th if you are a Virgo, in which case - check you have included your resume in your job application form or is it somehow still on the kitchen table?
Hints for other Sun Signs:-
Aries: check you have actually sent off that important memo/email/letter?
Taurus: check your bank balance, have your really enough to cover that new direct debit?
Gemini: check your mirror is that the hairstyle you really want?
Cancer: check you have cleared out any lingering hidden resentments or rooted out those in your life who secretly do not have your best interests at heart
Leo: check you have thanked those who are your supporters
Libra: (you may be actually checking-in with a ticket), or check anything going off to be published
Scorpio: check your investments, joint bank-balance
Sagittarius: check out everything with your partner
Capricorn: check with those you work whether there is anything you may have missed
Aquarius: check-in your children whether there is anything you may have missed
Pisces: check-in with your family whether there is anything you may have missed, or home repair that needs attention.
For the last month the Sun has been adjusting to the cool, airy, spacious conditions of Gemini. It has been moving around in and exploring Gemini’s beautiful dry landscapes, where there is much to learn, many languages to speak, a variety of cuisines to sample and ideas to share. 
We have been in a place with a wealth of library’s, open-air internet cafes, public chat rooms, and stores open 24/7. 
Like a traveller stepping off the airplane out onto a new country, even if they may have been many times before, the transition takes some immediate adjustment, especially if the change is obviously dramatic. This could be a sharp contrast from a tropical rainforest to the busy streets of Manhattan or from the frozen ice wastes of the Arctic in winter to summer time on a Sydney beach. Astrologically with the Sun moving from one sign to the next, in this case from the air sign of Gemini to the water sign of Cancer this contrast can be just as dramatic. We adjust from breathing air to breathing in water, using lungs to using gills therefore some critical adjustments are going to be required.
Along the way, the Sun in its journey through Gemini, were various meetings with significant people, some tougher than others. For instance, on the 7th June it met up with Mars, the God of War, who is always up for a good old fight, on a particularly stressful day: An actual news headline from that day read 'The war on journalism' 7th June 2012 and referred to the abduction, torture and murder of journalists by regimes around the world highlighted by journalists like James Mackay who often worked undercover in Burma and Amnesty International.

Also on that day came the information of the LinkedIn password leaks. 
And of course on June 5/6th there was the historic Venus Transit across the face of the Sun.
On the 21st June, the Sun will journey out into the watery depths of Cancer, a literal ‘sea-change’. This is also an astrological ‘Big Date’ the Summer Solstice; globally this is a time of festivals and gatherings. It is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and shortest in the Southern. In the U.K this is when Stonehenge takes pride of place and becomes a gathering point for many people in their various 'clans' and ‘tribes’.
In Europe there are also the quarter-finals for the European Football Championships bringing together millions of people to support their team or ‘tribe’. 
The sign of Cancer is of course all about Tribes, Clans, and Family. More of that in another post later...

Time to honour your clan in whatever way you choose…..
As for me, I belong to the Sun Sign Cancer tribe, I live near Stonehenge, and support the English football team, so: on the 21st I will be with my family, honouring the sun rise and shouting “Come On England"!!!!!
'What a Life'..sings Noel Gallagher who's Sun is in Gemini but his Venus is in Cancer which will help the transition from an Air sign Sun to a Water one....remember we will all also have a long time with a Gemini Venus and Jupiter in Gemini joining it later...still plenty of Gemini energy in the Air... 

posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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