Friday 22 June 2012

Sun in Cancer Confessional

'I Dont Wanna Wait To Tell You Who I Am'
These are the plaintive words sung by John Grant on 'Caterpillar'. I was listening to them as I was about to write a few words about Cancer energy, since the Sun has just moved into Cancer for the next month. Also the Moon is currently in Cancer residence along with Mercury. I also have the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in my natal chart. my Cancerian contemplation (something we do a lot of by by the way) on all things Cancer, it seemed reasonable (not a particularly Cancerian word) to discuss how this current gathering of Cancer energy astrologically connects to me...then I got all Cancerian on myself and utterly backed off the whole idea...then I heard John Grants lyric...oh well...

Cancer energy, as I feel it is, if nothing else, contradictory in the extreme. One minute like this, next minute like that, one moment glimpsed as sweet - the next snappy. Ever changing and perpetually in motion even more than normally expected of Gemini the Twins. Gemini can think and speak in multiples, but Cancer FEELS it all.

Cancer's symbol is the Crab, a creature that is living and breathing AIR, scuttling sideways (how weird is that) over LAND, living and operating in WATER -  now is that multi tasking (something they are good at), or just downright confusing (something they are also good at). Now if Cancer was like the dragon or phoenix able to luxuriate in FIRE it would be the supreme Super Elemental, but then again that would make it one of those strange mythical creatures such as a Sagittarian Centaur or Capricorn sea goat, and that is just too weird for Cancer!
summer solstice norway
Sagittarian Mind's twitter page asked 'what does Cancer need as fuel for its engine?' "Reassuarance" I answered - it's a big ol' ocean out there, at least Pisces has got another fish hanging around! Cancers can feel all alone sometimes and all at sea. 
Carrying around a hard shell is hard work, let along those massive claws, it's no wonder that they need softness, tenderness and gentleness to make them feel alright. The sea holds many predators and so crabs need to be on their guard, eyes on out on stalks watching.....hang on...thats just my defences kicking in, I must be close to revealing something of myself...ok I'll take a breath of air and continue...
......Plaintive, soulful, dreamy, empaths? Possessing a hyper ability to sense what is going on inside other people and situations? Oh yes...but then again in a flash can be clannish, snappy, moody, hyper defensive and creating a massive drama out of what seems to be nothing at all to anyone else. Seemingly haunted by songs, sounds and secrets from somewhere 'out there', a person with strong Cancerian energy can be both a mystery and annoyingly mysterious to others. They seem to have a permanent invisible shell attached to their ears attuned to something far away. Ask them a simple and direct question and you may either a) wait forever for the answer b) hear something you wished you could screen out c) get lost in an answer so complex and convoluted you d) wish you'd never asked!
Perceptive souls out there may have noticed though these words are a round-about, sideways on, indirect leakage of Who I Am. And thats about it for now......
And now to a much safer topic for! Everyone has Cancer energy in their charts, some have planets there that are acting as a massive antenna for it, and especially during this month when there is so much celestial traffic in that sign. Its all creating a bit of a celestial traffic jam PLUS there is the potential jackknifing of the Cardinal square between the juggernauts of Uranus and Pluto later this week.
Expect those crabby shells to come in good use, because what is made active in your chart may stir up quite a bit of sediment. If it is your Moon, then your sense of safety and what you count on as safe ground may get a stir, if it is your Venus then what and who you desire will be effected, if Mars then you may be called to action. No planets in Cancer? You don't get away that easily, as Cancer will have "mastership" over a particular zone or house in your chart and that sphere of life will get whipped and frothed up, for instance with Cancer on your 11th zone of Friends & Helpers you may find your friendship groups are needing attention. If Cancer rules your Ascendent your appearance and personal space may change. Some of these changes and shifts may be to your liking, you may 'soften' or get more tenderness, and then again they may be tougher storms and swells...welcome to Cancer...

I will leave you with that, is that the tide coming in, I must be off.......

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  1. Cancer stellium here. Communication is hard work! Love this post. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Well done you got through this Blogger system of communication hurdles to post your thoughts in the first place - must be the Cancerian perseverance! Anyway, we Cancers communicate, just not as most people know it...

    2. Yes!! Took a while to string those words together and triple check they made sense. But look at you blogging away making all that sense. Will you be my interpreter? Please?

    3. You are making sense to me...Mercury has been hanging around Void in Cancer for most of today which has caused some communication problems for me, soon moving into Leo though (then there is the small matter of Merc moving times! Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Pippa, this is absolutely glorious. You said so much to touch this Moonchild's heart and then you got through this tough old shell with the video. You're good medicine. ~cj