Saturday 23 June 2012

Venus Retro Review

Where Has Venus Been?
Venus is preparing to leave her Retrograde trajectory and from the 27th of this month will propel herself full tilt forwards along the Gemini path. Just before resuming her forward motion, she is slowing down preparing to temporarily stop......... before moving forward once more along her path. 
Just briefly, in the space before she stops and restarts again, lets re-visit Venus Come Out Of Your Shell  and Ex's & Xx'ss Venus Rx so that in the re reading we can think over the last 40 days or so and wonder exactly what did happen. Ask yourself what changes have taken place? What changes did you restrain from making? What issues have resurfaced? Probably more importantly, who has resurfaced once again back into your life? What new Venus lessons, ideas, possessions and impressions are you left with?
As the Venus train slows down before entering the station, if you take a look outside the window, the surrounding countryside gets more and more into focus, allowing you to pick out ever sharper and sharper definitions. So now rather than watching a confusing blur of colours and shapes rush speedily past, 'stuff' starts to make more sense as you anchor yourself in where you are - even if this is your first visit and you haven't the faintest idea where you are, or whether you are coming back to a place you know well. 
Venus de Metro
You may be returning to the place you were born - which relates to all of you born with Venus in Gemini - this is Venus in your home turf now - and the familiar seeps or rushes into your psyche soaking it with memories, challenges and joys.
Revisit the past 40 days and double check you are happy with any choices, decisions and conclusions made during that time. As of next week you will be living and breathing the consequences, similar to shaking off a hangover, staring in the mirror and thinking 'hmm................. Venus what's missing here'
More changes are a-brewing and a-stewing, we are in the middle of dramatic celestial activity, and the Venus journey backwards for the past 40 days has in many ways helped us prepare and realign our compasses. Did you nearly...did you just.....did you get ever so close to......well after the 27th June you just might. 

posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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