Thursday 28 June 2012

Venus Direct - Love Is In The Air

Venus Direct in Gemini - think we are feeling it yet?
In Venus Retro Review we discussed the preparation for Venus going direct in Gemini. Well now she has shifted her pace and is going forward. Here we are, still breathing in and out, reading this and that, loving him, loving her, tasting this and testing that and singing old songs sometimes in a new way. Those things that take our attention, whatever is carried in the wind, carried in the air by unseen forces, yet experienced and felt....all of these choices create feelings and feelings do perceptions
venus de bananarama
Apart from being able to look back and realize how close we really came to making a big mistake or really glad we stayed our hand and did not act in haste, just what was Venus going retrograde about for you? Anyone from the past turn up unexpectedly? Anything take you back or take you by surprise?
Was it was going with the urge to make that drastic change to your wardrobe or hairstyle, or is that just me - always on the edge of some fashion suicide. Maybe it was deciding to redesigning your home in glorious Technicolor, or is that also just me and my colour-blindness stumbling around a colour palette that leads me and my paintbrush astray. 
While Venus was having her Retrograde moment - what else could we have done but re-tune into our Venus urges and perhaps define them or even refine them. It may have felt, during the Venus Retrograde period, a bit like the Fool card in the Tarot deck, straying perilously close to a precipice. 'No Leaping Allowed Here...yet'
Did you rekindle a relationship you secretly knew was 'Not A Good Idea Even The First Time Around'. 'No Bleating Allowed Here...yet'
Maybe you had fallen out with someone in the past a family member or a close friend and you both have remained stuck in your positions unable to move. 'No Deleting Allowed Here..yet'
Did you commit to a project begrudgingly now realising that it was too much to handle and would mean you spreading yourself too thinly. 'No Self-Defeating Allowed Here...yet' 
Maybe we just went into social hibernation. 'No Retreating Allowed Here..yet'
Are you moving forward, fleet of foot and moving lightly over new terrain or are we still going around in circles a little bit? 'No In-completing Allowed Here...yet either'
Phew! lets regroup before we move on. Refreshments required...
At heart Venus is about who we love and what we value and that includes money, taste, style and creativity in general.  
Venus Retrograde periods are generally not a good time to decide to fall head-over-heels in love with someone and commit in the heat of the moment, easily said of course but not easily done. Perhaps making a great big 'good idea at the time' purchase or large investment needs a cooling off period as well. In fact anything that feels a bit risky and madly spontaneous, during this time will require revision.
Whatever the past 40 or so days brought to your life, as of 27th June 2012 it’s time to move on, time to pack our backpack of dreams, ideas and hopes, sling it over our shoulder and get ready to tread new ground. 
Venus types and Venus things can range from copper, artists, money, sweeties, pleasures, beauticians, lovers, Taureans, jewelry, kidneys, musicians, gardens, perfume, Librans, seducers, apples and kisses. Everything lived or experienced in some way or other, as Venusian will be affected. A prominent Venus in your birth chart or progressed chart will do nicely. 
Many Venusians may now feel the tug and call of change. Since Venus is in Gemini it figures that people with this sign prominent in their charts will also take in larger than usual gasps of air, as stagnation drifts away and the fresh breeze of Venus breath blows away the cobwebs.
Where is your Gemini airfield? When you find it, watch it dance, light as a feather, across new pathways as it makes new connections. Some things may come back to you and some may not but expressing gratitude for what you had, still have or will have will help you on your journey. A kiss to say goodbye….a kiss to say hello…….
Gemini energy likes variety, communications, chatting, the written word, novelty, the wonder of the world, just wondering or wandering around looking. Your world, the big wide world, the world wide web or just the neighbourhood.
Venus de mobile
As for me, Gemini rules my 11th zone of Friends and Groups, and on the positive side in the last 40 days I have opened the social network door myself. Twitter, FacebookPinterest and  Google+  have made me welcome and I have engaged with it all with a flurry and delight. My communications have increased and widened into new and pleasant pathways in my life…....

…and on the negative side of 'not such a good idea'…anyone know of a good hairdresser/stylist? Now where did I put that paintbrush…
Venus Direct  in Gemini then lets go with a new 'air style' for a while - enjoy.

posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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