Tuesday 17 July 2012

Aurora Euphoria

There are big rumbles in the sky......again. The Sun in Cancer has let loose another flare bursting out from a massive sunspot AR1520 after a solar storm. The flare was categorised as X-class - a flaming big one, apparently but appears to have had less impact on our communication systems and power grids than expected this far.
What did happened however, was the appearance and proliferation of beautiful, vivid auroras in our skies. These natural wide-screen, glorious Technicolour, drive-to's, i-max, cinematic, sky-shows have now been seen by many people in unexpected places and much further south than normal in the northern hemisphere.
NASA images 2012
hmm...  the rumble could also be my empty stomach. I have just begun a Re-vamp of my diet which basically means I am eating less. Well, eating less carbs but more protein, and as a vegetarian I am using up more calories hunting down my food sources. Anyway, all part of Mercury in Leo Retrograding through my 1st house of appearance and body style…..only 
six weeks to OMG it seems....but back to higher matters.
The mayan astronomers have predicted something significant happening 21 December 2012 and some interpreters have gone there with doomsday predictions.
There is however, a real rumble and a tumble going on in the celestial sphere starting the 11 year sunspot cycle off again.

On the nights of 14th/15th of July 2012, many of us caught sight of the evidence in our skies of this massive solar flare/storm. The effects began to sweep over our atmosphere - even here in a cloud covered UK - the effects were displayed as one of natures most dazzling and awe inspiring sights (no not me in the gym ha!) but one of the other natural beauties - the amazing Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, much more elusive but just as impressive and not just for penguins this year maybe. 
I somewhat understand the physical mechanism, but the actual, visceral experience was most unexpected, as was the sighting in such lower latitudes than nomally observed in the northern hemisphere and further north in the southern. 
I have also been making the astrological connections. 
This massive Solar activity is occurring in my very own Sun sign of Cancer. I am astrologically hardwired to be highly sensitive to this charge and fizzle of electricity and electromagnetic activity. 
I can also find storms highly energising because I have Mars conjunct Uranus in the Sun’s very own sign of Leo, and yet…is this what is really happening?....
What I was left with, once I had taken into account both astronomical and astrological factors, was, well oddly.. a bit of a Void. 
Then I realized that this very Void is where the whispers call out from, here is where strangeness shimmers with iridescence and allure. Here is the place where the Mysteries Of The Unexplained will always appear to be an open book. It is a chink, a kink, a rip and tear in the matix, a place which summons us and which bids us to revere. We just can't help ourselves - maybe we want to go there - maybe we really need this connection. 

Somehow if you take science out of the equation, if you take out superstition, if you take out faith, there is still this place and perhaps it is those unexpected moments that take us by surprise which acts as a spur to acknowledge this idea. 
It exists as a private delight and a wonder within us, and the ‘what the heck is that!’ outside of ourselves. 
Apparently, the Aurora can also comes with delayed surround sound. There has been evidence for centuries of people reporting 'rustling', 'swishing' and 'crackling' types of sound  being heard. There have been suggestions that the sounds actually come from inside our heads as a leakage of electrical impulses. Apparently, at the sight of the Aurora messages from the eyes are carried to the part of our brain that processes sound. We can convert sight to sound then! Another explanation is that the strong magnetic fields produced might be generating a sort of audible static that crackles!
Getting our minds around the sheer size and scope of ourselves, our brains, our cells, from the whole mighty universe to the teeniest of stuff, from outer space to the Higgs Boson particle, is simply well... utterly intense. Most of the time we are just simply getting through our daily lives grappling with the more mundane aspects of existence. 
When viewed from an ant's perspective human beings are giants and yet we are infinitesimally small viewed from a piece of our space junk and let alone when viewed from the Sloan Great Wall - the largest known structure in our known universe .......

This childlike wonder, this wide-eyed curiosity is certainly active astrologically at the moment:

Leo is the sign of the child - Mercury is retrograding in Leo.

Cancer is the sign of childhood – Sun is in Cancer

Gemini is the sign of child-like wonder – Venus and Jupiter are both in Gemini

Aries symbolically the youngest of all the signs starting the cycle – Uranus is in Aries

So where are the grown ups? 
Oh, they are there, waiting, watching and being enchanted in their own ways. 
Saturn the planet of grown-upness is in Libra the sign of very adult marriage/partnership. Pluto is in the Daddy sign of them all Capricorn.
What of Neptune? Well Neptune is in the oldest sign of them all, Pisces.
Can these adult/child scenario's mix and go somewhere neutral?
Perhaps take a chance and open up to the undiscovered...

The adults time will come, probably sooner rather than later. Some of the more sober aspects are involved in the next astrological event - the Cardinal Grand Cross which happens in a few days time, their presence will come down hard and heavy. 
More to come in future posts...

In the meantime lets try to be a bit more playful, lets try and rejoice a bit longer, lets open our minds and hearts and allow some room in our lives for fun and games, sheer exuberance, enjoyment and remembering the wonders............even if it is just in our minds eye and bringing music to our ears.. 

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