Tuesday 3 July 2012

Capricorn Full Moon - Fulfilling Ambitions

On the 3rd July, 2012 we will see a Full Moon in the Cardinal  earth sign of Capricorn a time to take stock in a full moon time of folklore, misty myths and mystical significance. Astrologers are not alone in their reverence and attraction to ‘that time in the month’ when the Moon ripens and shines, when she shows herself off at her peak. 
Even on cloudy nights (more than usual here in the U.K) her presence is obvious. 
The Moon permeates…..she filters through the clouds or curtains. She beckons to some and frightens others. She is FELT... She is Sensed.
Whether in Myth or Fact, Full Moon times have been closely charted and effects noted from hospitals, mental institutions, police stations, zoologists, farmers, biologists, to gardeners and sailors. 
Her swelling and obviousness pulls us, it draws our gaze and imagination ‘her way’.
Her way is sometimes seen as weird and ‘loony’, linked with women, were wolfs, fluids, hysteria, tides and generally being out of control.
‘News Alert - Solar Consciousness loses its dominant grip’.
We have used The Moon to tell us how to get home, we used the Moon as a timing guide telling us when to sow, hoe and harvest our crops. Well now, under the Full Moon, it is time to harvest. 
Today’s Full Moon’s action takes place in the Earth sign of Capricorn time to take stock and review our ambitions. It is also time to gather in your goodies. Accept our rewards. Identify and scoop up the good stuff you have earned after all the effort you have put in the last couple of weeks. Let us see what have we got at the end of this journey.
Gather and pick up every gift given and look for the traces, even if faint, they will be there. Chances are that you have spent the last couple of weeks working very hard indeed at something, wondering whether or not you efforts have been worth it. Well you may just find out in these next few days. 
This work may still be in the early stages, work in progress, work very few people have noticed. This work maybe in the planning stage or ready to go, but what ever stage it is, for these few days you should be able to see tangible results, pointers, markers or clues as to your progress. 
Look closely; use the Lunar light, both inner and outer. These tangible pockets of information are invaluable, even if after examination you decide to reframe, ‘re-jiggle’ or just jettison. What you reach out for now you can store and use for the next couple of weeks until the New Moon comes and you can start a new project/idea, or start a new phase of your project.  
This Full Moon does pack an extra ‘punch’ as it ‘inks out’ it metaphorically bleeds into the stressful/challenging Cardinal activity currently playing out between the juggernauts of Uranus and Pluto.
Like the chimes of Big Ben as the big hand reaches the number 12, the Full Moon will reverberate and will be heard through many levels. 
It may be alarm bells or the peeling bells of celebration….here’s hoping for the latter.
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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