Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Sun in Leo Goes For Gold

The Sun is now ranging around the Fire lands of Leo, the lion of the zodiac. It moved out of the watery landscape of Cancer on the 23 July 2012.
The Sun, like a traveller on its journey, now passes into Leo Land. On the face of it, this Leo Land looks more like a playground, or a theme park, maybe a music festival, theatre or sports arena. The Sun traveller blinks as it adjusts to the bright dazzling sunshine and takes a moment to stretch out and bask in its warmth. 
It may take a few days to adapt, remember, this traveller has just spent the past month wading through a very different space, one that was watery, mysterious, hidden, dark, and contained sudden inexplicable alterations in temperature. It was a land where people were full of feelings, all those emotions seemed so close to the surface, the slight touch and it all went strange. Everything seemed unstable, floating and often anxious. People in this land tended to find shelter, to gather around those with whom they felt safe, they wanted to nestle at the same time as being strangely drawn by something out in the depths - to go to places that seemed to scare them witless.
Now our Sun traveller has moved from ‘water drenched’ to ‘sun parched’, from ever changing scenery to something relatively more stable and organized. Our traveller is feeling the need to stand out from the close knit group they have been with for the past month. They want to be noticed as an individual, to branch out, to be seen as someone SPECIAL. 
Whilst in Leo Land our traveller notes that things are pretty much where you put them, there is not so much shifting and moving around. It is not so 'tidal' with waves of emotion surging up from the deep then drawn away. It seems easier to stay put, hold the territory, with the occasional prowling and shoring up of the borders. Things have got more understandable, simpler in many respects, the pace is more controlled. From time to time when the heat gets too much it's time to rest up, recover, stretch out a bit, relax and have a bit of a play. There does not seem to be so many people around, clamoring to be cared for and understood. In fact they all seem absorbed in what they are doing, granted some are dressed in dramatic or eye-catching styles, but most seem fun and ready to dance. In holiday mode even. Ahh....
The traveller may notice that there are long gaps in the conversations and things can quieten down so much so there is even time to focus on what they want, time for a little bit of special ‘me time’. Permission to chill, things are sorted, its all done.
We are all with ‘this Sun traveller’ moving through Lion territory, we will all feel this energy shift. 
We all have Leo somewhere in our birth charts, somewhere in our psyche, and it is here that you can have your moment in the sun, where you can stretch out and soak up the praise. You may get some glory. If you have Leo Rising you could get praise for how you look. Leo on the 3rd, the glory could come from schooling or how you communicate. As the Sun passes over any planets you have in Leo these planets may 'sing' for you - sing back. Those of us with planets in Leo may could feel more upbeat and even a sense of rejoicing could bubble to the surface. It all seems rather more ‘conquerable’ than it has done in the last month; it all seems ‘do-able’. We are more robust, coming from a quiet inner smile, a simmering self-confidence that comes from knowing that ‘yup we are O.K’. 
A part of just knows that ‘help’ from whatever source, will come our way. We are happy to express ourselves and big hearted enough to help others.
Until the 23rd August this is the ‘general atmosphere’, the landscape, through which we all will make our respective ways. After the somewhat tortured and soul searching, heart rending and unfathomable places we have travelled through this last month when the Sun passed through Cancer. 
It does not mean it will be sunny, uncomplicated and playful at all times – or though it might try, don’t rule it out – its just that the overall tone, the scale and scope of it all, will be more steady and more stable. Issues may revolve around personal expression and interpretation, it becomes important that our point of view, our opinions are heard and taken seriously. Things will matter intensely and we won’t mind letting everyone know about it. Our own personal viewpoint will be our focus of concern; our contribution to the whole must be taken seriously, be admired and taken notice. We will want to stand out from the crowd, be seen, be taken seriously, acknowledged. Being ignored will set up a wild fire of behaviors that may work against us in the long term if not managed. Management, organization and the creation of stability will be areas we could excel in, that  is when we are not striving to win the race and be crowned the king or wear the gold medal. We have a surprising stamina, like to plan for the big occasion and will do better than expected if we receive any amount of applause.
Oh and did I mention the London Olympics taking place whilst the Sun traveller is in Leo Land.  I see gold medals. I see stardust. I see stamina, super human effort and the aching need to achieve personal bests. It takes place in London – do I see Sunshine?
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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