Monday 6 August 2012

Olympic Stars Series 4 - Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah


 A focus on rising, descending, past and shooting stars of this XXX Olympiad. 

As the swimming comes to an end let's move into the Olympic Stadium itself, delivered on time and on budget it is a beacon landmark in the East End of London (see 5 Rainbow Rings)
On 4th of August 2012 Great Britain won 3 Gold medals in the track and field. Another landmark in U.K sporting history. They called it 'Super Saturday'. Here are two of the golden contributers:
Jessica Ennis: born 28th January 1986, Sheffield, England (time unknown).
The poster girl of the London 2012 Olympics, the ‘face of the games’, here in Great Britain is was impossible not to see this young athletes face, it was everywhere, on posters on double decker buses, adverts on television, plastered on bill boards staring down on us whenever we moved around the U.K, there she was, a massive smiling expectant face. Full of promise, lacking arrogance, brimming with hope as she always has been.
On August the 4th 2012 she finally met all expectations and delivered, she won the Gold medal in the Heptathlon event. Over 7 events she totalled the most points, she ran, she threw, she jumped and finally she ran her heart out over 800 metres to cross the line arms raised in celebration – her embrace drew in a nation. For 7 years she has been carrying the weight of Great Britain’s Olympic aspirations - we have been waiting a long time to win a Gold on home soil, over 100 years in fact.
Here is her chart:
Jessica has 6 planets and the Nodes in fixed signs. That is a loaded chart which slants in the direction of stability, doggedly sticking to something through thick and thin, and staying loyal and steadfast to a purpose. Jess Ennis's talent was spotted at the age of nine and she hasn't wavered.
I will focus on one main aspect complex – Mercury conjunct Sun conjunct Venus that is in turn receiving a square from Pluto and a trine from Saturn. This pattern ties in 5 of her planets and probably 7 of her zones but without a time we can't say exactly which ones.

This aspect pattern can be broken down into parts:

  •       Sun conjunct Mercury – Mercury is the runner of course, Mercury (Achilles) had wings on his heels. The Sun as I already said in other posts “always wants to come up a gold-medal winner in life” (Bil Tierney), it is our purpose, what we are striving to become. Mercury in the sky never runs too far away from the Sun, it just goes round and round it really fast. This aspect occurs relatively frequently in people’s charts and indicates a particular ability to communicate and organize facts. 
  •       This Mercury Sun connection is also in a tight embrace with Venus, Goddess of Beauty, Harmony, and Love. Venus is the acceptable pleasing face, the appearance. No wonder then that Jess Ennis's face became the face of the games. Her core purpose, the thing she is driving towards, on Saturday 4th August 2012 found an outlet and was released to an outpouring of love from the British people. 
  •       This Sun, Mercury and Venus are all placed in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of ‘Everyman and Everywoman’ – we are her and she is us, "One for all and all for one" is a very Aquarian motto. 
  •       Pluto, Lord of the Underworld is challenging and exerting continual pressure upon this Aquarian trio; it forms a square. Square aspects do not feel easy, they are not meant to, they are there to push us over our inner inertia and out through our comfort zone. A square will press, press, and keep on pressing our buttons, creating a constant inner bell that won’t stop. It ramps up the pressure.
  •       Saturn, Lord of Discipline, Structure and Limits is casting an easy trine to this Sun, Mercury, Venus trio. Saturn here will keep a restraining eye on its charge, making sure that she doesn’t get too arrogant or swig from the bottle of Hubris. Saturn will provide her with an acute sense of timing and rhythm. She will get the tempo and pace just perfectly. Most of all she will be able to apply a very healthy dose of self discipline and which will inform her ambition. 
  •       Importantly this large planetary complex was being activated on the 3rd and 4th of August 2012 and the focus was Ennis's Venus, her face, and a Nation's love. The nearest Full Moon to this date occurred on the 2nd August (see Relax in the Full Moonshine  ) This beneficial and beautiful full moon was beaming out its gifts and shone EXACTLY on her 10 degree Venus in Aquarius. It perfectly lit the scene. Then on the final night the gold medal was hung around her neck in the Olympic Stadium and the British nation exploded with exultant happiness, Jupiter the God of Luck and Largesse EXACTLY lit her 10 degree Aquarius Venus. The Olympic flame was lit - Jupiter positioned in the sky at 10 degrees Gemini – forming a perfect trine to Jessica Ennis’s Venus. Sweetness indeed, and for a short while at least a well earned indulgence in Jupitarian excess.
      Jessica Ennis's time in the spotlight may not be compleatly over as she may be persuaded to compete in the 100 metre hurdles. Her time in this heptathlon hurdles would have won the Gold in the last Olympics.
Jess Ennis Crowd pleaser Hyde Park
    Mo Farah: born 23rd March 1983, Mogadishu, Somalia time unknown: 
      One of those athletes involved in the British Goldrush on Super Saturday was Mo Farah. Mo's father was born in Britian but during a holiday to Somalia he met Mo’s mother and Mo was born in Somalia. When he was 8 years old he moved to Britain. 
      Mo struggled, as his grasp of the English language was non-existant and he wanted to concentrate all of his energy on sport, football being his main passion. Mo is a Sun sign Aries (see Chad Le Clos and Hikato), so he is full of energy, verve, passion to win and be number one. As I said about Jessica, the Sun “always wants to come up a gold-medal winner in life”. Mo Farah's adrenaline fueled Sun is given a massive boost by the fact that it is receiving a trine from Jupiter, Planet of Luck and Massiveness. This Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius; Jupiter’s own sign, which means it feels good and functions at a strong level.
      It is also conjunct or holding hands with Uranus, Planet of Individuality and Genius. In the post Phelps & Lochte the combination of Jupiter with Uranus indicates relief, blessings and breakthrough. Trines are aspects that tend to move things along speedily; they hold a gift, and link planets together so that they communicate with ease and smoothness. As with Chad le Clos, Mo also has a Sun Uranus contact, which can be a terror to control, our will power, our centre, our life purpose is impacted by Uranus the somewhat wayward, maverick and topsy turvy planet. Where Chad has an awkward square, Mo has them as a trine, which is much easier to handle. This Uranus is in the sign of Sagittarius a sign that loves to run, its symbol is the centaur half-man half horse, and so they love to gallop off, preferably hunting something (like a Gold medal) since it is the mythical Archer. 
      This Arien Sun and Sagittarian Jupiter Uranus complex was being activated on 4th August 2012 by Jupiter itself. Jupiter as Zeus is the King of the Gods and he entered the arena and  spurred Mo forward, and probably giving him a helping hand into the bargain. Jupiter was at 10 degrees Gemini, which exactly opposes his natal Jupiter which sits at 10 degrees Sagittarius. In fact it was akin to the starting gun going off, and off he ran. As wonderful as his Gold medal was, Jupiter moving through the sign of Gemini the Twins will still be hanging around his Jupiter in September of this year – the month Mo’s wife will give birth to twins. Jupiter delivering twins, largesse indeed.
     Here is his chart:
     Mo Farah was triumphant in the 10,000 metre race which was the climax to Team  GB's Super Saturday, another dazzling display of high drama at London 2012. 
      credits: daily mail & reuters
      posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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