Tuesday 7 August 2012

Venus In Cancer Bathes In The Emotion Ocean

After her long travel through the air sign of Gemini, beginning in early April 2012 Venus exits the dual sign of The Twins and takes a dip in the waters of Cancer on August 7th 2012. She will be bathing for the whole month before she steps out into the fiery light of Leo to sunbathe.
X Olympiad Venus in Cancer
A word about Venus, (see Venus Come Out Of Your Shell) basically she likes to indulge. Feeding the body, anointing it, making it look, smell and feel nice is what she is about. There are other things she loves, such as beauty in all it's forms, an appreciation of the finer things, obviously, relationships, money and fairness all these things come under Venus desires. A run through that list gives us a clue on just how fundamental she is and how central she is to our lives. Love and Money. Get those two things sorted out and most people feel they have a good handle on life. You can deny one but it is unusual to deny both.
Venus has been intellectualising for the past few months and has got us around to this way of thinking. We have been thinking stuff through about all our Venus topics due to the Retrograde motion of Venus, for most this has been hard going, it's been hard going backwards then forwards, over the same ground. We have been made to re-examine stuff we thought was probably finished, re-evaluate what we thought we had sorted out but then discovered there was something forgotten which needed some more thought. 
Barack Obama Venus in Cancer & his Grandfather
Thoughtful re-thinking and re-evaluating usually led to some real stressing and worrying. Our Gemini house and/or planets went through a thorough examination and questioning as well. Many of us felt we had been put into detention, made to think over and over again about our actions and whatever was symbolised by the Gemini parts of our charts.
Ahh!!!..... but now Ahh…. Enjoy, Venus is slipping into the deep waters ruled by the sign of Cancer the Crab. She is bathing herself and she is taking with her some lovely bubbly, scented luxury bath products. We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more ‘slushy’ we may become more emotional and feel more gooey. Before we get too carried away it may also be the case that we get much more protective, territorial, defensive, and touchy. Our feelings may be too sensitive and we could feel more easily hurt. Whereas, for the past few months, to cover hurt, we may have rushed into ‘busying’ ourselves as distraction and intellectualising ourselves out of our feelings. Now we may just cry. Or just lash out.
Natalie Portman Venus in Cancer
Whilst everyone is experiencing ‘Venus in Cancer’ all over the globe - patriotism and homeland is Cancerian and the gladiatorial Olympic Games in London, will conclude during this time.
Another 'Olympic Royal Family'
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Cancer-attuned’ like family and home or homeland. Where is our Cancer antenna? Like the crab with it’s eyes out on stalks picking up the slighted vibration in the water signaling food, we too have degrees in our birth chart which looks out for any Cancer vibration.
Three Friends all Venus in Cancer
If you have Cancer spanning the 7th zone or house and you have a partner then it could be that your partner needs some special care, nurturing and attention, or you both feel sensitive and security focused. If you are single then, to be blunt, you might not be come the beginning of September!
Cancer spanning the 9th - are you due to travel or go on holiday? The chances are high that with Venus on your back urging you take your pleasure and enjoy your vacation, you may attract quite a bit of attention and appreciative glances and interactions, that’s one way of saying you could have a holiday romance.
If you, like me, are a Sun sign Cancerian, then – hey this stuff is easy right? Well yes, but to a point, even we Cancerians can struggle with too much water, we need a little air to breathe, earth to run on and fire to warm and guide us. That being said, the long journey of Venus in Gemini may have many of us with Cancer planets saying ‘enough already I want a cuddle’. Go get a that cuddle, or run a bath, pour in the smellies, and just SOAK.

(Dustin Hoffman Venus in Cancer)
credits: daily mail
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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