Thursday 23 August 2012

Sun in Virgo Diamonds In The Details

The Sun steps out into the cooler fields of Earthy Virgo and finds a good deal of relief and sustenance there as it edges its way along the verdant and solid Virgoan earth horizon. On August 22nd 2012 the Sun traveller moves country, as it does every month, this time it passes over the border from the heat and tempest of dramatic Leo and steps out into the swaying wheat fields of Earthy Virgo.
There is a subtle muting here, most welcome after the ferocity and vibrancy of the Sun traveller's last month where colours were so evident, whether waved as flags or worn with pride. Here though, there is a quietening, a modesty, an averted eye, a getting on with business. As we all journey with the Sun, we will all move into Virgo 'Perfect Place'. We find life takes a different turn and we will notice it has a different feel to the one we just passed through. Now the play, the experimentation, the childlike need to express ourselves becomes rather more serious, more ‘grown-up’. 
Sean Connery Sun in Virgo (Sean Connery Filmhouse Edinburgh)
School uniforms, stationary and pencil cases, homework and an increase in the processing and assimilating of new information awaits us. We are expectant, a bit anxious, but scrubbed up and ready to tackle the next level. We are prepared, because somewhere in our guts we KNOW that we are about to be tested. 
Warren Buffett Sun in Virgo
Next years harvest may just depend on us getting our sums correct right now. We need to consider the questions and try and to find our own answers for them. We need to attend to the essential details and we also need to decide what we truly value.

Paulo Coehlo Sun 0 degrees Virgo 
Virgo the sign of purity, integrity, selection and improvement, all dry sounding words, cool, but possessing a tinge of sterility. Virgo’s do indeed suffer under a general consensus that they can be seen as ‘nit-picking’ critical, over perfectionist and frugal. 
Edith Sitwell Sun in Virgo
                                      Extract from her poem Answers:                                                
                                      I kept my answers small and kept them near;
                                      Big questions bruised my mind but still I let
                                      Small answers be a bullwark to my fear.
                                      The huge abstractions I kept from the light;
                                      Small things I handled and caressed and loved.
                                               I let the stars assume the whole of night
Where is the lushness in all of this? 
Beyonce Knowles Sun in Virgo
Ah, but Virgo is an Earth sign, and earth is sensuality itself. The Earth feeds us, it enriches us, it nurtures and sustains. It will enchant and uplift with its spectacular beauty, inspiring us as if it were fire. But its not fire, here today, gone tomorrow, it is not air, here there and everywhere and it is not water forever changing its shape, it is earth. Earth we can see it, taste it, touch it, we can trust it will always be there beneath our feet even if we are temporarily swimming in the sea or floating in the air in a plane, we know where we are with earth, wherever we are.
Ed Mitchell Sun in Virgo
Plus Virgo is a Mutable sign so it is continually moving, shifting and adjusting. 
Virgo energy can remind us that there is still much to do and ‘many miles before we sleep’ something Pisces, Virgo’s opposite number, knows all about. Don’t put up with what is low-grade, don’t suffer in silence the under-performing service, don’t turn a blind eye to the sub-standard, with a little bit of will power and intention we can all shift up a level. All it needs is a slight correction perhaps the merest alteration and then we have 'the sweet-spot' the perfect place and something of value
Anthony Gormley Sun in Virgo
And Virgo can spot it, it ‘eye-spys it’ just in time, we can trust this instinct. On the railways one slight shift in the signal box, a twitch, a reflex and the tracks will change sending a train either North or South. The power to alter this course lies with the signals operators, not the engine. 
Ferdinand Porche Sun in Virgo
Virgo people and energy can be over looked and bypassed as we scour the sky for the big stories and hoover up all the powerful action dominated dramas. 
This is a BIG mistake.
Prince Harry Sun in Virgo
Virgo will always surprise us with its ruling planet being the playful trickster Mercury. Combined with its 'earthy' sensuality this can make for contradictory, incongruent and often surprisingly non-conformist and unconventional behaviours.
Writing is a favoured Virgonian occupation with plenty of Sun in Virgo writers to testify to this and perhaps when they are not writing they are probably reading.
Leo Tolstoy Sun in Virgo
'One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and nature shall not be broken'
Virgo energy pours down to us through the Sun’s rays, we soak it up whether we are indoors, outdoors, sleeping or waking, we are saturated in its helpful, practical, discriminating, healing and at times downright quirky, balm. 
Peter Sellers Sun in Virgo
spiral is found in a flower, a galaxy and in the double helix of our DNA. It may well be that we need only to look inside a flower to find the whole universe. Virgo investigates the minor to find the major, it reveals the similar so that we may know the unknown.
Uluru Abroginal Spiral
The zone's presided over by Virgo in our lives will start to undergo their annual ‘spit ‘n polish’ it will shine and glisten, but not after a little spring/autumn clean and clear out. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Virgo energy then they too will get a lift, if you are Venus in Virgo then the way you relate and how you receive love and money will get a boost and feel slightly chipper.  
Sun in Virgo time (end of August-September) is a time to bring in the harvest, check the stores and crunch the numbers so that this time next year we can all have those parties, holidays and good times we all enjoy once again.
credits: richard murphy architects & nasa & national geographic Brendan Zachary & Getty Images & BBC
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs