Sunday 2 September 2012

Mercury in Virgo: Postcards from a Discerning Mind

Film Director & Photographer Wim Wenders Mercury in Virgo - 'Pictures Of The Surface Of The Earth'
Mercury moved country on 1st September 2012 from the burning heat and passion of Leo country (Mercury Direct - Shake Out Our Maneframes) into the dry, cooling ground of the wheat fields, meadows and pampas of earthy Virgo terrain. Mercury joins the Sun (Virgo Sun Diamonds In The Details) but will take up residence in Virgo only until the 17th September 2012.
Mercury is fleet of foot but this 'flying visit' is even a short stay for 'him'!
Photographer Henri Cartier Bresson Mercury in Virgo 'The Decisive Moment'
Whenever Mercury changes sign, we need to learn a whole new language and adapt to completely different customs to the ones we have become used to and familiar with. Mercury affects the way we process and deal with information. In other words: how we talk, think, chat, twitter, blog, text, write, read, listen and learn and Virgo is the most intellectual, communicative earth sign. In astrology terms Mercury in Virgo is 'exalted' and will be incisive in its function, working at its best with real focused attention. Its a super-charged Mercury, refining, defining, making the simple complex and the complex simple.
Sculptor Henry Moore Mercury in Virgo
Poet Laureate Ted Hughes Mercury in Virgo
 'Words that will express something of the deep complexity that makes us precisely the way we are, from the momentary effect of the barometer to the force that created men distinct from trees. – Ted Hughes

It is possible that whilst Mercury was in hotheaded Leo during the last month, many of us noticed we had to switch our tuning to ‘me’ mode, we had to speak and think more forcefully, more passionately. We had to learn things by action, by ‘doing it ourselves’. Journeys and communications could have been for fun or linked to something we are passionate about and may well have involved expressing ourselves. We were out to impress. However, just as we have got halfway used to this style of speaking and thinking we will suddenly find ourselves in what appears to be a foreign country where everyone asks us to speak more carefully, look more closely and think about what you are saying. Mercury’s fleet of foot ways could have found great delight to be able to play so much in Leo, but now we must flex our mental 'muscle'. Being adaptable is Mercury's middle name - it will adjust - we will adjust and find the new angle. It may well be with Mercury in Virgo some of our efforts may go unnoticed but we will be noticed when we think of ways to be more effective, be more discerning.  

English Chemist John Dalton Mercury in Virgo colourblind himself, identified various type of colour blindness
(1895 test above)
Welcome to Mercury in Virgo the Virgin, as it restlessly investigates, questions and examines everything in it's path, the playtime of the last couple of weeks is over.

Singer Madonna Mercury in Virgo
In other words whilst Mercury is in Virgo you really need to increase the precision and integrity about what and how you want to communicate. You need to push the levels of detail, up the exactitude, correct the mistakes. Go on – get your message spot-on.
Stephen Fry Mercury in Virgo - 'True identity resides in language'.. it makes you truly individual
You will notice the difference... you will notice the change from Mercury in Leo to Mercury in Virgo as you know the difference between fire and earth, night and day. 

You and others around you, remember we are all feeling Mercury’s shift, will seem exacting and more precise. Everything will seem a lot more cautious and safe on many levels. Mark your calendar, set the date and know, ahead of time, that for the next couple of weeks you and every single person on this precious planet of ours will be mentally, processing in detailed, accurate and rational ways and, oh did I mention, we can also be a teeny weeny bit more critical! Mercury in Virgo is intent on creating perfection. We may have to learn that perfection is in the mistakes and distortion in the perfection.
Writer Mary Shelley Mercury in Virgo 
'A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility. I do not think that the pursuit of knowledge is an exception to this rule... Dr Victor Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (married to poet Percy Bysshe Shelley also Mercury in Virgo 'a souls joy lies in doing..')
Your children, your friends, Twitter, partners, teachers, bosses, next door neighbours, heads of state, the person sitting next to you on the bus and of course, you… will be a little more nit-picking, observant, correct and will not be just ‘up for the craic’ (hanging out, gossip, chit chat). We will all be more self-monitoring, helpful and discriminating in what we have to say, we will want to get things right, and this could lead to intellectual battle of wits, in the best case scenarios or bitter disagreements in the worst.
Pussy Riot band members imprisonment Yekaterina Samutsevich Mercury in Virgo in middle
With this Mercury – our communictions are about to get more logical - for good or bad.

We will all feel this change, this mental shift but you may ask, how does it affect me specifically? Well, the sign of Virgo sits somewhere in your birth chart, even if you do not have any planets in this sign. You always have Virgo county somewhere in your psyche. It is this Virgo zone which is having Mercury as a house guest. This is where you will have to be more accommodating, shake out the duvet and put out a vase of fresh flowers.
Dr Edward Bach physician & homeopath devised a series of flower remedies
'They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness....A healthy mind is key to recovery...everyone has a purpose in life, but often got lost on the way.. Dr Edward Bach, The Bach Centre

Welcome your mercurial visitor and make 'it' feel at home.
Creator/writer of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes Mercury in Virgo
If you know where your ‘Virgo country' is then slow down and put your full attention to it. It is here that you may be trying to 'make right' to make perfect. Take time regarding the issues affected in that part of your chart. For instance, Virgo may be in 4th house of ‘Home & Family’ in which case Mercury here will probably prompt you to think about and plan those changes to your home that have subconsciously irked you for so long. Making the adjustments will now probably go like clockwork. Or is Virgo pulling at your Mars, if so maybe these few weeks will get you researching the right diet or exercise schedule or is in in your 9th house, where you have the whole world and beyond to investigate......
Writer/Broadcaster HG Wells Mercury in Virgo 
Make the most of your clarity and act on the self-improving urges now clamoring to have outward expression. Your communication’s have the potential now to really help and serve both yourself and others, you want stuff to be BETTER - and making the corrections will be really important at this time. Connect with that part of you which so deeply wants improvement. Let it show itself and be clear with others who have the strength of mind, along with you, to get to the heart of the matter.
Playwright Harold Pinter Mercury in Virgo 'who uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppressions closed rooms'
Singer Amy Winehouse Mercury in Virgo singing Dinah Washington Mercury in Virgo
credits: radio times & guardian & henry moore & foundation/tate & the Economist & wikipedia 
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