Thursday 6 September 2012

Venus in Leo - What A Drama

Louis XIV of France Venus in Leo - 'The Sun King' (Le Roi Soliel) Palace de Versailles
Venus exits the emotional sign of The Crab and paces about in the creative juices of Leo from September 6th 2012. After her long travel through the water sign of Cancer, beginning in early August 2012, she will be roaming 'round in Leo for the rest of the month before she steps out into the cooling earthy fields of Virgo to find new sources of nourishment.
A word about Venus, (Venus Come Out Of Your Shell) well basically she likes to indulge. Feeding the body, bathing it, anointing it, making it look, smell and feel nice is what she is about. There are other things she loves, such as beauty in all it's forms and an appreciation of the finer things in life. 
Designer Coco Chanel Venus in Leo 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same' Coco Chanel
Film Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Venus in Leo - Chanel No.5 advert
Obviously Venus loves relationships and wants to be swept away in romantic style. 
Actress Lauren Bacall Venus in Leo
Apart from being 'fair of face' the fairness part of the Venus desire will extend to justice. However, Venus is also about values and therefore money. A run through our list of Venus desires will give us a clue on just how fundamental Venus values are to our sensibilities and how central they are to our lives. Love and Money are two major areas of life that most people feel they need to sort out in order to be happy. Even if you deny one it is unusual to deny both.
Actress Gena Rowlands Venus in Leo
Venus has been emoting in the water sign of Cancer for the past month and has got all of us around to its way of feeling - attending to the body by feeling what is wrong both within ourselves and with others. Be sensitive, get that message she urges, that is the way you can give and receive. Venus Bathes In The Emotion Ocean.
The high levels of sensitivity and defensiveness may have led to some real heart searching and gut wrenching, our tummies feeling the pinch and taking the brunt. Our Cancer house and/or planets went through a through wash cycle and may have resulted in some shrinkage or colour runs and bleeds into one another. For some of us it may have got quite emotionally messy. Ahh!!!...but now watch out…
Director Stanley Kubrick, actress Nicole Kidman was married to actor Tom Cruise all three Venus in Leo
(film Eyes Wide Shut)
Venus is out to party in the fiery, dramatic and passionate sign of Leo the Lion. Venus here luxuriates, she stretchs, she languishes she is served on to (this description could get really out of hand at this point as this is my own Venus sign so I may tend to over egg it’s positives) 
Venus gracefully moves into the vivid colours, theatrical costume, and vibrancy of this royal fire sign. We will dress to impress and exude enough charisma to make sure we get what we desire.
Singer Madonna Venus in Leo
We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more dramatic or over the top we may become more persistent with what we want as well as creative. 
Scottish Engineer John Logie Baird Venus in Leo Invented Worlds 1st Television System
Before we get too carried away it may also be the case that we have the potential to get much more argumentative, narcissistic, childish, and fixated. If things don’t go our way we may resort to out and out flouncing, creating mountains out of molehills and generally being a diva-without-a-cause. Whereas, for the past month, to cover hurt, we may have had a heart to heart, got cuddly and did whatever we could to regain intimacy, now we may just create a storm in a teacup and storm off….
Actor Malcolm McDowell Venus in Leo in A Clockwork Orange
'the most terrfying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we come to terms with this indifference, than our existence as a species can have genuine meaning.

However vast the darkness we must supply our own light' Stanley Kubrick
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where we are individually ‘Leo-attuned’, we all have degrees in our birth chart which attracts and looks out for any Leo vibration. Where is your Leo sense of drama?
Artist Andy Warhol Venus in Leo
If you have Leo spanning the 9th zone or house, for example and you want to start a course of study, travel or get something published for instance, chances are you will play around with ideas and really enjoy the process.
Writer George Orwell 'Big Brother' is watching you (1984)
If is Leo spanning your 2nd house, are you due to make a big purchase? The chances are high that with Venus on your back urging you take your pleasures and enjoy yourself it is not that likely you will apply much restraint.
Architect Antoni Gaudi Venus in Leo
If you are a Sun sign Leo then, hey this stuff is easy right? Well yes, but to a point, even entertaining Leos need ‘down-time’ to recharge and get themselves back ready for the show. Overall, all our creative urges will be stronger, our wish to impress and charm will be high and our need for acknowledgement and recognition will sky rocket. I guess we will have to respect the need to shine in each other and therefore treat one another as we wish to be treated. Maybe then we can all find our place centre stage in the Leo sunshine. 
Up the theatricality, pump up the drama and flamboyance and see what happens.
credits imbd & filmonic & wikipedia 
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs 

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