Tuesday 9 October 2012

Venus in Virgo - Perfect Images & Clear Reflections

Artist Marcel Duchamp - Venus in Virgo
The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.'  Duchamp left art and devoted his life to chess.
After her dramatic transit through the fiery terrain of Leo, from October 3rd 2012, Venus carefully steps out onto the cooling earth of a Virgo landscape to find new sources of nourishment. She will spend her time sifting, sorting and gathering in Virgo until the end of October when she will waft into a Libra breeze.
A word about Venus, (Venus Come Out Of Your Shell) basically she likes to indulge. Feeding the body, making it look, smell and feel lovely. There are other things she loves such as beauty in all it's glorious forms and she has an acute appreciation of the finer things in life. Obviously Venus is all about relationships but other values such as money and fairness will be part of her list of desires. A run through the value catalogue in our personal life will give us a clue on just how fundamental Venus is and how central a role she plays in our lives. Getting a good handle on life will mean regularly spanning the twin pillars of Love and Money. Denying one and we begin to notice but we can never deny both long term and not notice.
Poet Sylvia Plath - Venus in Virgo
'Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing'
Venus has been basking for the past month in Leo and has got all of us used to this way of being. Attending to the little luxuries in life, pleasing ourselves a little more and low and behold we noticed that we were pleasing and delighting others. We also tried being more creative, indulging more in the fabulous and stretching ourselves. Well Virgo is running the itinerary now and this is going to be quite a different straightening out and cleaning up operation.
Artist Mark Rothko - Venus in VirgoA week after Edvard Munch’s The Scream broke art auction records, Rothko's Orange, Red, Yellow achieved $87 million/£53.8 million at Christie's New York, the highest auction total for contemporary art.
Ironically, just as Venus moved from Leo into Virgo one of Rothko's murals was defaced.
Mark Rothko's Black On Maroon 1958 canvas at the Tate Modern was defaced by Vladimir Umanets co-founder of 'Yellowism' (a movement with no creative content) saying that he had 'improved' the work and raised its value. 7th October 2012
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Virgo wants us to apply out attention to tangible matters such as our health, our all 'round efficiency, and lets not forget our orderliness. Stop all that self-indulgence, now is the time to help someone else out, get your attention off just pleasures and onto our work. See that play area you have spread out and luxuriated in, well how about tiding and organising it? After all don’t you want to show that off? How ‘sorted out’ are matters connected to your Virgo house and/or planets? Are they functioning as well as they could, or is there room for improvement? Make a list. Make an assembly line.
Motor Mogul Henry Ford - Venus in Virgo
The Model T Ford was built on the new assembly line, the setting for mass production efficiency in order to sell cars to the mass market.
To feed his mass work force he housed everything under one roof setting up early supermarkets
We will all have a month where we can get a bit more ‘nit-picky’ in our relationships or even get a bit more distant. People may seem as if they are creeping away from us but then again others could see you in that way as well. We may also need some time away to process and deal with 'stuff' and in order to do this we just need to get a bit of distance and a bit of perspective. Time alone may come to be cherished time spent doing what needs to be done. After all there is so much to get right and to do better we really must minimize all those distractions.
Actor Aksel Hennie - Venus in Virgo
from black comedy thriller Headhunters

Before we get too carried away with our smug new efficiency regimes lets remember that it may also be the case that we could also get much more critical, perfectionist and isolated. If things don’t go our way we may resort to a pedantic highlighting of missed details followed by long descriptions of how it can be done better.
Now we really want to trim everything down perhaps beginning with our bodies. 
Yes we all love sensuality but now we can also appreciate functionality. Ok, so everything smells nice and fragrant but is it really clean and does it have clean lines?
Architect Le Corbusier - Venus in Virgo a pioneer of modern design ideas who was also dedicated to providing better living conditions for the residents of crowded cities.
For the past month, to cover our hurts, we could have resorted to flouncing out in the middle of the fray or dug deep into an argument when a simple apology would have been sufficient. Well now we will probably just absent ourselves and start making a huge racket reorganising a kitchen cupboard and re-lining the shelves. Hmm, come to think about it, could be so much more useful in the end.
Key to understanding what is going on in ourselves is to find out where we are ‘Virgo-attuned’. We all have degrees in our birth chart which actually look out for any passing Virgo vibrations. Your Virgo antenna cannot wait to locate this ordered area and get to work. A far-fetched idea for some of us perhaps but a reality soon. For example, if you have Virgo spanning the 4th zone or house you may want to start reorganizing your living space or researching your genealogy and drawing up a family tree or sorting out your garden or yard for instance. The chances are high that you will now really enjoy the process. (Glimmers Of Perfect Light - New Moon In Virgo)
Writer Emily Bronte - Venus in Virgo
Drawn by her brother Branwell she was part of the famous Bronte Literary Family 
and she wrote one of the best known love stories Wuthering Heights
Virgo spanning the 1st house will get you thinking about sprucing up your appearance or organizing your personal space or ‘territory’. Personal space can be in your office or home anywhere you call your own, your desk, your car, your shed, your bike or your boat, go on give it a good old spit and polish.

Actress Audrey Tautou - Venus in Virgo & Actor/Director Mathieu Kassovitz - Venus in Virgo 
Let's go through the plan then. For starters - up the culling of the frou-frou, whittle down to basics, scrape through until you reach the essential - just amp up this thinning out process all around and pump up the cleaning products and see what happens. Clean and clear, ok, put on your Virgo sorting hat and get into Virgo's head.(Mercury in Virgo - Postcards From A Discerning Mind)
Writer J K Rowling - Venus in Virgo
If you are a Venus or Sun sign Virgo then, hey this stuff is easy, well yes but to a point. Even perfectionist, sorted out, clever Virgo's need ‘down-time’ to recharge and get their mind and bodies back and ready for duty.(Virgo Sun Diamonds in the Details).  

Overall, our ability to get straight to the heart of the matter and clear the wheat from the chaff will be strong and also our wish to serve and help others will rocket. If we all treat each other as we wish to be treated all our relationships will improve.
Singer/Songwriter PJ Harvey - Venus in Virgo
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