Wednesday 10 October 2012

Mercury in Scorpio - Postcards from a Intense Mind

Performance Artist Marina Abramovic - Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury moved country on 5th October 2012 from the restless, stirring updrafts of cool airy Libra terrain (Mercury in Libra - Postcards From A Refined Mind) and slid into the dark and churning waters of Scorpio. Here it will take up residence until the 29th October 2012. This ‘Tricky Dicky’ Mercury will go Retrograde on 6th November however and on the 14th November it will ‘re-enter’ Scorpio until the 11th December 2012. In effect Mercury will be in Scorpio for about 7 obsessive weeks in total. Plenty of time for long term surveillance plans to be set up, all superficiality to be seared through and suspicion to be highly aroused. As with the scorpion we will all have to adapt to this new terrain and get to grips with what it means for us. Is it about paranoia, acute instinct and sensitivity or harsh, cutting communications or is it about confidences and secrets. Remember Mercury goes Retrograde quite regularly and the effects of this can rattle even the most organized and prepared amongst us. (Scribbles & Moonwalks Mercury Rx) Things sometimes are not the way we remembered them.

Actor Guy Pearce - Mercury in Scorpio
When Mercury changes sign, we need to learn a whole new language and we have to adapt to completely different customs to the ones we have become familiar and comfortable. Mercury will effect the way we process and deal with information, how we talk, think, Tweet, text, write, read, listen and learn. Scorpio is highly perceptive, insightful and relentless. Mercury in Scorpio will instantly grasp the nettle and when necessary has few qualms with waving ‘its stinger’ in our face or brushing it over our skin in order to provoke a reaction. We may come up blotchy and itchy but it makes us rapidly search for the cure, the dock leaf that must be growing nearby. Mercury in Scorpio says ‘yes here is the bitter truth, go find the remedy; it is closer than you think if only you look’ and use your instincts. You can be assured that Mercury in Scorpio is big on using instincts, that is if the interrogations have not worked.
Actor Roger Moore - Mercury in Scorpio
James Bond (1973-1985) - 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of Bond films
It is possible that whilst Mercury was in 'both sides now' Libra during the last month, many of us noticed we had to switch our dials and tune in to ‘smile and wave’ mode, we had to speak and think more charmingly, more diplomatically. We had to learn things by constant rearrangement so that a balance and harmony could be found. Journeys and communications could have been pleasant, idealized and cultivated. However, just as we have got halfway used to this style of communication, speaking and thinking in more measured tones we will suddenly find ourselves in a foreign country where everyone asks us to speak more honestly, to really mean what we say rather than to adjusting our language just to please. Say the hard things and mean what you say. Mercury’s fleeting foot ways could have found great delight in being able to learn about both sides of a debate or argument, but now we must flex the firm muscles of our uncompromising voice. We may snarl. We must speak emotionally. We will have to communicate from our guts sometimes and trust our intuition. 
Singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley - Mercury in Scorpio
Being adaptable is Mercury's penchant - so it will adjust - we will all adjust and find strength in this new angle. It may well be with Mercury in Scorpio some of our efforts to get to the heart of the matter will stir up more sediment and detritus which could also obscure our vision. Our emotions may get the better of our heads and hearts but we will know what is right in our ‘guts’ and we will know what is wrong.
Rapper Eminem - Mercury in Scorpio
Welcome to Mercury in Scorpio, the scorpion, as it carefully sits and watchs..and waits…then strikes! but only if required. It would prefer to sit, watch and wait in the warm sun than attack!….but only if required then sometimes, well….you will need more than a dock leaf to antidote that kind of sting.
Alfred Noble - Mercury in Scorpio
Inventor of Dynamite & 350 different patents
An arms manufacturer that used his fortune to posthumously set up the Nobel Prizes
You will notice the difference and note the change from Mercury in Libra to Mercury in Scorpio as you experience the difference between air and water and night and day. 
We are all feeling Mercury’s shift. You or those around you will seem a little more inscrutable and sometimes even mysterious. 
It will be hard to gauge what exactly is going on as everyone will be more cautious and even a bit suspicious at times. As the levels of ‘caginess’ get higher so does the potential for paranoia and of course, experienced en masse and globally, this is not good. For the next couple of weeks you and every single person on the planet will be mentally processing in a more secretive and subjective way making us all a little bit more defensive and closed. We can also be a lot more controlling and a lot more obsessive. Mercury in Scorpio is intent on digging out buried material, searing through the layers of plaster and veneer to get to the authentic treasure underneath. Often this is quite inconvenient, uncomfortable and will involve quite a lot of mess to bring out in the open and to clear up.

Physician & Writer Deepak Chopra - Mercury in Scorpio
Conversations which would ordinarily pass by as mundane now may seem as if we are undergoing a form of laser surgery of the mind without anaesthetic. 'What did you really mean when you said that?', unconvinced by our self protective ramblings and defensive postures. Scorpio wants to prize out the underlying motives, it wants to scorch the superficial to reveal our authentic fascia. Scorpio is uncompromising and relentless and at best not very restful. It is worth remembering that it is usual to be defensive if you are under attack, usual and useful.

Actress Demi Moore - Mercury in Scorpio
Nevertheless, our children, our friends, our partners, teachers, bosses, next door neighbours, heads of state, the person sitting next to you on the train and of course, you will be a little more secretive, suspicious, insightful and frankly, uncompromising at this time. Oh and our thoughts and conversations will plunge into the mysterious waters of sex, death and 'what the butler saw' more than usual. In other words ‘we will go there’ and we won’t give up that easily. Sometimes it will be the media or news bringing us salacious secrets thrown to the four winds, carefully guarded reputations blown apart and scandals dragging us into a labyrinth of secrets and lies. Scorpios are the detectives of the zodiac and once engaged the prey is remorselessly pursued. With Mercury in Scorpio once we get an idea in our heads we will be remarkably stubborn and obsessed about it.
With this Mercury our communications are about to get more deep for good or bad.

Occultist Aleister Crowley - Mercury in Scorpio
How does this mental shift effect us specifically? Well, the sign of Scorpio sits somewhere in our birth charts even if you do not have any planets in this sign. You always have Scorpio county somewhere in your psyche and it is this Scorpio zone which is having Mercury as its house guest. This is where you will have to adjust to accommodate and entertain your intriguing and inquisitive guest with style.
Artist Georgia O'Keefe - Mercury in Scorpio
If you know where your ‘Scorpio country' then you can already slow down and put your full attention onto it. It is here that you may be trying to uncover something that has been closed to you or just get to the bottom of something nagging at the back of your mind. Take time regarding the issues affected in that part of your chart. For instance, Scorpio may be in your 2nd house of ‘Money & Resources’ in which case Mercury here will probably prompt you to think about and plan changes which impact your bank balance. 
Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich - Mercury in Scorpio
net worth $17 billion approx
Or is Scorpio on your 7th house or zone of ‘Partnerships’ your plans could be on a major overhaul with your significant other. Making the adjustments will now probably go smoothly. Or is Scorpio pulling at your Venus, if so maybe these few weeks will get you thinking about deepening, or severing, your commitment to what you have previously valued and changing your style.

Artist Pablo Picasso - Mercury in Scorpio
Make the most of your facility to get a sense of what is going on and fearlessly pursue what needs to be done. Your communications have the potential now to really stir up th pot and get the juices flowing. Connect with that part of you which so deeply wants to ‘go’  deeper and don’t let the small matter of fear and dread halt your progress. You have a chance now to walk into the valley of ‘what have I let myself in for’ and bathe in the stream of ‘this looks scary but tempting’. Take a deep breath, hold your nose and dive under, you may even find a pearl. Think about jumping in deep, deep deeper, diving. Maybe you don't have to bring out the third degree to open up your mind.
Singer/Songwriter Gillian Welch - Mercury in Scorpio
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