Thursday 22 November 2012

Sun in Sagittarius - Big Time Adventures On Horseback

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On 21st November, 2012 the Sun traveller moved country, as it does every month. This time it emerges from the deep, dark waters of Scorpio where it had plunged for the last month right out into the frying pan heat of fiery, jovial Sagittarius. It feels good to warm ourselves here for a while, to get inspired and free-range a bit and perhaps enjoy setting  our eye on a goal or a target and hunting it down, after spending so much time being submerged and rather hidden. Now we can run more freely, play a little, test out and engage in our physicality, stretch our minds and give them a little work out as well.
Actor Kiefer Sutherland, 24's Jack Bauer has Sun in Sagittarius and is fascinated with horses,
'I did a lot of riding on Young Guns and I ended up getting a place in Montana. There's something where you get in a full gallop on a horse, not only are you in an act of faith with this animal, because it's trusting you as well, but there's a rhythm, unlike a trot, unlike a walk, that is so organic. The feeling is just unbelievable. So it grew out of that. I was riding horses eight hours a day making that film, with guns and cowboys and Indians. We were too young to know that the rest of our lives were not going to be this cool.'
There is a change from the cloaked, shielded shadows towards the distance horizon, a shift from the macro lens to the wide-angled perspective. We join the Sun traveller and stretch out our arms in welcome as the celestial cycle moves us all forward, leaving behind the remnants rays of last months Scorpio, now appearing a little too hidden and claustrophobic, a little too engulfing and much too watery an environment. 
Ex President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has Sun in Sagittarius
'We want big projects for the large country that is France. Sarkozy 'the outsider' the Camargue Cowboy
'21st November 2012 French news magazine L'Express reveal discovery of U.S. malware called 'Flame' used to hack into Sarkozy's office, introduced through Facebook, at the same time his UMP presidential campaign for 2017 is now clouded by a probe on alleged illegal campaign funds, donated by L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettancourt.
We now begin to encounter the Sagittarius solar flares, the furnace of evangelical zeal and the surety and confidence of unstoppable fire on a mission. Once its eye is set on its target Sagittarius will literally run and run and run and run and run and…….....

Film Mogul Steven Spielberg has Sun in Sagittarius spent 7 years on biopic Lincoln  was a contentious choice for keynote speaker at ceremonies marking the 149th anniversary of Lincoln's 'Gettysburg Address.'
'Documentaries are the first line of education and the second line of education is dramatisation..' 
Those of us with the Sun in Sagittarius know this statement to be true and think nothing of it because it is not only part of our nature, it is part of our mythology. 

As we journey with the Sun we all begin to see more of the big picture with more of a Sagittarius wide-eyed self belief. As we see the beckoning horizons and feel our restless feet begin to start stomp the ground. Like a horse preparing to engage, we pick up the scent, our muscles may twitch as our whole being is excited and prepares to set off on any journey and any adventure.
Actor Brad Pitt has Sun in Sagittarius
'This idea of perpetual happiness is crazy and overrated, because those dark moments fuel you for the next bright moments; each one helps you appreciate the other...I embrace the messiness of life, I find it so beautiful actually.'
Life takes a distinctly different turn from the one we have just passed through. Gone is last months subterfuge and suspicion, gone is the overwhelming and gut-wrenching obsessive series of desires, gone the surging, persuasive and powerful undercurrents. As idealism, grand visions and dreams start to dominate the landscape, we find that we have the energy to defend and assert our beliefs and principles. We can shout them from the rooftops if called upon, we will proselytise from the pulpits if needs must and teach whoever needs to learn en masse if necessary. We want everyone to know something, anything and everything. Before, in Scorpio we wanted to play our cards rather closer to our chests. Now we can not only reveal our hand and cross our fingers we could also have quite a few Aces up our sleeves and Lady Luck on our side.

Actress Julianne Moore has Sun in Sagittarius
 'When we’re children, we all want to grow up, and our parents tell us, take your time, take your time and you’ll grow up soon enough... often as adult women, you hear people say that they wish they were younger to which I say, enjoy where you are.. enjoy that year and every year that you have as long as you’re able.'
Confident, generous, brash, tactless and wildly optimistic, welcome to the vast plains of Sagittarius land. 

Sagittarius so desperately wants 'the whole world' to be a better place and for everyone to rise up out of the mire and proclaim loudly 'This is the way, this is good, come on lets rejoice'. Many times though the Sagittarius hopeful optimisms, its unbridled enthusiasms and unbreakable faith is disappointed. It opens it massive wild eyes and discovers that many others unfortunately want to remain in the mire for whatever reason. Sagittarius will shake this off with a never mind, a brief rethink and with quite possibly a shout at the moon or anything else and advances forward. The horse simply jumps the obstacle and gallops on.

Actress Jennifer Connelly has Sun in Sagittarius
'I dont always like my own behaviour. I haven't known anyone who is perfect all the time'
So what can we expect as Sagittarius energy goes 3D on wide screen? Whether we are indoors, in the great outdoors, sleeping, walking or riding high in the saddle, we will be affected. For this month we will all be saturated in this all pervasive philosophical, wise, humorous and exuberant solar powerhouse. We can expect to be much more upbeat, perhaps a little more casual, a little more laid back, a little bit more open to pushing the boundaries and many boats out and wanting to be a lot more adventurous.
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has Sun in Sagittarius
The zone's presided over by Sagittarius in our lives will start to undergo their annual party preparations. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Sagittarius energy then they will get a much needed lift. Venus in Sagittarius, the way you relate, the things you love and how you receive love and money will all feel buoyed and receive a real boost. If you have Mars here, you may well be called upon to assert, defend or clarify your beliefs or act on what you know to be ‘true’. For those of you with Sagittarius rising, you know who you are, you now experience a full on burst of optimism. As you look out at your future, at this time, it will seem much more positive and you will be much more hopeful. 
Actor Darryl Hannah has her Sun in Sagittarius, an outdoors person who prefers jeans and her rustic lifestyle
Actor David Carradine has his Sun in Sagittarius 'so I put on some jeans, cowboy boots..and a big heavy, black leather jacket from Kung Fu' The Legend
Sun in Sagittarius time, the end of November/December is about going that much further than we have gone before. It may be a time for exploring the edges of what is known and stretching past previous barriers. It is equally about learning as it is about teaching because we are eager to both impart and receive information and knowledge.
We may all find ourselves racing off with a new idea, or being taken by a scheme, or a different situation begins to look appealing. Perhaps a project gets us involved, or a person or group takes our eye and our attention because one way or another we are hungry for change. Whatever we do, however we behave, we will be sure to do it with a certain vigour and more belief and conviction. Just remember the person next to you is also receiving this boost of Sagittarius conviction from the heavens and is equally fuelled by the Sun asserting its ‘this is the way’ energy. Remember that after all is said and done, after we have packed our saddle bags, mapped out a few road trips, ridden the range and gone that extra mile, we could all ‘just be having a laugh’ or simply enjoy the big, beautiful open spaces for a while.
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