Tuesday 4 December 2012

Venus in Scorpio - Depth of Field

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has her Venus in Scorpio,
now endorsed by Warren Buffett to run for President 2016.
 On the 21st November, 2012 she brokered a ceasefire in Gaza, with Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas and Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi.(Hot Spots & Lightning Rods - Uranus/Pluto 2nd Square 

December 2012 farewell tour of Europe as Secretary of State, taking in, Czech Republic, heavily reliant on Russian fuel, Northern Ireland, still in disarray over the Union Jack vote and the flag being flown only on designated days and meeting with Pakistan Foreign Secretary in Hina Rabbani Khar in Brussels. She has also reaffirmed the 'red line' to Syrias use of chemical weapons and has talks with NATO allies to station Patriot missiles in Turkey to fend off attacks from Syria after and official request for help. 
After her charming travelogue through the abstract, airy terrain of Libra, from the 22nd November, 2012 Venus slid seductively into the dark, engulfing waters of Scorpio to find some new sources of stimulation and enchantment. She will spend her time beguiling and hypnotising whoever she greets here until the 16th of December, 2012, when she races off towards the edge of new frontiers on the horizon of Sagittarius wide open spaces.
Venus is hard wired to indulge the senses, feeding the body, anointing it and making it look, smell and feel good. ( Venus Come Out Of Your Shell). Venus also loves beauty in all it's many glorious forms. She shows appreciation of all the finer things of life, art, culture and social events. Above all Venus will concern herself with relationships, especially of the romantic kind but also business and social connections. Money and fairness are also major hotspots for Venus desires. It is very clear just how fundamental and central Venus is in our daily and aspirational life if we look at how love and money is working out for us. If only we can get those two things sorted most of us feel then we can get a really good handle on life. We may try to deny one of those drives but it is unusual to try to deny both or at least not intentionally.
Pakistans Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has her Venus in Scorpio
she has many fans and admirers for her looks alone and has been the subject of salicious gossip and rumours since she became part of the government in 2004. She has been linked to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's son, however,
 the claims are also believed to be part of a plot by the feared Inter-Service Intelligence agency to damage her reputation because she facilitated a UN investigation into thousands of missing people detained by the security forces.
Venus has been charming in Libra (Venus in Libra - Grace & Danger). She perfected the ‘smile and wave’ method to try and get what she wanted and for the past month has got all of us used to this way of being. We have probably been much more diplomatic and conscious of making sure we get the pleasantries and appearances perfect or at the least make sure that things looked more attractive. How very different it is  going to be now that slinky Scorpio is running the love and money show. The sound of many of us taking a deep breath and perhaps a last deep gulp of Libra airs and graces probably will echo and resound as we find ourselves before the Scorpio Venus gaze. Does Scorpio's reputation for passion, sex, dark desires and outright full on dirty dancing begin to stir something deep within us? Well good, because we all know that is exactly what it is supposed to do. Scorpio Venus wants intensity and needs us to apply our attention to intimacy in all its styles and various formulations. 
Scorpio also wants us to plunge the depths of everything, crisis, passions the profound and the hidden (Sun in Scorpio - Stare Into The Deep Shadows) Oh yes, Scorpio Venus will want us to prey and tease these things out from their hiding places, those dark corners and locked rooms. Scorpio Venus like any form of Scorpio concerns itself with Power. The need for it, highlighting the lack of it and gaining endless supplies of it. Venus in Scorpio can overly concern itself with gaining unlimited Power-aid and then also the surplus-storage of it and all its styles and covert and overt mechanisms. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin former KGB spy has Venus in Scorpio
Has got rid of critics who did not support a Kremlin backed law tightening controls on civil rights groups funded from abroad. Opponents say this is part of his campaign to suppress dissents as it forces non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who engage in 'political activity' to register as 'foreign agents'.
Power can come in may forms and with Venus the goddess of Love establishing her boudoir in Scorpio for a while she will also urge us to sample the delights of merging. Let's be blunt Scorpio Venus loves to get naked and will strip off or get others to strip off clothing very easily because she knows these hidden layers of protection are merely fabrications and finally so much dross. She will also want us to be emotionally, if not physically, honest with ourselves and to lay our very souls bare. She will want us to be seduced by people, places and life in general and in turn be seductive ourselves. Stop all that Libran skimming over the surface and diplomatic charm, now is the time to ‘get in there’ and really feel something. In the most part we will always be on various stealth missions pursing or tightly holding tight to our chosen prizes as we set off our very own Scorpio Venus heat-seeking missiles.
We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more raw and passionate. It will become that much more important to relate at an honest emotional depth and face whatever darkness or demons are hiding our psyches ‘basements’.
Astrologer Stephen Arroyo has Venus in Scorpio he sets astrological concepts in psychological terms
 Person to Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatibility
Before we get too carried away and Scorpio will want us to get carried away. It may also be the case that we  will get much more jealous, highly secretive and very manipulative as Venus snakes through Scorpio. In fact we keep the vision of the Jungle Book snake, Kaa, with its swirling hypnotic eyes 'trust in me, trust in me', sucking you in so far that you will not even notice your soul has been invaded or interrogated. 
If things don’t go our way, at this time, we may resort to these pattern of emotional power games, skillfully maneuvering our way towards what we want or believe we need. We may seduce with an unstoppable force, especially sexually.
Bunga Bunga party host, personal friend of Vladmir Putin, media tycoon and ex Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is Venus in Scorpio, charged with abuse of power and under-age sex, fraud, tax evasion... but is still free, threatening a political comeback. Known for blunders, he tried to defend himself with the remark,
'...its better to be fond of pretty girls than be gay' and in response to a blackmailer 'the only thing they can say about me is that I screw around'
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Scorpio-Sensitive’. The degrees in our birth chart which attract any Scorpio vibration is our personal Scorpio antenna. It will be good to notice how smoothly matters connected to our Scorpio house and planets run and if these concerns are functioning as well as they might or in need of adjustments and improvements.  
If you have Scorpio spanning the 3rd house zone you may find your words have an exceptional power and your persuasive talents may be quite formidable. If your own Venus is in Scorpio then this may be a good time to welcome in new arrivals whether in the shape of people or money. This is your time and you will know exactly how to work it. Sun sign Scorpio's this stuff is probably easy for you but even a sock-it-to-me Scorpio will have its limits and just having control of matters is vital to you. Your hearts desire for emotional depth and intimacy will be strong and this month may be just the time for you to find it.
Our ability to ‘go-there’, the 'need to greed and feed' our passions and our desires and to relate to others in a much more profound way, will increase. We will want to pull out secrets, we may want to stand firm around heart felt issues both for ourselves and for others and we will begin to reveal some of our more hidden depths. 
Chinese lawyer/business woman Gu Kailai has Venus in Scorpio. She was convicted of the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood and received a suspended death sentence. Rumours on Social networks that she hired a body double to appear in court and serve her sentence and the rumours are so rife that China banned the use of the term 'body-double'. Hiring a body double to go to jail is such a common practice in China apparently that the Chinese have a term for it 'ding zui' which means substitute criminal.
The exposure meter for a photograph can be set to an overexposed 'white-out' or go into 'wide-angle' and reveal too much or give away just enough for us to 'get the picture' but also an edgy uncertainty. We may get to see the whole picture but be dealing with shadows and vignette edges or we may only get to see a glaring bland, blanket with no subtle features at all. This month we may have the chance to pick our depth of field filter for our life atmospherics. Soft-focus, hard hitting or a full on scandal ridden blow-up. How much can we really handle
Actress/Singer/Model/Muse Jane Birkin has Venus in Scorpio
credits: reuters & correonis & pakistantoday & huffington post
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