Thursday 20 December 2012

Sun in Capricorn - The Winter Solstice & the Treadmill Resolution

A Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Present
On the 21st December, 2012 the Sun traveller moves country, as it does every month.  This time it takes a firm, determined step onto the foothills of Cardinal earth sign Capricorn's mountain ranges. It’s good to feel so secure and sure footed, to know our place and if we need to, stand our ground. Now we can get down to business and face up to some tough decisions. The roads in this land may look rocky, avalanche prone and have some very steep climbs ahead but we are more than up for the tasks required to navigate our way forward. Shoulders to the wheel then, sleeves rolled up because we actually want to set to work.
There is a shift to the more tangible now, a move towards what we own and aspire to attain. This is most welcome after the more abstract, idealistic, conceptual world of the Sun traveller's environment of last month. Here though, we will also encounter the gritty reality of facing life without being able to take any easy short cuts. It’s the long and winding road and the hard way or the highway that beckons us. Any soft, easy option will not suit Capricorn once it takes on its task, or faces its responsibility and challenges. Those of you with your Sun sign in Capricorn know exactly the truth of this statement because these facts already plays a large part in your mythology. 
Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropisAnnie Lennox has her birthday on Christmas Day
As we all journey with the Sun, we all move into Capricorn with it’s determination and firmly set jaw. Goats, Capricorns own symbol, have a reputation for eating anything put in front of them and Sun Capricorn's will gladly munch into any task you set before them, no matter what or how long it takes. Capricorn Sun time takes place at Christmas and the Western New Year. Both dates when we all gladly devour whatever fruits and harvest from the earth are set before us. Grape, hop, potatoes, cranberries, the tables groans with all manner of earthly delights BUT also included in this time span are the renowned and well meant NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! 
Actor Jim Carrey has a Capricorn Sun
Resolutions, at this time, can offer us a balance to excess, where targets are set and denial and self-discipline are also called upon. It may appear that all of a sudden our jolly, carefree, devil-take-the-hind-most attitude shifts to the serious, sober, repentant, devil-of-a-work-out. Devils of course are a classic Capricorn motif with links to sacrificial goats and taken directly from the pagan, Pan. In the Northern Hemisphere this time of year also includes the Winter Equinox, the longest night of the year. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere (you know who you are), it signals the longest day, when the results of all your hard work in the gym can be revealed on the beach or perhaps not quite yet!

Singer/songwriter of The Pogues Shane MacGowan was born on Christmas Day
So life is going take a distinctly different turn to the one we just passed through in the fire sign, Sagittarius. Gone is last month’s cavalier, spendthrift attitude, gone is the lightness and carefree spirit, au revoir the bon viveur, arrivederci let tomorrow take care of itself bravado, now is the time to do our sums and count the cost.
Now as pragmatism and ambitious targets dominate the landscape, we find the energy to begin to build our own personal empire and to practice what we have been preaching for the last month. We want our plans and dreams to be real, tangible, visible and obvious for all to admire. We are concerned with getting things right for ourselves as well as our loved ones. But here are a couple of Capricorn secrets 1) they desire everyone to live well and 2) they are quite a bit mystical and spiritual on the quiet and have a depth of mind which fearlessly needs answers. They just need proof that’s all. 
Ambitious, taciturn, dignified, authoritative, protective, responsible and reliable, welcome to the Capricorn landscape.These behaviour traits and issues will be all around us, whether we like it or not, we may ponder, not answer at first, deliberately evade or debate them, at some level we will meet them face to face. Capricorn so desperately wants answers, it needs to know so that it can feel safe. It would much rather climb the mountain it can see rather than waste time trying to discover the tiniest problem it can’t see but knows is there - somewhere. ‘Show me the full scale and scope of what I have to tackle and I will utterly do my best' says Capricorn. 
Singer Marianne Faithful has Sun in Capricorn
So what can we expect as Capricorn energy pours down to us through the Sun’s rays? After all we will be affected whether we are indoors, outdoors, sleeping or waking, we will be saturated in its devilish, mature, and determined power. We can expect to be more conscientious, much more vulnerable than we look, a little bit more ambitious and a lot more dutiful. We will be fully aware and awake to what is required of others and ourselves. We can boss, lead, manage and administer, in short we will probably take it all on our broad shoulders.The zone's presided over by Capricorn in our lives will start to undergo their annual kit inspection and drill. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Capricorn energy then they will feel the squeeze. If you are Venus in Capricorn the way you relate and how you receive love and money will get a boost. If you have Mars here, the way you marshal your troops to attack or defend will come to attention. You may well be called up to assert, defend or clarify your position, outline your targets and assert your authority. 
Sun in Capricorn time the end of December and the beginning of January is about fulfilling our duties towards others and defining our aims. Its about setting our sights high always higher than last year.

We may all find ourselves racing off with a new idea, scheme, situation, project, person or group, one way or another we are hungry for change. Whatever we do, however we behave, we will be sure to do it with our own style and at our own pace. Capricorn is our spine, it is what holds us up, its what helps us move our hips but it is not immediately visible especially when clothed with obvious exceptions. 
Singer/Actor 'The King' Elvis Presley has Sun in Capricorn
You won’t often hear ‘oh look at that lovely spine’ in public, well maybe you will at an osteopaths gathering which is where you may also find many a Capricorn. Capricorn is not always obvious, shouty, or clambering for attention but it's quiet authority is always there. Never underestimate the core of Capricorn. Homo sapiens walk upright and keep on evolving. We are not spineless. Capricorn is made of sterner stuff. The month of Capricorn is when we all may just prove see you on the treadmill in the New Year.
Singer Rod Stewart 'Rod the Mod' has a Capricorn Sun
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

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