Friday 4 January 2013

Mars in Aquarius - Idealistic Battles & Contradictions

The gang rape of a 23 year old physiotherapy student, Jyoti Singh Pandey, her horrific injuries leading to her death triggered widespread protests in India with people coming together demanding justice in demonstrations and vigils. Women showed their rage and indignant anger towards the increasing number of crimes against women in India.The horrific crime against the young woman and her heroic fight to survive injuries so bad that 95% of her intestines had to be removed became a unifying symbol for women across India who continue their fight for justice 
The warrior planet Mars packed its bags and set off on its travels, it flew into the unique air-space of Aquarius on the 26th December, 2012, where it will stay until it slips away into the watery expanses of Pisces on the 1st February, 2013.
Mars here in Aquarius will be fixed and focused on any number of ‘issues’ whether personal, social or universal. During it’s stay, as it swirls and twirls on invisible threads through this most social of signs, Mars the planet of action will be driven to explore abstractions, concepts and group activities. We may find ourselves getting caught up in the whirl of current events, being suddenly grabbed by an idea as if out of nowhere something being fixed and embedded in our mind that we can’t shake off. We may use some extra ordinary channels, pursue worthwhile projects, do something that comes 'out of the blue', out of 'left field' and experiment with voicing our opinions. It may well seem new or novel for us but may possibly be ancient, eternal and universal.
'India’s political parties fielded 6 candidates charged with rape while 34 candidates were awaiting trial for crimes against women. In the state assemblies, 42 members had rape or associated charges against them at the time of their election.' writer Anuradha Roy's article
Mars love a good fight, and whilst it was in determined and ambitious Capricorn some real battles played out on the global stage. There were contesting boundaries and territories, financial and fiscal controls, as witnessed in the United States wrangle preceding the long hard look over the edge of the ‘fiscal cliff’. There was constitutional debate within the business of government in Eygpt, for example, with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi and growing fears that Morsi was transforming into a new Pharaoh and 'adjusting' the nascent constitution in his favour. Conspiracy theories again.
Julian Assange has natal Mars in Aquarius, seen as either a revolutionary whistle-blower, a terrorist even a rapist. He published thousand of sensitive US Military records online from WikiLeaks websiteOn 19th June, 2012, Assange was given asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after losing a court appeal to prevent his extradition to Sweden to face questions related to accusations of rape and sexual assault. some say that this could be a cover, in order to ultimately extradite him to the US, some say that the charge of rape and sexual assault is a serious matter that cannot be taken lightly. Six months after entering the Embassy Assange says, 'In 2013 we will continue to stand up to bullies'
Aptly, facing the future we can all wonder just what to expect of the slightly unexpected with Mars in Aquarius as it fixates on its issues and yes some of them are idealogical and some just plain contradictions. 
Where Mars in Capricorn fanned the flames of constitutional and financial battles, Mars in airy Aquarius takes idealistic or intellectual action. Whilst part of the picture is planning, thinking and preparing, in essence Mars wants to move, to spring into action, to flex its muscles. Currently there are emotional and heightened debate over the gang rape of a young woman tricked onto a public bus in India after her death. The rape of women is a continual threat the world over but is horrifically common place in certain parts of the world, India being a notable concern. The issue of rape rarely sparks such an outpouring of rightful outrage but with Mars in Aquarius this issue has taken on global magnitude and rightfully. In true Aquarian mode this is not just an issue for women but involves 'Everyman' and touches that spark of humanity within us all and will only change for the better with this emphasis (Medusa's Talking Heads - Astrology & Rape).
Actress Zhan Ziyi has natal Mars in Aquarius, she sued the the Daily Apple, a Hong Kong newspaper for libel after it claimed the Chinese actress was paid millions of dollars for sex with a number of Communist Party leaders.The paper claimed that the actress had sex with Bo Xilai the disgraced Chinese leader, who's wife was suddenly charged with murder. The paper also claimed Ziyi was paid about $110million for this prostitution. Zhang said the reports were 'seriously defamatory' and 'false'. The reports have subjected the actress to 'immense grievance and distress'. Zhang had 'been subjected to public odium, hatred, contempt and ridicule' as a result.
Mars in Aquarius wants to prove itself by defending a cause, attaching itself to a particular idea, and by winning an essentially intellectual battle. It may function in the social level making sure everyone in its group is treated fairly and equally. It may simply function on the more personal level so that you are treated fairly or it may function on the universal stage with large groups with issues concerning women, gay human rights, or the underprivileged, refugees and the disenfranchised generally.
Check out the Aquarius zone in our own chart. This area has the zealous avenger or defender passing through it. Used wisely this can be a healthy force, much longed for and welcomed but it may need a healthy dis-charge to avoid it overloading and getting out of control.
Superstar South African, Para & Olympic Gold medal sprinter Oscar Pistorius has Mars in Aquarius.
Known as Blade Runner he is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. She was shot four times, twice in the head. He kept a pistol by his bed and a machine gun at his window. A police spokeswoman said that there had been 'previously allegations of a domestic nature' from his home and that neighbours heard screaming and shouting during the night before the murder. The police will want to refuse bail. Pistorius granted bail 22nd February 2013 his supporters issuing a 'Yessh!' in court. Police chief, Hilton Botha conducting investigation was discredited by Pistorius defence, accused of being involved in shooting at crowded mini-bus. He is replaced by Vineshkuma Moonoo. 
Pistorius will be back in court on the 4th June 2013. He earns at least 5 million rand a year and bail was set at 250,000 rand (£18,000)
'I am the bullet in the chamber' Nike advert has been taken down from the Pistorius website.
The Blade Runners - Oscar Pistorius & Richard Whitehead
Reeva Steenkamp was to deliver a talk about a previous abusive relationship on the day of her murder. The 14th February 2013 was also a global day of action opposing violence against women, One Billion Rising
New Moon in Capricorn - Serious Changes Germinating
If this force crackles through your 6th zone you could join a workforce union perhaps or support the right for one. Through your 4th house zone you may take some action in order to open up your home to others.Your 8th house zone may see innovative moves to shift any stagnancy attached to your joint finances. Conversely if this opportunity is used more negatively you could find yourself just overriding opposition and dismissing it as less important than your own  more 'high-handed', 'noble position'. Or you could try to defeat any opposition by labelling it petty and refusing to hear alternate views. With a superior stance and idealistic parries you could still crush somebody/some bodies journeying with you along your path or just parade them around.  
Singers Robin Thicke & Pharell Williams have Mars in Aquarius
With over 38 million times on You Tube June 2013. 'Robin Thicke’s Summer Anthem, Is Kind of Rapey'. The subject.. itself is enough to make some female music fans uncomfortable. The song is about how a girl wants crazy wild sex but doesn’t say it, positing that age-old problem where men think no means yes into a catchy, hummable song.' Tracia Romano - The Daily Beast
 'Has anyone heard Robin Thicke's new rape song? Basically, the majority of the song … has the R&B singer murmuring ‘I know you want it’ over and over into a girl’s ear. Call me a cynic, but that phrase does not exactly encompass the notion of consent in sexual activity.' Lisa Huynh - Feminist in LA

If Mars in Aquarius is moving through your personal 11th house zone, people you value as friends or groups you belong to may take offence. While going through your 7th house zone a partner may end up pouting and frowning as a result of your action/inaction. Your 5th house zone will see your kids with the potential to demonstrate their huff! and puff!. It is logical that if we all blindly motor on through to get what we want without paying attention to road signs that clearly say STOP!, borders that legitimately need to see passports, protesters simply saying NO! to something or women simply wanting an education, a fair deal or simple respect, then no-one will win.

Student Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally gang raped and beaten on a Delhi bus travelling home with her friend after watching The Life of Pi at the cinema. 
She died as a result of her injuries on the 29th December 2012.
However, through skillful negotiation, attention to other people needs and our surroundings, a win-win path can be found more easily. We can all use the power of Mars to motor us through to our goals, to ignite our passions, fuel our issues and drive us ever onwards but and maybe especially now, as Mars occupies this social collective and universal sign of Aquarius we need to pay close attention to others who share our time, space and place on earth.

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