Sunday 6 January 2013

Mercury in Capricorn - Postcards from a Profound Mind

Writer Ayn Rand has Mercury in Capricorn. Her novel 'Atlas Shrugged' according to a book club survey is the 'second most influential book for Americans today after the Bible'. With its theme of government control bad versus individual freedom good, this novel exerts a great influence over contemporary American conservatives and libertarians.
On the 31st December, 2012 Mercury moved country from the vast open ‘everything is possible’ expanse of fiery, mutable Sagittarius and now is carefully renegotiating it path uphill through the mountain ranges and foothills of Capricorn. We are in in the craggy terrain of the mountain goat with a load to bear and quite a lot of weight on our shoulders.
Whenever Mercury changes sign, we need to learn a whole new language and adapt to completely different customs to the ones we have become used and familiar. Mercury affects the way we process and deal with information so how we talk, think, chat, how we use twitter, or blog, text, write, read, listen and learn. 
Physicist Stephen Hawking has Mercury in Capricorn'If the human race manages to redesign itself, to reduce or eliminate the risk of self-destruction, we will probably reach out to the stars and colonize other planets..'
Capricorn is highly strategic, ambitious and grittily realistic and likes to deal in facts. Capricorn veritably sighs with deep acceptance and responsibility of ancient knowledge, it just knows that it was born for shouldering the burden, it simply is what it has to do, and do it does! When Mercury passes through such a worldly wise sign as Capricorn, it takes the opportunity to pick up a package of knowledge to help steer a path through to its ultimate goal. Whether that goal is Nirvana, a full blown empire, full health, a happy family or an running an entire nation. Listening to Capricorn's wisdom and following it will certainly go a long way to pushing on through to the end. ‘Endings’ of course contain Capricorn symbolism. Ruled by Saturn the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn is strangely comfortable with the whole concept of age, finality and mortality. 
Portrayed in Medium Allison DuBois has Mercury in Capricorn
The entrance of Mercury into this wise old sign occurred at the end of the year, 2012. Traditionally in the West this is a time of celebration as the New Year is hailed and welcomed in. We all try to raise a glass to the closing of the old year, whilst welcoming in the next ‘installment’ of our life. During this time of Epiphany we take our Christmas decorations, begin a de-clutter of our stuffed cupboards, set up regimes to cleanse our digestive systems and freshen our sights towards the future with plans and resolutions. We probably all determinedly declare to resolve the  previous years wrongs. We probably all proclaim to trim our waistlines, trim our credit and make ourselves more effective, disciplined and competent. How very Capricorn of us all.

Film Director/Painter/Performance Artist David Lynch has Mercury in Capricorn
It is possible that whilst Mercury was in searching and unbound Sagittarius many of us noticed we had to switch our mental tuning to scoping out the endless possibilities. We would have had a sense of been filled with hope, faith and optimism about ‘all the things we see, go and do’. We had to learn things by trusting our intuition, going on blind faith and jumping in with both feet regardless of consequence, after all it was the hunt for sensation or inspiration that motivated our path. Journeys and communications could have been pilgrimages involving far more than we expected, full of complications we did not anticipate as we pushed on with hope in our eyes and in many cases fingers crossed. We may have found a little bit more faith than we bargained for initially. (Mercury in Sagittarius - Postcards from an Optimistic MindHowever, just as we have got halfway used to this style of speaking and thinking we will suddenly find ourselves in what appears to be a foreign country where everyone asks us to speak more realistically, to face up to what actually is rather than what you actually want to be or may just become. Getting to grips with reality may bring us right down to earth but after all the earth is our home.

Artist Henri Matisse has Mercury in Capricorn
'Icare in Jazz' shows the over-ambitious Icarus in death fall after flying too close to the sun on wings of wax
When carefully picking its way through Capricorn, Mercury will want us to employ our heart and minds to help make something better of ourselves, to groom our goaty beards and get our teeth stuck into what is directly in front of us as a priority. Mercury in Capricorn will not let us shy away from digging in to the tasks ahead if us. In fact we may  really enjoy the fruits of the earth after the nitty gritty and at the end of all the planning and work. Being adaptable is also Mercury's calling and it will adjust to this new terrain. We will all adjust because Capricorn will insist that we find the new angle productive. It may well be with Mercury in Capricorn new empires, both large and small, are designed and established and that we accept that some of our efforts will bear fruit later on down the road. Capricorn is an earth sign and the earth has signs of life and vitality in a myriad forms and often at odd intervals.

Writer J.R.R. Tolkien has Mercury in Capricorn
'Not all that wander are lost'
However, you will notice the difference from Mercury in Sagittarius to Mercury in Capricorn. You know the change between fire and ashes and night and day. Remember that we are all feeling Mercury’s shift. You and others around you will seem more serious and responsible. We all believe that we know the best way forward and have the tough answers and solutions to the difficult questions facing us. All we really need is a dash of self discipline, some metaphorical steel in our spine and just the right helping of clear focused ambition and we are all set. Just know, ahead of time, that during Mercury’s shift in Capricorn all of us on this precious planet of ours will be mentally processing with more caution and resolution and we will also be a bit more serious and sober.

Mercury in Capricorn reaches the summit of any of its climbs at its own steady, deliberate pace and often the winding path can appear counter productive. However, the twists and turns are merely strategies against obstacles and barriers and like the game of snakes and ladders we can sometimes slide back down only to begin again with a better map on a more informed route.

Existential writer & feminist Simone de Beauvoir has Mercury in Capricorn
'Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay'.
Everyone, our children, friends, partners, teachers, bosses, neighbours and heads of state will be a little more stern and business minded during this period. Wanting to discuss plans, agendas, business ideas and developments. With this Mercury our communications are about to get a lot more practical and realistic for good or bad. 

The sign of Capricorn sits somewhere in your birth chart, even if you do not have any planets in this sign. You always have Capricorn somewhere in your psyche. It is this Capricorn house zone with Mercury as a house guest. This is where we will all have to be more accommodating and accept new regimes and adopt new routines who knows we may even enjoy them.

Writer Henry Miller has Mercury in Capricorn
Welcome your mercurial visitor and make 'it' feel at home. If you know where your ‘Capricorn CEO' is then put your full attention to what need attention. It is here that you may be trying to exercise self discipline, or show your ambition or authority. Respect the issues affected in that part of your chart. For instance, Capricorn may be in your 2nd house of ‘Money and Resources’, in which case Mercury will probably prompt you to think about and plan changes that impact your bank balance. If Capricorn covers your 7th house or zone of ‘Partnerships’ your plans could be in for a major overhaul that will impact and concern your significant other. Making the adjustments now will probably go smoothly. If Capricorn is pulling on your Venus these few weeks will get you thinking about deepening, or severing, your commitment to what you have previously valued. Endings and beginnings that sounds like Capricorn again.

Sun sign Astrologer Jonathan Cainer has Mercury in Capricorn
'It is not just a glorious comet that we can look forward to later this year. The global economic outlook should improve faster than most experts expect it to and a new mood of hope will awaken in millions of hearts. The sky's single, simple message for us all is that 2013 is to be a time of great healing. Emotional wounds can be patched up and psychological scars can be soothed in the coming months. Meanwhile, in the world of conventional, physical medicine, we will come to hear about some inspiring new ways to constructively treat infamous ailments.
Make the most of your facility to ‘get real’ and face up to your responsibilities. Say what you need to say with honesty and integrity and temper your words with wisdom and respect. Establish your personal authority and fulfill your duty to others because 'there is no time like the present'….hmm hopefully after our efforts we may all finally benefit from a Cornucopia of well earned rewards and that's a fact.
Singer/Songwriter Leslie Feist has Mercury in Capricorn
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