Tuesday 29 January 2013

Full Moon in Leo - A Wolf in Snow Moon Clothing

Th Holocaust Remembrance Day 28th January, 2013.
The world remembers the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp at the same time as over 65 bodies so far, of young men and teenagers, hands tied behind their backs, gunshot wounds to the head, all summarily executed, were being dragged out of a ditch in Aleppo, northern Syria.
Known as the North Moon, the Ice Moon, the Cold Moon and the Snow Moon, on the 26th/27th January 2012 the Full Moon was in the fixed fire sign of Leo right opposite the cool, scientific and freedom loving Sun in Aquarius. How was it for you? Full Moons are traditionally a time of fulfilment and harvest, a London time of scooping up in our arms all the ripe fruits and bounty fallen at our feet as a result of the seeds sown under the previous New Moon. (New Moon in Capricorn - Serious Changes Germinating). This Full Moon is also known by Native Americans as the Wolf Moon when in the past packs of wolves, during this cold, lean winter time were hungry and howling at the moon. Wolves are predators that inhabit the night time and appear to function well under the moonlight. The image of the 'Big Bad Wolf' is dangerous, deceptive and destructive in folklore. It has also shape-shifted and mutated under the moon into the 'Werwolf', both a supernatural power and a curse. The Leo Full Moon no doubt would have been comfortable taking centre stage with the potential for this kind of drama.
Pioneering Film Director D. W. Griffiths has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
Best known for the The Birth of a Nation but also causing controversy over his positive portrayal of slavery and the Ku Klux Klan and negative presentation of African Americans.
All sounds well and good but what if the seeds that were sown were from a duff batch, or just good seeds, planted with the best of intentions but left untended, neglected and deprived of vital nutrients. If so, then we would have been staring at an empty and rather disappointing basket of goodies right now and scratching our heads in dulled bemusement, at best and frustrated anger, at worst. For about 5 days on and around this Full Moon time we should be able to gauge whether the ideas, projects or situations we instigated or experimented with at the last New Moon, a few weeks earlier, are worth pursuing or simply releasing. This is one of the Moon's gifts, if we watch her and take note, she could point towards and subtly illuminate our future path. Over these few days check the signs, stare at your basket, make sure that you appreciate the plump, juicy fruits of your labour and be ready to discard those that became dry and withered on the vine and not to your design.
Hollywood Costume Designer Helen Rose has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
Also famous for designing wedding dresses namely for Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor.

'I..... saw in huge headlines that an atrocious, senseless murder had been committed. I almost fainted when I saw the picture of Babe and of a fellow he had introduced me to as 'his best friend.'They had been accused of murdering a young boy. I was sure that some mistake.... To connect my friend with such a crime was just ridiculous, he was the last person in the world we would suspect capable of such a thing. Though we called him 'Babe' his full name was Nathan Leopold, Jr. and his friend was Richard Loeb'
(students Leopold & Loeb tried to commit 'the perfect crime' depicted in Hitchcock's Rope
The ‘Great Mirror In The Sky', the astrological map, reflects an image and sometimes what is reflected back at us may be difficult to accept in the full glare of the light of day. Yet avoiding looking at the mirror reflections of us will definitely not make anything go away. These shadows and ghosts come out to haunt us at night, anyway. They will not leave us in peace if we ignore them so we may as well accept them as parts of ourselves that need attention and use their whispers and hunches - come the daylight we can often be pleasantly surprised by what we find, hmm, not so bad after all. There may even be days where we say ‘Looking good’ and for all you Leo Moon's you can double that number. The few days that lead up to the Full Moon is the Gibbous period, a time to forage for information and learn by getting our facts stockpiled and being better informed in order to be able to move forward. Moonshine is just another way of looking at sunshine after all and a chance of learning to see things differently.
Actress Nora Gregor has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
Her most famous role was in Jean Renoir's  La Regle de jeu (The Rules of the Game) and its use of
 'deep focus', where the background action is as important as the foreground, maybe more so sometimes.
Full Moons are an astronomical opposition between the Sun and Moon. For astrologers, oppositions bring the potential for both hyper-awareness and a contradictions that need resolution. A balance must be found. Well the attention-grabbing and passionate Leo Moon faced a wake-up call from the dispassionate and fair-minded Aquarian Sun, 'look at me' hollered Luna Leo, 'no, check yourself, before you wreck yourself, reign it in and be aware of others' , finger wags the Solar Aquarian. 
Superstar Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
The most expensive player in football history
The monthly board meeting of the ‘Full Moon Corps’ necessitated and convened by the Sun and Moon assembled with a few other key representatives present. Mercury, Master of Trade and Communications, Jupiter Master of Sales and Marketing, Saturn Master of Working Constraints & Limitations and Uranus Master of Surprise.
Mercury – The IT Geek from the Department of Aquarius, was dressed in a matching colour to the Sun with the addition of flashes of electric blue and aquamarine. A geek maybe but dressed as a hipster and it seems plugged into the mainframe of information. This Geek chic apparently knows everyone and was absolutely everybody's friend, arriving in unisex clothing, of indeterminate age and flying around, rushed off its winged feet. This Mercury had the Sun's ear, in fact they seem in cahoots about something. 
Motto: Be futuristic and be clever.
Artist & Singer for the band Incubus Brandon Boyd has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo & Mercury in Aquarius
'I have always idolised eccentric people'
Saturn – The Senior Accountant up from the bowels of the organisation, the Department of Scorpio was dressed in a traditional suit cut from an expensive cloth. Traditionally known for being dour and craggy but here in Scorpio he had a roguish glint in his eye. He may be holding on to a secret that only he knows and which seems to give him immense pleasure. Saturn is the elder statesman of the company and also it’s longest serving employee. He rose to the top slowly, diligently working his way up but is now a loyal and valued member of the firm. He knows the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the company and is often called in when things get too out of hand or when the company has over-reached or becomes over-stretched. Saturn is called in to reset the boundaries and to impose the necessary limits. When Saturn enters the room everyone expects to hear the dreaded words ‘austerity’ ‘restrict’ and ‘necessary’. Every one is slightly twitchy and trawling back through their minds to check whether they may well be hauled over the coals or called to account. This month, Saturn is called in again, this time to serve a restraining order on the collective-minded Sun and Mercury, who are both in accordance saying ‘let everyone benefit from the spoils, be even handed and let us share the profits equally’. ‘Now, now’ chastens Saturn, we all love the sentiment but very soon the coffers will dry up and we could have a mutiny on hands’. Saturn also scowls at the drama queen La Luna Leo, whose does not seem to be concentrating on the job at all. In fact, she is acting like it is her divine right to submit expenses for her extra holidays, money for pampering and for various extravagant social events. Saturn is obliged to step in and cut the budget completely and had his eye on the door waiting for La Luna's more restrained, trimmer replacement to appear. Motto: Be responsible and be cautious.
Actor Jack Lemmon has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo & Saturn in Scorpio
'It's hard enough to write a good drama, it's much harder to write a good comedy and it's hardest of all to write a drama with comedy. Which is what life is.'
Uranus – Head of Research & Development up from the Aries research facility was dressed in a bright red boiler suit. Always surprising, outlandish and odd, he was unmistakably even more brash, youthful and pioneering and appeared to be on the brink of a breakthrough and quite unable to contain his excitement. He appeared frustrated to be called in to such a meeting when there is so much excitement going on elsewhere. His job was to provide back up and bring in further new ideas. He was expected to interject flashes of innovation and bright, exciting news of the latest developments. 'Let's think of a new way around this old problems’, lets think outside the box, go where we have never previously dared. Motto: Be brave and be edgy.
Singer James Brown has Uranus in Aries/Leo Moon
'The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing'
Jupiter – Head of Sales and Marketing, from Gemini/Gemini, is dressed in a ‘bang on trend’ clothes and ready to be very direct. Usually one for wild gesticulations and big gestures but for a while seemed distracted by a torrent of emails, texts and phone calls. His attention is scattered and hardly focused on the job in hand which looks like a bit of a clean-up operation. None the less, much like his buddy of the moment, Uranus, he had been called in to provide support by bringing tales of new and exciting horizons within touching distance. Motto: Be sharp and be informed.
The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo & Jupiter in Gemini
'I judge my life by how miserable it used to be. If I could pay my rent I was deliriously happy. Now I'm deliriously happy all the time..I love the idea that we put in jokes the kids don't get and that later, when they grow up, read a few books, go to college and watch the show again, they can get it on a completely different level'
The Ego orientated Leo Full Moon and the Everyman Sun in Aquarius does point towards issues of flagrant self interest versus universal charity that we could be faced with in spades in the coming days. 
General Douglas MacArthur has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
'The American Caesar' ,his son Arthur MacArthur changed his name and 'went missing in action' 
to avoid his father's 'relentless love' and of course the expected West Point military route.
We could also feel an inrush of faith and hope as a result of the Jupiter effect, or experience a sizzling sense of breakthrough with the Uranus effect, and obviously the balancing, doubting, cautious voice, warning us against over reaching will come with the Saturn effect. A mixture of boundless ideas and hope with the tinge of cautious realism well actually that may be a great cocktail, let's have a double. There does appear to be quite a bit more emphasis on the expansive, illuminating and experimental right now, so lets go with our ideas, give them room and air to breathe, lets dare to dream and try the what ifs and why nots and embrace the novel and the new. Have little fear because Saturn will restrain our more 'pie in the sky ideas' whilst providing practical support for the more workable ones. Looks like a 'win/win' put that way. However, it is also true that many people will either unconsciously or wittingly pass through this week with little or no noticeable change in their day to day lives. Daily life and it’s rituals will ebb and flow as per usual, both inner and outer events could seamlessly blur into our usual repetitive routines. Hopefully, a significant number of us will register the alterations and will be affected by, the shifting currents of change mirrored in the skies. Maybe we can capitalize on the changes, tack favourably with the trade winds, surf on that jet streams, if only in our minds and introduce the changes or at least the costume changes.
Forerunner of burlesque Gypsy Rose Lee has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
'I wasn't naked I was completely covered by a blue spotlight'
This Full Moon was also at 7 degrees of Leo, in the middle of the constellation of the Crab. Here lies the nest of Praecipe, known as The Beehive, or Crib, this is a cluster of stars that brings to mind the industrious bee and draws on this adventurous energy. Tapping into and relating to this energy can feed our spirits and nurture our nascent dreams. It also has a repution for reckless adventure and a driven nature so we may feel that we must press on and go about our 'busy-bee-ness’ but it can get a little carried away and invite overindulgence, a love of stimulants and narcotics.
Actor Oliver Reed has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
Known for his 'excessive binge bouts, macho image and bellicose demeanour he went for a combination, drinking 106 pints of beer on a two-day bender, during an arm-wrestling competition in Guernsey.
The choice is always ours. Calm down our mawing egos and yet find ways in which to show-off our unique individuality. Cater for our own needs whilst not impinging on others. Respecting the call of our inner natures as well as allowing for the variety of different calls of others.  Drive ahead with our vision, be brave, pioneering and risk taking whilst also heeding due care and caution. Be informed, clever, smart, objective and experimental. Yet, don’t lose focus or get too scattered and find ways to stay connected to other things besides simple facts, such as emotions, the unknowable, the irrational and the intuitive. Phew! time for those those stimulants.
We will have gathered more energy to forge ahead but then again so will everyone else around us. The need to respect and listen to what others have to say may just save us and those around us, an exhausting, draining and needless confrontation.
Full Moons are a time of high tides and surging seas as we have seen quite literally.(Taurus full Moon - Shelter From Hurricane Sandy). They can also be a time of dazzling insights, brave ideas and optimism. We want to surge forward with our dreams and visions. Now we also want to be brave, informed, clever and a tad cautious. We really needed that Leo Full Moon to have cast light to some darker corners of our life and like a follow-spot shine the blessings of the universe on our path. Maybe we all will not have the idea of taking centre stage. Ok, so some of us can all also feel a bit like we are stumbling around in the dark, a little on the lost side for a while, relying only on instinct and yes, just howling at the moon occasionally.

Actor & Singer for Brooklyn's TV on the Radio, Tunde Adebimpe has Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Leo
credits: spain-football.culturespain.com & urania & wikepedia & hollywoodphoshop & ibtimes & flickriver & celebs101 & pinterest 
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