Wednesday 6 February 2013

Jupiter in Gemini Unbound - Talking to the Neighbours

President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak has Jupiter in Gemini. Because of his direct policy towards North Korea he has been used for 'target practice' in the North Korea military. He has been open to foreign policy hosting the G-20 summit in Seoul. North Korea remains technically 'at war' with the US and South Korea, with no peace treaty, only an Amnesty.On the 5th February 2013 North Korea, appears to be getting ready to conduct a nuclear test, on the 12th February 2013. Despite UN sanctions a video was posted on its official website Uriminzokkiri, showing a US city resembling New York engulfed in flames after a missile attack. The bizarre footage, shown as a 'dream' sequence with a 'We are the World' soundtrack and a 
re-unified Korea rules out any current 'talks'. 
Jupiter is not really suited to staying still or come to think of it, Jupiter is not really keen on any restriction of movement at all. Jupiter's tastes will always run towards freedom and unbounded liberty. Sometimes it just doesn't know when to stop, just look at the number of moons it has produced as neighbours - four Galilean Moons for a start, plus 67 other confirmed moons on top of about 16 provisionals. In the vast darkness of time and space Jupiter has gathered a group together and the more the merrier it seems.
Jupiter's four largest moon neighbours, the Galilean satellites, named after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who observed them in 1610. The German astronomer Simon Marius also claimed to have discovered the moons around the same time but he did not publish his Mundus lovialis, Jupiter observations before Galileo. The Moons Io, Europe, Ganymede and Callisto, each distinctive worlds in their own right, are names he gave themNASA solar system exploration.  
This planet of ‘reach’ and often 'over-reach' has been rather hampered and ham-strung since 6th October, 2012. In effect, Jupiter's orbit has been held back from its forward momentum because it has been going through it's Retrograde phase, appearing to 'go backwards'. On 29th January, 2013 Jupiter started to shake off these reins of restriction and by the 3rd February, 2013 will have galloped off and away into a more energetic forward motion. 
Just before being able to shake off the curfews completely though, Jupiter will become 'Stationary' and will only slowly start to gather and gain speed. In fact, much like a train sitting in the station, a stationary planet has a chance to take a long hard look at the surrounding scenery. There is now an opportunity to catch every detail before it all begins to blur again once the station is left behind, momentum is gained and movement continues a-pace. While stationary we have a chance to really look, feel and understand the train station of ‘Jupiter-unter-Gemini’. Sitting at this junction point, gives us time to examine our options and fully appreciate our surroundings. Willingly or unwilling we are having to really take in the qualities and detail of this area of Jupiter scenery, the uphill and down-dale of our ideas, visions, faith, hope and beliefs.
Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan has Jupiter in Gemini
has to negotiate with the Kurds, the Armenians, the Greeks, the Cypriots, the US, the Syrians, the EU, the Israelis and all the other Islamic states. On the 5th February 2013 he criticised the EU for granting membership to south Cyprus, allied and economically linked to bankrupt Greece. The need to establish a
bi-zonal, bi-communal federation in Cyprus between the internationally recognised Greek south and the 'illegal' occupied Turkish north of the island over 38 years ago, intensifies as natural gas wealth is at stake. The trillions of cubic feet of gas lies in Cypriot, Israeli and Lebanese waters and the obvious customer is Turkey, who import nearly all their energy. Talks hampered by the tense politics of the Middle East continue.

Jupiter/Thor/Zeus in Gemini will shift its attention to the Water sign of Cancer in the summer around the 26th June, 2013. Until then, the thunderbolts, rumblings and shakings from the sky will be coming from the Air space of the Twins. Jupiter, the great benefic, naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius and here in Gemini, the polar opposite sign, it is said to be in its detriment as it also is in Virgo, both Mercury ruled. However, in spite of the polarity, Sagittarius and Gemini have a lot in common, it is just the thrust and emphasis may differ. Jupiter's love of expansion will want to focus on just about everything with Gemini's influence but it is communications of all kinds, including technology and information and learning, that will be key. 'Knowledge is Power' say the Twins of Zeus, 'You better believe it' says the Archer - broadcasting that in any language. 
The Bi-lateral relationship between India and Pakistan is even more difficult after 65 years over the Kashmir border disputes. At the beginning of 2013 soldiers in both armies died in clashes along the
 Line of Control (LoC). Both governments blamed each other for provoking the clashes and India accused the Pakistani military of beheading one of its soldiers. 'You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist' said assassinated Prime Minister Indira Ghandi Jupiter in Gemini.
Current Indian Minister of Home Affairs Sushilkumar Shinde also with Jupiter in Gemini had to defend the consequences of his careless use of words 'Hindu terrorism' to describe protests, his aides stating '
sometimes it happens that some words come out of the mouth of an individual inadvertently.' 6th February 2013. 
Jupiter in Gemini may just continue with more meetings, conferences and an ongoing general war of words now it has a forward impetus. Quite possibly we may also have been 'seeing double', dealing with two things at the same time and may continue to do so, which may be a good or a bad thing. Events, ideas, or situations may rarely come as a single item they most probably appear in duplicate. 
The 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans with Jupiter in Gemini on the 3rd February 2013 was between the
Baltimore Ravens & the San Francisco 49'ers but the frenzied media attention centred on the 
Harbaugh Brothers who faced each other as coaches in what was being called, the 'HarBowl'. There was also an unprecedented 34 minute electrical outage during the game with one half of the Superdome lit and the other in darkness. This
 was the first Super Bowl to be held in New Orleans since the Superdome had been used as a horrific makeshift shelter for over 20,000 people after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Sandy Hook Elementary School, recovering from their own tragedy, sang America the Beautiful.
Since the Jupiter retrograde started, our ideas, projects and visions may have had to take a bit of a back seat. They were most likely compelled to give way to much more dominant and insistent voices such as ‘all very well but will you really pay the mortgage on that income’ or ‘yes we all would want to give up our job and go live on an island paradise but what about your pension’ and so on and so on. Perhaps now some of those ideas will begin to trickle back into your psyche. Obviously some of those earlier, shelved plans will definitely have needed some re-working during Jupiter's Retrograde phase and that can only be for the good. Maybe now with time and a re-re-look you may discover that a couple of them, Jupiter-en-Twins does do it 2 by 2, may just hold water. Quite possibly even further testing may be needed when you want to launch any of them into the ocean during the Jupiter in Cancer times. Hmm, yet possibly there is a brief glimmer of hope, a smidgen of a rise in passion, a flash of optimism and a mere soupcon of a rise in belief. 'So, what if I took my original idea, pimped it up a bit and then put it out there, ha! that may just work this time, it is worth a shot.'
After a 'war' of over 50 years historic Peace Talks are continuing between FARC rebels
and the Colombian Government, 4th February 2013. 
Since FARC's guerrilla war began in the 1960's millions have been displaced and tens of thousands have been killed. Over its history, drug-funded FARC has held dozens of ordinary citizens hostage as well as police officers, soldiers, politicians and for 6 years, French-Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt. An untold number of people have simply disappeared. One of the negotiators for FARC in Havana is, Tanja Nijmeijer who has Jupiter in Gemini, a Dutch graduate English teacher, born near the German border, her romantic relationship with FARC leader Mono Joy's nephew and her ideal of 'social justice' made her important to FARC. Her life is in danger as she wrote of her continuing disillusionment with the FARC leadership motives, in her diary.
Jupiter has been in the highly social sign of Gemini from the 11th June, 2012 and will be there until the 25th June, 2013. If Jupiter in Gemini in your birth chart then Jupiter has returned to the place it occupied when you were born and this period of time is also your very own Jupiter Return. Jupiter 'returns' about every 12 years and when it does this time is traditionally seen as a 'lucky' time, a 'happy' time, 'an expansive time' when you have the chance to re-align your life direction towards your interests and passions in order to gain more meaning and pleasure or just open yourself up to more opportunities.
Physical speed, agility, flexibility and movement can be just as important as speed of mental processing and communication. Jupiter in Gemini can sometimes seem like speaking from both sides of the mouth and saying different things, at the same time and both things being valid. 
Some Jupiter in Gemini's are often good at both, simply viewing their skills as just two sides of the same coin. heads or tails..aah.  Two sides of the current Euro coin are Germany and France, next door neighbours who have historically on more than one occasion been involved in tragic, brutal war with one another yet now in modern Europe they appear to be holding on to the idea of peace and unity above all else. On the 22nd January 2013, with Jupiter in Gemini both countries celebrated their friendship and alliance by marking the 50th Anniversary of the Elysee Treaty, a timely celebration of bi-lateral relations between the two countries. Interestingly both the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and the French President, Francois Hollande have their Jupiter's in Cancer, the next sign to step up to the main stage. 
                                                                 German Chancellor Helmut Kohl has Jupiter in Gemini seen as the Father of German re-unification and with French President Mitterrand formulated the Maastricht Treaty leading to the European Union. 
The song 'Göttingen' by Barbara Monique is said to have oddly contributed more to German-French reconciliation than any speech of any politician. 
A French singer of Jewish descent Barbara (real name Monique Serf) was born under a Paris sky
with Jupiter in Gemini

With Jupiter in Gemini chatting to the neighbours, bi-lateral agreements or bi-partisan reconciliations will hopefully bring mutual benefits. We may or may not be able to choose who lives next-door to us or how they may live but we can choose how we can find accord, reach compromises, increase our understanding and develop cordial relationships with those than come into our orbit.
credits: nasa & finland's ovi & BBC News & topfoto & wikepedia & getty images & guardian & channel 4 
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