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New Moon in Aquarius - Moon Wobble & The Black Water Snake

Chinese Year of the Black Snake 10th February 2013 Gong Xi Fa Ca!
Self-reliant Snakes are complex. They have charisma and confidence and can appear to shed adversity like growing another skin because they endure and recover well. They are bon viveurs and have good taste.
On the 10th February, 2013 we celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Snake and also notice that the Moon moves out of it’s dark Balsamic phase and starts afresh. It is time to renew, re-invigorate, ‘have another go’, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and charge up the motor. In the week or so before we may have been just going with the flow, allowing things to drift along and perhaps letting go of what needed to be released. We could have waved ‘goodbye’ and said hello to what we thought was lost but now found or even renewed. There would have been a general sense of resting, waiting but an increased awareness, a quiet sensing of the direction the breeze may blow and a feeling that there is something brewing, hidden, just out of sight. 
In fact something has been growing, building and gestating. We may not know exactly what it is because the time for revelation is a few weeks away yet, when the light becomes brighter with the Full Moon. Right now we are prompted and primed to prepare for a change. This is just the start of this moon dance.
Boxing's 'The Greatest' Muhammed Ali is Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
The signal that something is changing reveals itself as a shimmer, the merest glimmer of moonlight, magical but barely discernable. This glimmer of a shift in our awareness is the seeding of change that occurs with the monthly New Moon. It is an initiating time when we can pick up and tune into the haunting and subtle whispers of change promised by La Luna’s rhythms. We are much more sensitive now to the tiny filaments of alteration, the gossamer thin shifts in direction and the momentary re-adjustments of momentum. It is all there to be sensed and is as slim and subtle as the New Moons light beaming down to the earth. This month the New Moon seeds at 21 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius the Human Water Bearer, Aquarius the Humanitarian, Aquarius the Air sign of potential genius. This is the flavour of the energy being stirred into wakefulness. 

Transylvanian Composer/Pianist Bela Bartok is Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
The Aquarian qualities of being fair minded, the wilful pursuit of change and betterment for everyone and a broadening of our wave bands of interests and a widening of our circles of friendships, groups and acquaintances. An outright oddness may emerge as we throw our intentions behind effecting these changes. We may feel that we must now address issues that have an effect on everyone not just ourselves or our own clans. We must widen our range and go on ever further forward. We must try to experiment and explore and try to detach from the small minded and set our telescopes to focus into the far reaches of space. We must set something in motion now that may yet provide us with more of sense of who we really are outside of the confines that define us and may not really be ours but belong to ghosts, ancestral memory or present time authorities or authority figures. 
Founder of House of Gucci, Florence Guccio Gucci is Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
(Gucci Atelier, Florence 1953)
We may feel more authentic and free someway further down the road. We might not see the finished results now but that lighthouse that contains the architect’s plans may well show itself later on in our journey when we can see its full beaming light, as it comes into the spotlight during the Full Moon time in a few weeks.

This month Lady Moon is again holding hands with the Sun Lord in Aquarius. This brand New Moon also sets off with a Moon Wobble, a term first used by astrologer Carl Payne Tobey. It involves the Sun in a dance with the Moon's Nodes by square or conjunction and right now the lunar nodal axis is Scorpio/Taurus 
Axis of Power & Possessions - Scorpio/Taurus. The Moon Wobble can essentially be a time when things can get a bit odd and with Aquarius, a sign already famed for weirdness it may prove quite a combination. Aquarius just loves to wake up the neighbours, it has a taste for the shocking and throwing in the odd spanner or ten into the works and relishes and revels in the unusual. Aquarius season is already in full swing but things may now take some further twists and rather strange turns and perhaps there is no way to make ourselves ready to greet the unexpected except by trying to avoid unnecessary drama.
Romanian Opera Prima donna 'Draculette' Angela Gheorghiu is Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
'sings with the power of a hurricane...I'm waiting for a modern opera..I can put on all the blue jeans in the world. I can be sexy, I can be everything. But give me a reason.'
This is also a time when our emotions can be whipped up along the path ahead and we may feel as if we are treading on shards of glass rather than tufts of grass as we make our way forward. Our impatience and recklessness could peak and erupt in outbursts or behaviours that prove to be even more ill advised and that we will no doubt regret. We may feel like we are just churning up the lawn, gouging out the tufts and thumping out great divits in the dirt in our desire to instigate change. We may be blinded and overtaken by a sense of justice and fairness which seems right at the time but which from an objective viewpoint becomes neither just nor fair for a great many other people. Best advice is to keep cool, calm and collected, and try to detach yourself from the swirling emotions. Give yourself time to think, some air space, because a solution will come to you if you allow it time and an entry point. Whether it is yours or other peoples, let the head of steam cool down and evaporate.
The fixed star Deneb Algedi at 23 degrees Aquarius, is a binary star, together with Nashira, the Two Bending Stars lie in the split tail of the celestial Seagoat, in Capricornus like the tongue of the Black Snake they represent both good and bad fortune. The current contact with the Aquarian Sun and the Moon on a wobble highlights the need to use moral codes and ethics but not as weapons, at the expense of others and certainly don't 'bend' them in order to make good our own positions.
Ex French Prime Minister Dominique le Villepin is Moon in Aquarius/Snake
Came under the international spotlight with a passionate speech to the United Nations against the Iraq War, acquitted in the Clearstream smear campaign against Sarkozy plus R&C (Relais & Chateaux) fraud scandal.
New Moons ignite, they start stuff off, they sow the seeds and often in unseen and invisible ways. The light from the Moon is still just new, just a sliver and it is hiding more than it is showing. New Moons are those times when there are often sparks of novelty and bursts of freshness. We want to start again and begin new projects and undertakings. Our hope and optimism surges, we feel a ‘well why not’ attitude welling up inside us and begin to notice it in other people. The few days around the New Moon are excellent for trying out new things. Whether it is experimenting with new styles trying out new tastes or generating ideas this is a time for experimentation and play. Activating in the air sign of Aquarius, much of this testing out could take place with regard to social, cultural or group matters. We can use the energy in our favour by taking steps to re-build, re-design or strip back something back to its bare necessities and start afresh. Honour the Aquarian spirit by being a bit experimental, a bit ‘out-there’ and boost your vitality levels by expressing your inner weirdness. Aquarius is group orientated in that fact that it wants to give everyone, regardless of class, creed, race or sexuality a fair and level playing-field chance to be themselves. A birth-right to be free to live life in ways which honour not only our own inner being but also being mindful of bringing others needs to be who they are into the mix.
Existential Philosopher/Writer Jean Paul Sartre is Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
'As far as men go, it's not what they are that interest me but what they can become'
Over the next few days of this New Moon time we have an opportunity to use this Aquarian energy to shake things up, come at life from a different angle and ignite our own spark of genius. Bring to mind some of your future projects, plans and schemes and perhaps think about them from another angle, its in your hands, you have the skill to direct any stream of knowledge into any dry desert waiting for irrigation. Plant the seed in a garden which allows for bio-diversity and where a weed can be be hailed as a wonderful flower. Don’t expect everyone to gather round and join in with you all of the time, they will have their own stuff to get on with now. The chance for gathering will come later, in a few weeks time, at the Full Moon. Keep a cool head, look to the future and dare to re-design your own life no matter how strange things get for a while.
Fashion Designer Christian Dior & Rapper Kanye West both are Moon in Aquarius/Chinese Snake
credits:financial times & idlers journal & the observor 

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