Sunday 10 February 2013

Venus in Aquarius - The Carnival Season

The 66th British Academy Film & Television Arts, the BAFTAS, 10th February, 2013
The BAFTA mask was designed by sculptor Mitizi Cunliffe who is Venus in Aquarius
After her deliberate and cautious trek across the mountainous earthy terrain of Capricorn, from the 3rd February 2013 with a yawn, Venus moved into the light and fluffy clouds of the Air sign Aquarius. All the while she will be alert for new sources of stimulation and enchantment wanting to spend her time socialising and disarming. She will project her open, tolerant, unconventional, friendly image and impress whoever she meets and greets until the 26th of February, 2013 when she gets much more mysterious and emotional in watery Pisces.
Skyfall has 8 BAFTA nominations, its James Bond Actor Daniel Craig is Venus in Aquarius
Venus always loves to indulge, feeding the body, anointing it, making it look, smell and feel really lovely. Venus cannot help herself because that is what she is all about Venus Come Out Of Your Shell. There are other things she loves, such as beauty in all it's forms, an appreciation of the finer things in life like the arts, culture and social bonds.
Fashion Icon Kate Moss has Venus in Aquarius here she is in Hologram form. Venus in the air!
With Venus in Aquarius part of life's great pageant can be a string of such magical occasions. Money and fairness are also part of the Venus makeup which should give us a clue just how fundamental and central Venus is to our lives. There is also the small matter of the heart, l'amour, amore, of course Venus just adores the romance although she can give over a little Aquarian detachment. Yet Love and Money are the two basic ingredients that most people need to blend in order to feel that they have a good handle on life, even an independent, aloof Venus in Aquarius. 
2013 BAFTA Fellowship award winner Director Alan Parker is Venus in Aquarius
Venus has been rather solemn and serious recently. She has been using a restrained and mature mindset to get what she wants whilst deliberating in Capricorn. For the past month we have got used to this way of being, making sure that we attend to our long range goals and keeping our eyes on the task at hand whilst still trying to be helpful to those we love. Now we have Venus in Aquarius running the show and her word of advice, as social secretary, is to lean towards the quirky and the weird and wonderful. Embrace the odd, the misfit and the under represented. 
2013 nominated Golden Globes Actress Glen Close is Venus in Aquarius
'It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories, so many triumphs and tragedies and all we see are yards and drive ways'
If you want to attract, look like you want to join in and be one of the gang but also be prepared to be different because Aquarius simply loves the bizarre. It is impressed by concepts and ideals and loves a grand vision but most importantly it wants fairness. For Venus in Aquarius being true to your inner light and holding on tightly to what you believe is the right thing is paramount. No matter if you alienate or aggravate those who disagree just as long as you have a few close friends of like-minded people and you are being true to yourself then its all cool. Oh and also be prepared to join in the party, have a party, fancy dress, don a mask and ride along with the carnival.
Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade 9th/12th February, 2013
Aquarius wants us to apply our attention to our principles and to what we believe. With Venus the goddess of Love here for a while she will urge us to sample the delights of universal vision, of giving our attention to the many and of following our inner star, no matter how distant or faint. She will want us to wake up to what both separates and adheres us as human beings living together on the same planet. She will want to explore the new and fantastic 'out there' possibilities that may literally be ‘out there’. We have new worlds both inner and outer to explore or put under the microscope, view through a telescope and observe with fascination. Stop all that past Capricorn earnest devotion to ‘the real’ the real point is lets have fun with exploring the unknown.
Venice Carnevale February 2013
'The subversive nature of the festival is reflected in the many laws created over the centuries attempting to restrict celebrations and often banning the wearing of masks.' Street performers, acrobats, masquerades and amazing costumes, acrobats have continued to subvert since the 13th century.
We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more 'off the wall' but happily, pleasantly, tolerant. It will become that much more important to relate with an openness and an acceptance of difference. To allow the ‘odd’ to live with the ‘normal’, to include and respect all manifestations of life no matter how weird or out of the ordinary they may initially appear, anyway lets be extra-ordinary.
BAFTA for Amour Filmmaker/Screenwriter Michael Haneke is Venus in Aquarius
Before we get too carried away with the openness and acceptance it may also be the case that we can also get much more awkward, opinionated, and willful with Aquarius, it is a fixed sign after all. It could be that we get so convinced we miss the mark altogether and bypass what was or is really important or intrinsic to the situation. Or we can get so caught up in idealisations and abstractions that the realities may get overlooked.

Key to understanding what is going on for us now is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Aquarius-attuned’. We all have degrees in our birth chart which look out for any passing Aquarius vibration. Look for your own personal Aquarius antenna. It will be good to look at how smoothly the matters connected to your Aquarius house and planets run at this time and if they are functioning as well as they could be or is there a need for a bit of improvement.  

Performer Elton John is Venus in Aquarius
He apparently upset Chinese authorities  by dedicating a performance to outspoken Chinese artist/activist 
Ai Weiwei. An English language edition of a state run newspaper said the singer was 'disrespectful' when he 'forcibly added political content to the concert.. and that If they had known that this concert would be dedicated to Ai Weiwei many in the audience would not have come' Chinese culture minister, Cai Wu has demanded that only stars with university degrees be allowed to play in China in future. 
If your own Venus is in Aquarius this is a lovely time to welcome in the new arrivals in the shape of people or coins because this is your ‘Wow factor’ time. 
If you have Aquarius spanning the 5th house zone of Romance & Creativity, you may find your ‘fun time’ gets a perk and what you do for the sheer love of it deepens and may go on to another level. 
As for a Sun sign Aquarius, well hey this individual, unusual stuff is easy but to a point because even a ‘lets all do our own thing’ Aquarian needs some fluffy-cuddly, caring, sharing time. Your hearts desire for there to be room for each and everyone in this world does get an extra boost this month. There just may be such a place for you and this is just the time to find it, go on have a look.
2013 BAFTA nominated for Argo Actor Alan Arkin is Venus in Aquarius
Carnival time is when we can merge with the crowd while still wearing a mask or costume to perhaps to protect a full, true exposure of the self sometimes. During this Venus in Aquarius month we all may feel that much safer hiding in a crowd or we may feel that much stronger being part of one. Whatever we choose to do we will want everyone to feel supported in their independence. We all want to feel special within the mass, we are part of the collective but unique in our true expression.
2013 writing stage musical for King Kong, Elbow songwriter Guy Garvey is Venus in Aquarius
The Carnival was well and truly over for the passengers of cruise ship Carnival Triumph.
The stricken cruise ship Carnival Triumph towed into Mobil, Alabama on the 15th February 2013 with 4,200 relieved passengers on board. The Carnival Triumph drama was played out live on cable news stations in the US. Over the last four days passengers have been describing conditions after a dangerous fire with drainpipes overflowing, sewage in cabins and corridors and passengers sleeping on deck.This new drama has created another public relations nightmare for the cruise giant Carnival Corp. Last year the Costa Concordia was grounded and later capsized off the coast of Italy killing 32 people.
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