Thursday 21 March 2013

Venus In Pisces - Sea Change

The Sea Gypsies or Moken/Morgen/Chao Ley 'people of the sea' the original inhabitants of Phuket, Ko Lanta and Ko Lipe, Thailand.Their knowledge 'ocean language', saved many lives in the tsunami of December 2004 but they now stand to lose their land and way of life to tourism, as  developers want them re-located. The Bajau Laut sea people of Borneo have decided to build their pile houses over water, often many miles out but their income from fishing, which knew no sea boundaries, is being restricted.
Venus followed up her detached sightseeing tour, carried aloft on the fluffy clouds, fresh air and thermals of Aquarius and from the 24th February 2013 got totally involved and fully immersed in the Water sign of Pisces where it stayed for the past month. 

UN World Water Day 22nd March 2013. International Year of Water Co-operation
Is water a commodity or a human right?
All the while Venus has been picking up on any and every slight shift and alteration in her environment. Ideally, Venus loves to spend her time gazing in rapt amazement at the kaleidoscope of sparkling, dazzling images and information that passes through her gossamer boundaries. Now she has taken to bathing in the Pisces ocean having joined the Sun, Sun in Pisces - The Oceans of Infinity & The Sea of Souls and Mercury Mercury in Pisces - Postcards from a Magical Mind, also joining Pisces ruling planet, Neptune and the healing Chiron. Everything seems a lot more porous and impermanent then as Venus spent her time disarming and projecting an open, tolerant and friendly image to embrace whoever she may meet and greet. 

The 'Sea of Cantebury' has a new Archbishop in the final degrees of the Pisces Venus, 21st March 2013
(Justin Welby had his own joyful carnival enthronement ceremony Venus in Aquarius - Carnival Season)
The former oil executive has to face the double-headed
 doctrinal demons, women bishops and gay marriage. 
Venus has been a bit weird and experimental previously whilst in Aquarius. She got us used to chasing the unusual and outrageous during her session there. Venus in Aquarius made sure we adopted a much more open, inclusive attitude to those with who we came into contact and being a whole lot more friendly and sociable, especially with those we love. It has been quite a bit different with Pisces running her own style of the 'Love ‘n Money Show’. She probably loved leaning towards the more mysterious, definitely the more emotional and being a great deal more sensitive when interacting with others. Venus in Pisces cannot help but embrace the unknowable and sink into the archives that hold the infinite range of possibilities stretching out, both behind and before us, whether literally, in digital, on celluloid film or simply held in our minds eye.
Actress Lois Maxwell has Venus in Pisces she played Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond series
Famous Bond Girl Actress Ursula Andress also has Venus in Pisces
('James Bond Island' inThe Man with the Golden gun - Phanf-Nga, Thailand location)
Pisces Venus has a halo of glamour and a mysterious aura, quietly seducing and charming until the 22nd March, 2013 when she gets much more active, forthright and energetic in the fire lands of Aries, blazing away with Mars, Uranus and the Sun. This Venus in Pisces has wanted to feed the body, anoint it, in order to make it look and feel lovely. Venus Come Out Of Your Shell. Venus loves beauty in all it's forms and has an innate appreciation of all the finer things in life, like art, culture and social bonds. Money and fairness come high on the list of Venus desires and a simple run through of her list will give us a clue as to just how fundamental and central she is to our lives. Relationships are key and really paramount to Venus and fairness comes into play here as well.
Singer Michelle Shocked has Venus in Pisces
Shocked by name and nature it appears. Playing San Francisco club Yoshi on the 18th March 2013 Shocked is said to have ranted out a hateful, fire and brimstone, anti-gay, anti same sex marriage, Prop 8, tirade during her second set 'I live in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry...When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will come back' With people leaving the venue after her agitated abuse, she taunted 'You can go on Twitter and say Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.' She later tweeted 'Truth is leading to painful confrontation #shortsharpshocked.' Shocked is a born-again Christian but has previously stated 'homosexuality is no more or less a sin than fornication. And I'm a fornicator with a capital F.'
Getting Love and Money arranged in a way that is pleasing and absorbs your own unique ideas of those energies is important to everyone. Establishing our own unique values will make most people feel fulfilled and as if they have a good handle on their life. You can deny one of those energies but it is unusual to deny both of them so we do need to define our own versions and recognise their magnetism.
Brazilian professional Maya Gabeira has Venus in Pisces has surfed a 45 foot wave at Dungeons, South Africa.
With Venus in Pisces if you want to attract just look like you want to understand and that you already have a key to your own store of knowledge and demonstrate that you have an ocean of time to give, so much so that you can appear to stop times ruthless countdown. There are no boundaries in this place, no hard lines to hit, just a never ending expanse, a void, in fact. Avoidance is a Pisces strategy which could save you or sink you, depending on when it is applied and using intuition as your only true guide. Another attraction for Venus in Pisces is simply hinting that you may already secretly ‘know’ and have already been to the end of some rainbow because Pisces loves any mystery. For Venus in Pisces 'living the dream' is actually reality. Pisces loves to swim between worlds as if demarcations are invisible because it will all get merged in time anyway. You could find yourself merging with someone or something, an ideal, into a crowd, or an organisation, in fact, anything that takes you out of a small world and fuses you with a bigger one. You become more somehow, as you delight in the oceans opening up before your very eyes and as you take things further and further out into the every expanding, limitless spaces. Venus in Pisces is lush, seductive, elusive, beguiling and can also be a complete and utter mystery. Try asking those who relate intimately to someone born under 'Venus-in-the-fishes' and find out just how puzzling and unfathomable they can often appear, even to themselves. 
Actress/Singer Zooey Deschanel has Venus in Pisces
'Always the aim for me is making people feel like they are not alone.That's just the greatest feeling'
Pisces wants us to apply our attention to our feelings and to the soulful depths of our being. With Venus the Goddess of Love here for a while she would have urged us to sample the delights of the imagination and to really indulge our fantasies. She will have wanted us to emphasise and understand our fellow man and be respectful to the creatures of the earth. She would have also wanted to be glamourous, to put on a bit of show, to hype things up and sprinkle some stardust over just about everything. Venus in Pisces will want us to connect and stop all that Aquarian detached rational thinking and get on and just ‘be’. Sure you may cry a bit more, you may laugh a bit more but you will feel. The whole world will feel more, as if it has morphed into an altogether different place, most probably a far sweeter one, if Pisces had a chance with much more heart.
So we all had a month where our relationships got a bit more ‘involved’ and complex. Perhaps more people changed their status on their Facebook page to ‘It’s complicated’. Certainly ‘simple’ did not come with Venus in Pisces. It became that much more important to relate with sensitivity, humour and delicacy and to allow space for what is ordinarily ignored or overlooked. Before we get too carried away with the sweetness and light aspect, it may have also been the case that we got much more agitated and stirred up easily. The smallest things may have inflicted us with the greatest worry. Of course we cared more but this may have also brought us much more than we bargained for as we may have added more confusion to the mix than was really necessary. Our imaginations may have also conviced us that black was white, up was down and out was in. Actually the truth of the matter was neither this nor that and just an endless and infinite judder.
Key to understanding what went on for us in retrospect is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Pisces-attuned'. We all have degrees in our birth chart that intuit any Pisces vibration, our personal Pisces antenna. It will be good to look at how smoothly the matters connected to your Pisces house and/or planets ran. Were they functioning as well as they could or is there now room for improvement?
Doctor Michael Mosley has Venus in Pisces, a journalist/scientist covering the wonders of the human body, exercise and the 5:2 diet, intermittent Fast diet.
If you have Pisces spanning the 5th zone of Romance & Creativity, you may have found your ‘fun time’ got a boost as what you do for the sheer love had the chance to deepen and may have also got a lot more involved and emotional. 

If your own Venus is in Pisces this period would have brought the chance of a lovely time. A time to welcome in new arrivals whether in the form of money or people. This was a chance to really work our opportunities.
A deep sea salvage crew funded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss has recovered  pieces of two Apollo engines.
If you are a Sun sign Pisces then this was all too familiar for you. Yet even a sensitive feeling Pisces needed time alone to sort stuff out and process things. Your hearts desire for kindness and understanding for everyone got an extra boost and this last month may have been just the time to really paint your own colours or after reflecting, of course, get the paintbox out now. All the glitz and glamour, all the hype and spin hides a yearning for something ‘greater than’ with Venus in Pisces, a pull to get out of our small self and join in with something bigger. We could have made ourselves more attractive and glamorous as we dipped into temptation and lured others out into those depths or cold baths. 
Venice A. Fulton has Venus in Pisces
Actor Paul Khanna went from Death-eater in Harry Potter to no eater until about mid day, in his program
Six Weeks to OMG
Venice self published Six Weeks To OMG initially as an ebook in January 2012 and outsold the Dukan Diet in the UK. The book went on to become the New York Times best seller later that year. 
For this Venus in Pisces month it may have felt like sink or swim in the tides and waves of emotion and imagination but it is good to reflect and remember that you have never been alone. If you reached the end of your tether remember that there was always something hanging on that other end. The Pisces symbol, the two fish, showed us that we are always linked. It just remains for us to find out just what we are linked to and that is a continuing and perhaps an infinite, never ending story.
Director Tarik Saleh has Venus in Pisces
(Singer Lykee Li is Sun in Pisces)
credits:screenrush & wikepedia & getty images & stylishthoughts
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