Monday 15 April 2013

Venus in Aries - Love Action

Iconic Actress/Singer Marilyn Monroe has Venus in Aries
'I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best'
After her confusing mystery tour through the ocean depths of oceanic Pisces, from the 22nd March, 2013 Venus jumped right out of the water and began to flash her flames around in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. She just loves burning and searing through the first sign of any trouble as she goes about her business her own way. All the while she wanted to create new patterns, new designs and new paradigms. 
Russian Indira Devi has Mars in Aries
An adventurous life began with a Swedish banker father and a mother from the Russian nobility, she began Drama school in Moscow escaping to Berlin during the russian Revolution. Her 
fascination with India began at 15, when she read a book by poet-philosopher Tagore and a yoga instruction book by Yogi Ramacharaka. she travelled to India adopting her stage name, 'dev' for 'god' to sound Hindu and began to act in Indian films. She also became the first foreign woman among dedicated yogis and began to work as a yoga teacher.
Everything appeared to be a lot more do-able, much more defined and probably a little more hopeful than can seem in less obvious Pisces. Aries Venus spends her time getting on with stuff, dealing with very important ‘busy-ness’ and attending to ‘what must be done’. There must always be something to be done because if not, she may literally get bored and that will literally spell trouble. Aries loves it literal. Venus in Aries will spend her time doing everything as perfectly as she can, getting things just right and making sure she and others is treated with the due amount of respect. Respect is a big word for Venus in Aries, dismiss or underplay it at your peril.
Theoretical Physicist who developed the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein has Mars in Aries
'Everything is energy, thats all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.
Friendly and fun, Venus has been projecting an open, honest and direct image, charming whoever she ran into but now only until the 15th of April, 2013 when she gets really indulgent and obvious in the in earth lands of Taurus. Venus Come Out Of Your Shell Venus always loves to indulge. Venus just adores feeding the body, anointing it, making it look, smell and feeling good is basically what Venus is all about. Venus also loves beauty in all it's forms, she has an inherent appreciation of the finer things such as art, culture and social bonds. Relationships, money and fairness are also high on Venus desires. A run through of her list of desires and to-do's gives us a clue on just how fundamental and central she is to our lives. Love and Money - get those two things sorted and most people feel they have a good handle on life. You can deny one but it is unusual to deny both.
Actor/director/activist George Clooney has Venus in Aries
Ultimate Bachelor 'Sexiest Man Alive' Award (People Magazine)
Venus has been mysterious, elusive and bewitching during her time in Pisces for the past month and has got all of us kind of used to this way of being – saying but not saying, meaning but not meaning, doing but not doing, making sure we adopt a more sensitive, empathetic and compassionate attitude to those with whom we came into contact. How different has it been with Aries the warrior running the ‘Love ‘n Money Show’? More respectful, more mindful of our p’s and q’s? More direct clearer attitudes when relating to others, not taking liberties, not forgetting the details and overstepping our boundaries, how will we know if or when we overstep? Well, for a start, tolerance for falling short of these behaviors will be low, whether from others or within ourselves.
Performance Singer/Internet-Phenomena, Lady Gaga has Venus in Aries
'Mother Monster' back after hip surgery for injury sustained on her 98 date tour Born This Way Ball
If you want to attract a Venus in Aries, look like you want to get on with things and have a plan. Be prepared to take action. Be brave, stand up for yourself and those weaker than you, be active, show care for the creatures of this earth and you will be on the winning team. Acting in these ways will count, this kind of thing will matter, and we will have a low tolerance for sloppy uncaring or cruel behaviors. Venus in Aries loves a code, it loves a set of ethics and standards to live by and it loves nothing better than to be free to do what it wants when it wants. Make no bones about it this Venus goddess of love romance and desire is up for the fight just as much as the warrior god Mars. One big difference is that covered in Venusian charm and seduction this Aries may not at first glance seems as fierce. Hang on one minute, get them fired up and step out of the way as molten hot lava explodes in hot flumes throwing just about everything up into the atmosphere. 

Just let others do their own thing without interference be kind to everyone and all creatures, be respectful and we may just have got through without too much scorching and singing around the edges. Drink coffee too hot and we burn our tongue, overstep the mark and we get told in no uncertain terms what we did wrong, push the door over the threshold and we may get a glimpse of either a demon or an angel just depends on whether we have been naughty or nice.

Actress Jennifer Aniston has Venus in Aries
In a media 'love-triangle battle' hype with Angelina Jolie about ex-husband Brad Pitt since  2004
'I have had like wind-burn from this year' On turning 44 in 2013.... Yoga 
calms me down. It's a therapy session, a workout and meditation all at the same time.'
Venus in Aries means that we can push and manipulate ourselves into odd shapes and uncomfortable poses, as we are well able to hold a posture or mental attitude for a long time. We are able to withstand and weather the storm just so that we can accomplish our goal. Woe betide you if you meet the fury or hit a wall of displeasure you could be faced with a dark blank stare from a Venus in Aries if you offend their sensibilities or clash against them in some way. Basically Venus in Aries wants to Do Right both for itself and for everyone else, they really do care and it really does matter to them that we all treat each other kindly and with respect. During this time then we should all attend to these matters if we want to increase our own store of love and money.
Independence, a very important and key word for everyone at Venus in Aries time, and one not to be taken lightly, it will be a delicate balance between affording the freedom and independence which is so craved against the equally strong need to be social and loving. More a case of 'don’t hem them in' but be there when they need you. If we are all wanting this very same thing then it is a tricky, delicate balancing act to pull off.

Ironman Actor Robert Downey Jnr has Venus in Aries 
Aries wants us to apply our attention to our actions, to press on and get moving. With Venus the goddess of Love here for a while it will urge us to get a project started, to actually do what we have been imagining or dreaming of whilst it was in Pisces. Now is the time to slap on our war paint, do our war dance and go after what we desire.
We will all have a month where our relationships may get a bit more feisty and fired-up. Expect passions to be stirred and sudden rushes of blood to the head as impulse control will be a bit on the loose side. Do not expect indecision or wavering with Venus in Aries as we strike to the heart of the matter and claim our prize.
It may also be the case that we have been getting much more irate and impatient. Our frustration levels could have soared at the slightest roadblock or the faintest sniff of a restraint over this period. There may be more than a few red faces around after doing something foolish as we may act first and think second with a swashbuckling attitude which masks a vulnerability quite close to the surface. The ideal of perfection is like a windmill we may all have been chasing in many ways throughout this period sometimes to the good and sometimes less so but always with a brave and bold intention.

Actress Icon Audrey Hepburn has Venus in Aries
'I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe the happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles...Nothing is impossible the word itself says I'm possible...For beautiful eyes look for the good in others, for beautiful lips speak only words of kindness and for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone'
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Aries-attuned’, we all have degrees in our birth chart which looks out for any Aries clout, your personal Aries antenna. It will be good to look at just how smoothly the matters connected to your Aries house and/or planets have been running. Are they functioning as well as they could be or is there room for improvement?
If you have Aries spanning the 5th zone of Romance & Creativity, you may have found that your ‘fun time’ got a little perk as did what you do just for the sheer love of it. This may continue to deepen and go to another level.
If your own Venus is in Aries, a time to welcome in new arrivals in the shape of people or coins. This is your time for you to have the ‘Wow factor’ - work it!
If you are a Sun sign Aries then this stuff is easy, right? Well to a point, even an ambitious and keen Aries knows the value of down tools and switching off the whirring motors. Your hearts desire for spontaneity, independence and self-expression gets an extra boost, however. As Venus moves into Taurus, lets review how we shaped up.
For this Venus in Aries month we may have just had that spark that sets us off on our way to get what we want. The ignition of impetus to go out and get our quarry. we could just have got the impulse to just jump into situations unprepared. This readiness for the now, freshness, newness and ‘wonder-ess-ness’ may well take us into new ground and open up virgin territory as we charge into a new chapter with all the power, force and energy to startle and re-start our thirst for life. We all may feel just a little bit more refreshed and renewed in a place that we have 'fought' hard for....Mars in Aries - The Primal Punch

Both Singers Chris Martin & Rhianna have Venus in Aries
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