Thursday 13 June 2013

Venus in Gemini - The Power of Choice

 WindFarms, Windfalls or Windbags June 2013
The Conservative/Liberal Democrat UK Coalition Government are showing us both sides of their weakened coin and throwing in their very different hands, fuelling growing tensions in their energy debates. They appear to be putting forward measures to give local communities more of a say and more powers to block the development of onshore wind farms whilst at the same time offering greater incentives in the form of subsidies and reductions in energy bills for embracing them.
Tasting the honey, chewing the cud, taking the air and feeling the breeze against her skin was just a few sensual of the delights and gifts Venus enjoyed with her stay in the earthy sign of Taurus the Bull. From the 9th May 2013 until the 3rd June 2013 Venus began to dodge and dart around into the flibbity-jibberty style of Gemini. The Mutable Air sign Gemini is the sign of The Twins and everything could have appeared as double-barreled, two pronged, with mixed messages, dual meanings, general truths tied up as apparent nonsense, or just puzzles in a mixed media delivery format. 
Australian Activist, founder of controversial website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has Venus in Gemini. 
He made available secret information and classified media gained from whistleblowers and anonymous news sources. WikiLeaks became well known or infamous, depending on your point of view, internationally when it published U.S. military and diplomatic documents and media. Proponent of free speech or a dangerous maverick, both Gemini twins are often cited in descriptions of Assange. The Swedish police have requested assange to appear for questioning in a sexual assault inquiry but he absconded the British governments intention to extradite him by staying inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since the 19th June 2012.
Mars in Aquarius - Idealistic Battles & Contradictions Assange has praised the latest serious whistleblower of the covert NSA Prism surveillance Edward Snowden, calling him 'a hero'  and someone who has revealead 'one of the most serious events of the decade, the creeping formulation of a mass surveillance state' 10th June 2013
Simply put, which is never easy with Gemini involved, Venus during her quick visit here would have loved the word play, loved some flowery language, and loved to ‘mix it up’ by thowing in the odd communication or two, some very odd communication indeed.We may have expected the rhetoric to flourish and with any flourishing rhetoric perhaps also the chance of some confusing speech, disguised as simple and simple speech disguised as complex. When Venus is playing in Gemini, whether natally, those of us born with this position, or at the time of the year when Venus rushes by just passing through....
Tennis Wimbledon Champions American Venus Williams & French Amelie Muresmo have Venus in Gemini
Venus and her sister Serena, currently World No1 in singles tennis came up the hard way 'straight outta
', downtown Los Angeles, notorious for its gang violence, gansta rap/hip-hop and crack cocaine. They both encountered racial prejudice early on in tennis and were coached by their father Richard.
A protester, waving a lit flare, bare chested and masked ran onto the court at the Mens single final at Roland Garros, Paris 9th July 2013 and was restrained by security with two men holding a banner accusing France of trampling on children's rights earlier. These protests were against the legalisation of gay marriage in France. The director of the French Open condemned the protests as 'pathetic' and did not want to give them any more publicity. A sporting heroine of France, Muresmo came out as gay in the full glare of the press aged 19.Her Twitter account proclaims 'It's me! Nowhere and everywhere' As France's Fed Cup Captain she  supported Wimbledon Women's Singles Champion Marion Bartolli 2013
A word about Venus Venus Come Out Of Your Shell basically she likes to indulge herself by feeding the body, anointing it, making it look, smell and feel special is what she is about. Venus loves beauty in all it's many forms, and she has an appreciation of the finer things in culture, art, music, social bonds, relationships and devotions although we have to accept that not everyone loves in the same way or indeed the same things.
Jailed Pussy Riot Prisoner of Conscience Maria Alyokhina 'Masha' has Venus in Gemini
A 4th year student of Journalism and Creative Writing in Moscow she was jailed for 'hooliganism and religious hatred' after a protest performance in a Moscow Cathedral and as been recognised as a political prisoner since. (Other prisoners Nadezhda Tolokonnikova & Yekaterina Samutsevich)

An HBO documentary aired on 10th June 2013 HBO Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer
After asking for parole she went on a brief hunger strike that ended in June 2013. International criticism continues as new Russian anti-gay laws, including one on ' propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations' appear to serve as encouragement for harassment, violent attacks and recently two murders.
Relationships are very high on a Venus list but money and fairness also come under the remit of our Venus desires. A run through our personal list will give us a clue as to just how fundamental and central Venus style demands and priorities are in our lives. We all know that if we get Love and Money sorted out that we have a chance at getting a good handle on our life. We can have a try at denying the need for one but it is unusual to deny both, at least not intentionally.
Jack & Jackie Kennedy both have Venus in Gemini
11th June 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of President JFK's Radio & TV 11th June civil rights address to the nation when attitudes to racism was still in its infancy and the 26th June 1963 his Berlin speech delivered to a divided city during the height of the Cold War, where he memorably proclaimed 'Ich bin eine Berliner', siding with West Germany over Soviet support of East Germany, the Gemini twins at war and threatening to throw things at each other over the wall. President Obama re-visiting Berlin in June 2013 amid outrage over the US secret internet spying programme and Edward Snowdon leaking documents to the Washington Post and Guardian newspapers. The NSA PRISM programme gives US officials covert access to  emails and web chats communications from companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. D
ata privacy will continue to be a major cause for concern in Europe as there appears to be no choice involved, Europeans are not protected from this type of US surveillance programme intrusion in any way and American laws of protection only appear to be applying to Americans. 
Venus may have had felt sensual, measured and deep during her time in Taurus which got us all kind of used to that way of being, taking our time, having concern for the wider community and indulging our senses. What appeared to change when she moved to Gemini, just how different was life for us with The Naughty Twins running riot around the ‘Love ‘n Money Show’? Did we use languages expertly, adapt to the sudden changes, and up our levels of dexterity? Maybe we could have navigated our path through the merry month of May 2013 a little easier by being flexible rather than stuck rigidly to our guns or floundered in the complacency of some of our habits and changed nothing at all.
Marathon Runner Joan Benoit has Venus in Gemini (Sun in Taurus)
She won Gold in the 1st Womens Marathon at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1984.
'When I first started running I was so embarrassed I'd walk when cars passed me. I'd pretend I was looking at the flowers' Sun in Taurus - Tending To Our Gardens
Professional Basketball Player with 4 Olympic Gold Medals  Lisa Leslie also has Venus in Gemini
During her initial basketball trials when team members were told to split into two groups for left handers and right handers she was the only 'lefty', she decided to use her right hand so she would not have to be by herself. That choice worked to her advantage as she is now ambidextrous, in true Gemini form.
If we wanted to attract or to appear more attractive during Gemini Venus time we may have had to become aware of 'the more the merrier' adage. Wanting to be 'in there' and among the crowd, chopping and changing our object(s) of fascination or just shifting to another groups, preferably groups of admirers. All this could have appeared to have been a breeze and as natural as breathing. We may also have been trying hard to impress with our clever use of information, just dazzling with our communication skills or regretting saying just a little too much.

Danish Film Director Lars von Trier has Venus in Gemini
co-founder of Dogma95 with friend Thomas Vinterberg, extolling the vitues of simple storytelling and excluding elborate special effects in filmmaking, perhaps contradicting himself a little in Melancholia and expending some
 'hot air' about the Third Reich that did not go well at the Cannes Film Festival.' What can I say? I understand Hitler, but I think he did some wrong things, yes, absolutely...He's not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him, and I sympathise with him a little bit. But come on, I'm not for the Second World War, and I'm not against Jews...I am of course very much for Jews, no not too much, because Israel is pain in the ass, but still how can I get out of this sentence. Later in answer to another critic who questioned whether Melancholia was an answer to Hollywood blockbuster films asking von Trier if he could imagine doing a film on a grander scale, von Trier replied, 'On a grander scale? Yeah. Yeah that's what we Nazis, we have a tendency to do things on a greater scale. Yeah, maybe you could persuade me into the final solution with journalists' 
His press release photo attached to his 2013 film Nymphomanic is an ironic reference to this.
We would all have all had a month where our relationships may have got a bit more unsettled and/or playful. Freedom and ‘space’ concerns could have dominated our relating and we examined multiple view points and new areas of interest. This would have been most enjoyable with a twin soul but if not then we would have gladly pursued the interest solo. Looking out and being on the look-out for our one true love, our soul mate, our other half would have become quite energised and for those already with ‘their one’ this time would have been an explosion of shared mutual interests. 
Before we get too carried away with the excitement and pleasure of all this variety it may also be the case that we became much more aware of unreliability, demonstrations of a side of the mouth expression, even two-faced behaviour style or simply a one-sided, uncompromising one. 
French National Front Founder/Leader & Presidential Candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen has Venus in Gemini
'Ni Pote, Ni Black, Ni Blanc, Ni Beur, Francais' (neither friend nor black nor white nor arab French)

His daughter Marine Le Pen now leads the French National Front and wrote on Twitter after the protest suicide in Notre Dame 'All our respect to Dominique Venner, whose final gesture, eminently political, was to try to awaken the people of France' She is now also demanding political asylum for US whistle blower 
Edward Snowden.
Our facility to see more than one side of any situation, coupled with a keen articulation of possibility could have been frustrating to those just wanting a straight answer! There is always more than we bargained for in sort of Gemini presentation, given that they always come as a pair.
'Mandiba' South Africa's 1st Black President Nelson Mandela has Venus in Gemini
His friend Mac Maharaj who also has Venus in Gemini, described by Mandela as 'the cleverest chap I've ever met',was also imprisoned with other ANC supporters on Robben Island during the apartheid. Maharaj, transcribed and smuggled out a draft of Mandela's autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom is still acting as spokesman, buffering 95 year old Mandela, in failing health, from unnecessary outside world intrusions. Mandela was rushed to hospitalon the 7th/8th June 2013 in the early hours with a long-term lung infection, contracted working in the prison quarry and Tuberculosis developed during his 27 years incarceration . 
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Gemini-attuned’. We all have degrees in our birth chart which looks out for any Gemini vibration, our personal Gemini antenna. It will be good to look at how smoothly the matters connected to our Gemini houses and/or planets ran at this time? Did they function as well as they could, is there room for improvement or even some room to manoeuvre, reverse, revise and try a new perspective or two. 
 Right-Wing French Historian Dominique Venner has Venus in Gemini
On 21st May 2013 on a busy day, amid tourists and people praying he shot and killed himself in front of the altar in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris after placing a sealed envelope on the steps. In his youth he
 had been jailed for violence against Communists. Nearly 80 he felt that French civilisation was being replaced by an 'Afro-Maghreb culture' and would end up with Sharia Law as former French colonies were overwhelming the Republic shown in his final blog message 'Peaceful street protests will not be enough to prevent it...It will require new, spectacular, and symbolic gestures to wake up the sleepwalkers, to shake the slumbering consciousness and to remind us of our origins … and rouse people from their complacency … We are entering a time when words must be backed up … by new, spectacular and symbolic actions.' His extreme symbolic action was prompted by the passing of the law legalising gay marriage in France. He regarded this as another dismantling of French culture as did the immigration of millions of Muslims and the white French culture also being overwhelmed by Americanism, predicting a ''total replacement of the population of France and of Europe'
If you have Gemini spanning the 5th zone of Romance & Creativity, you may have found that things may not have been that bad and that your ‘fun time’ got a perk as did what you do for the sheer love of it. All may have gone to another deeper level. Is your own Venus is in Gemini was it a time to welcome in new arrivals.
Italy's Senate Vice President Roberto Calderoli has Venus in Gemini
Commenting on Italy's first black cabinet minister Congolese born Cecile Kyenge 
'I love animals, bears and wolves, as everyone knows but when I see the pictures of Kyenge I cannot but think of, even if I’m not saying she is one, the features of an orangutan.'
If you are a Sun sign Gemini then this stuff may seem easy. Well to a point, because even a cheeky, clever Gemini knows the value of engaging the mind before the tongue and the heart before the mind!
Astronomer Frank Kameny has Venus in Gemini
'One of the most significant figures' in the Gay right Movement in America he was dismissed from the US Military for his open homosexuality beginning his struggle with the American establishment in the '60's.
He now has a minor planet named in his honour Frankkameny  
For this Venus in Gemini time we may have had a vista of possibilities that opened up before us and a plethora of choices that serve to entice and revel. The anxieties could have been about exactly which ones to choose, what to leave and sacrifice and which ones to pick up and develop. As Venus moved on into Cancer we will be hoping to try and enrich, deepen and nurture those ideas we have decided to bring with us on our continuing journey. Choice is power and the more the merrier, or is less more, right or left, green or red, crescent or cross, rainbow or jackboot......decision decisions,
ad infinitum.
Singer/Writer/Icon Bob Dylan has Venus in Gemini
credits:indieWire & reuters & BBC & maximeshematov& charismanews & the tribune online
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