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Mercury in Gemini - Postcards From An All Court Mind

British Tennis Champion Andy Murray has Mercury in Gemini
 Wimbledon Champion Men Singles 7th July 2013. 
Has he got it covered after 77 years waiting for a British Champion at Wimbledon?
Oh yes he has!!!
Mercury moved country on the 15th May 2013 from the sure and certain terrain of earthy Taurus in order to briefly flit on the airy and changeable winds of Gemini for a brief few weeks, moving out on the 1st of June 2013. Gemini and its ruler Mercury enjoys things brief, short and sweet and varied therefore a quick fling with this sign for a few weeks will have suited it admirably. After all why bother to labour a point if it can be made succinctly, despatch adroitly and then dispassionately leave behind in order to give air space for something new, perhaps. 
Spanish Tennis Champion Nadal has  Mercury in Gemini
French Open Mens Singles Champion 2013
Mercury in Gemini can bring in, carry around or trade directly in information. Sound bytes within bites, chunks and slices of data scrambled and mixed into a variety of and diversity. Evolution is achieved by minute adjustments and amendments, flexibility and adaptability giving the evolving entity the edge. To quickly shift direction, to catch the change before it catches up with you, to anticipate, premeditate and out maneuver what could potentially annihilate, are just some of the attributes that can ensure survival – or at least give a fighting chance so that progress progresses. We look for the upper hand, and indeed, Gemini and its ruler Mercury have the hands, arms and shoulders as part of its symbolism.
Serbian Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic has Mercury in Gemini
World No1, Runner up Wimbledon Mens Singles final 2013 & Runner up French Open Mens Singles 2013
'Pressure is a privilege in a way and a big challenge for every professional athlete..It's just a matter of understanding it, and maturing as a player and getting that necessary experience to use it at the right moments to cope...It's a privilege because it means that you are doing something that counts. And all my life I have been dreaming to be the best in what I do and my dreams came true.'
The roads in this land may sometimes seem meandering, and may appear to go ‘off piste’, with many side roads to choose and with no one clear obvious path ahead but instead what faces us are multiple choices and varied options, all offering signs of attraction and fascination. We may have found that there was just not enough time to do all justice, some may have been only briefly explored and then discarded, some may have held us longer than we may have wanted, however all would have had us in their thrall and we would have been grateful for that no matter what the eventual outcome. 
This is a time that generates so many questions, quite a few answers, and all the wonderful variants in between. Communications, conversations and connections would have sped up and lit up many more branches of investigations, things could not have been ‘just as they are’ instead things would have been ‘more than what they are’. It would have been in our best interests to have kept our minds, hearts and palms open to even the slightest movements and changes constantly taking place. A butterfly is as light as a feather but holds up and opens out wings of saturated colours. The more we look the more we find and with Mercury in Gemini we most definitely want to look more, the list can be endless and so can the results. 
German Tennis Champion Steffi Graf has Mercury in Gemini
Graf retired in 1999 after 107 Singles titles, 11 Doubles, a Golden Slam - 1988 French Open,
1988 Australian Open, 1988 Wimbledon Championships, 1988 Olympic gold medal, & 1988 US Open

has been playing a role in supporting and sending good luck messages to German 2013 Wimbledon Ladies Finalist, Sabine Lisiki  'It’s not easy for anybody to come back and play the next day after such a big victory but Sabine Lisicki stayed focused, played smart and truly seemed to enjoy herself as she continued her winning streak at Wimbledon' Graf wrote on Facebook after Lisiki beat Serena Williams on her way to the final. Lisiki responded with 'I am overwhelmed....I am just so happy. I was just fighting for every single point. I fought my heart out. Becoming the first German in the final since her has not really sunk in yet and winning Wimbledon would be a dream coming true' Unfortunately Lisiki's nerves meant she was runner up to the 2013 Ladies Champion the beautiful, unique Marion Bartolli of France.

This is the air space and territory of Gemini in which we all occupied for a few weeks, as we do every year and it was to this language we became acclimatised. Whenever Mercury changes sign, we need to learn a whole new language and adapt to completely different customs to the ones we have become used and familiar. Mercury affects the way we process and deal with information. In other words, how we talk, think, chat, twitter, blog, text, write, read, listen and learn and Gemini is a curious sign. Much like Alice in Wonderland, we can get lost in the array of choice. True gemini is clever and dexterous but can also be seen as dispassionate and superficial, at worst. When given the facts Mercury in Gemini will just add more facts, more information, more pieces still and moving. It all becomes so jangled and dizzy the answers may simply be just stare at the centre employ our best peripheral vision and wonder at what appears next.
Swedish Tennis Champion Bjorn Borg has Mercury in Gemini
World No1, 11 Grand Slams singles, 5 consecutive Wimbledon singles & 6 french Open singles.
One of the Classic greatest matches pairing with great rival John McEnroe.
When Mercury passes through such a fliberty-jibberty sign we can expect a kaleidoscope of information, and this would have been exactly what we got, we may have needed a lie down in a darkened room as a result, but such dreams are made of these images gathered! Sleeping is not something Mercury in Gemini indulges in especially, after all how can you keep count of all those sheep and animals coming into the ark unless you are fully conscious? Sleep can come later when our counting is done, when Mercury moves into the waters of Cancer, maybe. In Cancer maybe can we allow the unconscious some more room.
Mercury is travel, trade, exchange, communication and busy activity and here in ‘what else is new?’ Gemini it can appear to send itself into a veritable spin. Gemini is an Air sign and as such flourishes in movement, freedom of expression, space and room. Stagnation is not an option. Breathing in and out is a highly complicated operation, which is done without a thought, generally and keeps us alive whether our minds are ‘on it’ or not. The more attention given to this precious process the deeper our awareness will travel on all levels but it is not necessary to be so acutely aware of it just to go about our daily business of living.
It is possible that whilst Mercury was previously in deliberate and stable Taurus many of us noticed that we became more sure and reliable in our thinking as we thought a bit more deeply about things. However, just as we got halfway used to this style of speaking and thinking we suddenly found ourselves in what appeared to be a foreign country where everyone asked us to speak quicker and try new things.You will have noticed the difference from Mercury in Taurus to Mercury in Gemini as you know the difference between the earth and the sky or mountain and meltemi whatever your tasks, vocation or habits.
US Tennis Champion Andrea Jaeger has Mercury in Gemini
She reached both the French Open & the Wimbledon singles final and was World No2 at 16, coached by her reportedly abusive father there were many teenage temper tantrums and she was known as 'the brat'. Her career ended early due to shoulder injuries and she has complained subsequently of the competitive pressure she endured, the offers of steroids and cocaine and the attitude of the more mature players. She briefly became a nun, Sister Andrea but has since left her order.
 You and others around you, remember we all felt this Mercury’s shift, will have seemed to be that much more flighty and flirty. We may have become more light hearted and fancy free, open to trying different options and tasting unknown fruits. We could have got bored easily and craved that blade of grass outside our boundaries.
All of us, our children, our friends, on Twitter, or Facebook, our partners, teachers, bosses, neighbours, the person sitting next to us on the bus and the our leaders will have been a lot more chatty, or a lot more scatty, a lot more curious and inventive. With this Mercury in Gemini our communications will have got much more varied, for good or bad. Whatever symbols we use we will want to say or stand for something.

British Tennis Champion Fred Perry has Mercury in Gemini
He was the first player to win four Grand Slams singles titles and also won three consecutive Wimbledon Championships 1934/1936 and was World No1 for 4 years. He was the last British player to win the Wimbledon Mens Singles Championship,and was the last British player to win any Men's singles Grand Slam title until Andy Murray won the US Open in 2012.

Whilst we all felt this change, this mental shift, how, you may ask, how did it affect me specifically? Well, the sign of Gemini sits somewhere in your birth chart, even if you do not have any planets in this sign. You always have Geminian County somewhere in your psyche. It is this Gemini zone which had Mercury as a house guest. This is where you would have had to be more accommodating, where you would have been wise to shake out the duvet and put out a vase of fresh flowers to make this energy welcome and feel at home so it can do what it needed to do whilst feeling excited about new prospectsIf you know where your ‘Geminian Country' is then be prepared for the anti to be upped. It is here that you may be trying to exercise dexterity and versatility. Take your time and respect the issues affected in that part of your chart. For instance, Gemini may be in your 2nd house of ‘Money & Resources’, in which case Mercury here will probably prompt you to think about and plan changes which impact your bank balance. 

Belgian Tennis Champion Justine Henin has Mercury in Gemini
Known as JuJu she was known as the 'Lioness of Liege'. Her mental toughness but also the variety of her all court game, her footspeed and footwork are all acknowledged as her talents, Her one-handed backhanded stroke has been described as 'the best single-handed backhand in the women's or men's game' by John McEnroe and 'the player I most like to watch' She has a tennis academy, Justine No1 pronounced like Henin in French.

Personal Issues including her failed marriage were cited as the reasons for her initial retirement.
Or if Gemini covers your 7th house or zone of ‘Partnerships’ your plans could be in for a major overhaul concerning your significant other. Making the adjustments will now probably go smoothly. Or is Gemini pulling at your Venus, if so maybe these few weeks will get you thinking about deepening, or severing, your commitment to what you have previously valued. Lets hope you were able to make the most of your facility to think things through rapidly, and make connections previously ignored. Apply your insights and experimentation with consideration. Take a few moments to breathe consciously in an out. From the 1st of June you are about to taken to some very different looking terrain, the Water space of Cancer, where things are will be very different, as quite literally you will be neither in nor out, water or air breather but amphibian between security on rock and the vast ocean so the cleaver thinking done when Mercury was in Gemini may just provide the occasional makeshift life raft.

Muse Singer Matt Bellamy has Mercury in Gemini
credits: marc aspland & the times & & wikepedia
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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