Thursday 11 July 2013

Mars in Taurus - Strong Arm Tactics, Morphing, Stunts & Muscles

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo has Mars in Taurus
The robotic helmets of duo Daft Punk have become iconic.

On April 21st until the 1st June 2013 the warrior planet Mars packed its bags and set off once again on its travels through the 12 signs. Back then it slowly but surely got a firm footing, setting its hooves deeply into the terra firma of the green green grass of Taurus The Bull. While Mars built up its strength in Taurus, it was muscular, dominant and purposeful. It bristled and rippled its muscles and fed its sinew with potent force, the sheer willpower and directed energy was super colossal. 
Actor Henry Cavill has Mars in Taurus. 
Born on the Channel Island of Jersey he plays Superman 'Man of Steel'  in 2013.
'I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m busy. There’s nothing like work to keep you out of trouble..So far, it has been eight months of training. It has been non-stop...Nothing is more rewarding than hard work. When you really put yourself through the mill, eight months down the line, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, I look great and I’ve done it all by myself..We went through various stages of development with the suit…I didn’t look in the mirror when I was putting the suit on. But then I looked in the mirror when I stood up. It’s one of those things I will never forget…It looked fantastic and I felt like Superman. It was an incredible moment.'

Mighty is what this Mars is, mightily immovable and as sure of itself as it can possibly be. Four legs securely planted on the ground, lets say 'dug in' or ‘in its place’ and 'ain’t nothing gonna move it, until and unless it says so. During its stay in Taurus, Mars would have needed a clear purpose and a definite goal to aim . 
Ex Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm 'Mel C Sporty Spice' has Mars in Taurus
 At 39 she completed the Shock Absorber women's Triathlon, a 400m swim, a 21.2km bike ride and a 4.2k run, used as training for the Virgin Active Triathlon, 27th July 2013 in London.

Taurus prefers to have a tangible workable and challenging end point within its sights in order to gather all its monumental energy and then focus single pointededly upon this target before unleashing its phenomenal CHARGE! 
Yorkshire & English Cricketeer Joe Root has Mars in Taurus
20th July 2013, a mighty 178 runs against Australia 2nd Ashes Test at Lords not out, Man of the Match, 
England's youngest century scorer and he shows a strong arm bowling.
'He looks angelic but he's hard as nails'
Taurus is ruled by Mars opposite number, Venus the goddess of Desire, so this is a fecund and potent combinations, the 'masculine power' of Mars sleeps with the 'feminine power' of Venus, desire and drive, yin and yang, fused temporarily into a union.
Tennis Player Agnieszka Radwanska has Mars in Taurus
Coming under attack and from her Catholic home country Poland for semi naked picture of herself by a pool of tennis balls for ESPN. A superstar in Poland Radwanska she was part of the most successful Wimbledon for Poland, with three out of the final 16 making it to the Men's and Women's quarter finals. Jerzy Janowicz beat compatriot Lukasz Kubot, to be knocked out by Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray in the semis. Radwanska was knocked out in this year's semi-finals by finalist Sabine Lisiki.
Mars the planet of action will be driven to achieve its ambition, to get to its desired goal, and along the way it can be extremely stubborn, fixed and determined. We may have found ourselves entrenched in a position and unable to get out even if we wanted, prepared to stand our ground and make a stand there were many occasions upon which our rigidity was both positive and negative. In France human and civil rights took a huge step forward in its becoming the 14th nation to approve of same sex marriage and yet less then a month later a massive anti gay rally of over 150,000 took place there.
'Difference is key to existence' Paris 2013
Mars love a good fight, and in the sign of the bull will it is often enough for the opposition to glimpse the snorting nostrils, flexing muscles and scraping hooves in preparation to advance to take flight and run in the opposite direction as fast as possible and not actual fight need ever occur as a result. A toreador may flap his red cloth and taunt and tease the bull in a ballet of graceful baiting but he has to be as light as a feather to jump out its way once the animal is engaged in attack mode, he must afford it his utmost respect or he will be in danger.

Actor Christian Bale has Mars in Taurus
A tragic shooting during a midnight screening of Batman the Dark Knight Rises in the Century movie theatre, Aurora, Colarado on the 20th July 2012.Aurora Tragedy
Sadly whilst combustible Mars was in textile and fabric loving Taurus  yet another severe fire occurred in a fashion garment factory in Bangladesh, a terrible tragedy involving loss of life.

The garment industry in Bangladesh, supplying high street stores in the West, employs about 4 million workers, mainly women and is the second largest in the world after China. Another fire in June 2013 continues to underline the  extreme dangers involved in working conditions even after the horror of the Ran Plaza blaze two months before claimed over 1,000 lives.
Check out the Taurus zone in your own chart. This area will have the passing of the Bull and the Bull Fighter through it. This is where we would have been urged to act as the ballet dancer or the immovable force. Used wisely this could have been healthy and much longed for, for instance if through your 6th zone you could divert the full force of your attention up your employment or employment rights for others. Or did it pass through your 4th zone of family and you need to don your painting and decorating gear and spark up those DIY tools. Conversely used more negatively you could anger and inflame situations rather then calm them down as you waved your red cape at the wrong target. You might easily have got the wrong end of the stick and charged off towards the wrong enemy. Or did you stage a sit-in which raged for too far too long or just run off. 
Outgoing CEO of Royal dutch Shell Peter Voser has Mars in Taurus The oil giants apparently 'mild-mannered' CEO retires in 2014 with a £13 million pension. Already seen the Occupy Oil protests, (spin off from Occupy the City) in May 2012, on the 11th July 2013, 6 women Greenpeace activists climb the Shard, modelled on a piece of Ice and overlooking three Shell offices in London, protesting against Shell drilling for Oil & Gas in the Arctic. Greenpeace wants the area around the North Pole to be a global sanctuary and not prey to industry London #Shard #Greenpeace #iceclimb live feed
#Greenpeace 'Spider Women' volunteers have climbed the #Shard 11th July 2013
15 hours of free climbing.

For example if it is moved through your 11th zone people you value as friends or allies may have got the silent treatment and remained oblivious as to why, through your 7th a partner may have got stuck and needed your assistance and motivating force.
We can all use the power of Mars to motor us through to our goal to ignite our passions and fuel our issues and drive us ever onwards, but we would also be wise to choose our targets of opposition and desires wisely.
credits: insidesport & the guardian & WTA & AP & BBC Sort
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