Thursday 18 July 2013

Sun in Gemini - Head to Head Fascinations

Iconic Actor Johnny Depp has Sun in Gemini
In Depp career he has played many outcasts. for the role of Tonto he drew on his Native American heritage.
(Depp's co-star in the Lone Ranger is Armie Hammer)
As it does every month, on the 20th May 2013 the Sun traveller, moved country darting hither and thither in a whirlwind of excitement and fascination around the Air space of Gemini and exited 21st June. During that time it felt good to change and experiment, to try stuff out and decrease all the previous attachment in Taurus. We all had a chance to try and stretch out into our minds, move on the wind and surrender to our whims. After all, how can we really know something until we try it, until we take a taste and nibble at the edges of the unknown before alighting once again onto the next attention-grabbing interest? Ah! Variety, it is so fascinating.
Actor Josh Pence has Sun in Gemini
Played Tyler, one half of the famous Winklevoss twins in The Social Network Armi Hammer played the other twin, Cameron but the finished film superimposed Hammer's face over Josh Pence's body to play both.
During Gemini the Twins time, our core purpose, the Sun would have been analysing and distinguishing, by activating the delicate art of tasting and we were all called to partake, at some level of our being, in something either mental, physical or spiritual. So many delicacies, so little time, just as well we could split ourselves into two in order to catch up with ourselves! We needed to spread ourselves out and diversify with Gemini, stretch our boundaries and on the way pick up a little bit of this, a little bit of that, scrunch them all together and Voila! Something entirely novel may have emerged. Of course this ‘something novel’ may be have been entirely inappropriate, unfit for purpose, exactly perfect or merely mildly invigorating. The point is that this is all irrelevant, the point is to keep trying and keep on trying and that is the purpose. It may not be the slogan.
Chairman of the British Conservative Party Maurice Saatchi has Sun in Gemini
Born in Bagdad to a Jewish-Iraqui family co-founder of the 1980's most famous advertising agency,
 Saatchi & Saatchi with his brother. Most famous for the Conservative Party slogan 'Labour isn't working' with a picture of a long dole que. They brothers have a joint fortune of £120 million.
'If you cant reduce your argument to a few crisp words and phrases, there's something wrong with your argument'. Brother Charles Saatchi reduced his argument even further by publicly physically silencing his wife, celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson, she moved out, he announced their divorce, 7th July 2013.
Mars in Aries - The Primal Punch
The Sun, our purpose, found itself extremely favourable to our efforts to learn, connect and gather during Gemini time. It supported our efforts to change, to increase variety and exercise curiosity and by consequence discovered new pathways. We needed to resist rigidity to increase our potential, there is always more to reach for, just flex, stretch and relax. We were encouraged to direct our energies into exploring apparently random, unrelated strands of interest only to find ourselves surprised at the fresh perspective and unanticipated results. Fascinating. There was a shift to the imaginary, the mental, the more ethereal, as were drawn to things that transcend or defy the tangible. There is always other alternatives, other possibilities, other truths, various versions and sliding scales. 
Celebrity Solicitor Baroness Fiona Shackleton has Sun in Gemini
Wanted to be a doctor, not deemed 'clever enough', after getting a third at university trained to be a 

Cordon Bleu chef, her mother's family owned famous Lyon's corner-house tearooms empire and her cousin is celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who she will be representing in her divorce from Charles Saatchi.
Known as 'Steel Magnolia' Shackleton. The Telegraph newspaper reported that Shackleton had been 'overcharging' clients, sometimes by hundreds of thousand pounds, she admitted being 'a bit slack with time sheets' to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, privately remarking in an e-mail about another 'over-charge' and eventual payment from Madonna,'This is good news as I was worried that they were cross about the bill," she wrote, adding: "We obviously shd have asked for more?!!!!! F x.
( before/after 'wet look' photo above, after Heather Mills poured a jug of water over her head in court)
The one and only was less of an option, more like the many and the multiple. This would have been most welcome after the all the deliberations and contemplations of the Sun traveller’s environment in Taurus, as we changed to adopt a more inquisitive and flexible eye upon what was, or apparently was, in front of us. Things may not have seemed quite as solid, dependable or convicted as they were during the Taurus month, and our curiosity was peaked and we wanted to break out of certainty and move into the less substantial, after all we needed to be light to fly and flitting off would have seemed mightily attractive. We would have been less inclined to be weighted or burdened down, wanting to be ready at a moments notice to shift and move.
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has Sun in Gemini
Born in Greece to Danish Royal family and exiled from Greece as a child, sometimes known in the Uk as 'Phil the Greek'. Consort to Queen Elizabeth, 
William & Kate's baby is their third great-granchild.
The Prince is known for his clangers and 'gaffes' that can often be offensive, stereotypical or just blunt and rude, for example, whilst looking at a fuse box in a factory he remarked, 'Looks like its been put in by an Indian', later correcting himself with 'I meant cowboys' 'Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, which I've practised for many years.
He was also linked to conspiracy theories over the tragic death of Princess Diana.
As we all journey with the Sun, we will all have moved into Gemini and it’s facility to learn and be lighter. It has as it's symbol the Twins so it is no surprise that ‘two-ness’, the concept of duality, will feature strongly. Just as light is knowable only because of the darkness and visa versa, so too does Gemini carry opposites so artfully they actually appear as one unified symbol. Ironically we may have felt as if we were eternally looking for the lost part, something irks and itch's so we needed to hunt out the missing X factor, there is always one more piece to find. Strangely we may not feel unified or whole, when in fact we are just that, perfect and unified just as we are.

Greek/American Actress Olympia Dukakis has Sun in Gemini

Cult status as a gay icon 'The fear of not being accepted, of being different, of not having a man all make it hard for a woman to do what she really believes is right for her..
Here are a couple of Geminian secrets: 1) they will ALWAYS keep looking and 2) they just long to rest. This is a combination of course, of abstraction and humanity, body and mind, most welcome to 'Gemini&Gemini Sun Inc'. These issues and behaviours would have been all around us, whether we liked it or not, whether we pondered or not, answered deliberately, evaded everything, debated, at some level we were destined to met them face to face and sometimes head on and sometimes from the past. 
The legendary original Lone Ranger's partner Tonto Jay Silverheels has Sun in Gemini
As Gemini energy poured down to us through the Sun’s rays how did it effect us all, indoors, outdoors, sleeping or waking, we were saturated in its far-reaching power. We could have been more buzzy, more active and a touch hyper-active! We could have been constantly intrigued and enticed, prone to sudden ideas alternating with moments of torpor as we attempted to catch up with our restless selves as they moved in and out of all the various activities they got caught up in. We may have felt that we had to be always observing, to always be on the look-out. After all even butterflies must be on the watch for the net.
Paul McCartney has Sun in Gemini
Famous Songwriting partnership with John Lennon. Famous marriage partnership with photographer Linda Eastman. With her he became a high profile vegetarian, once writing to the Dalai Lama asking him why he still ate meat and also practicing TM (Transcendental Meditation). Yet he was described by Ringo Starr as 'pleasantly insincere' and George Harrison 'very selfish actually' and being told by 
John Lennon 'you're all pizzas and fairytales'. 
His famous reaction to being told of John Lennon's murder was 'It's a drag'

The zone's/houses in our charts presided over by Gemini in our lives will have undergone their annual restless shifting and sorting. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Gemini energy then they will have vibrated easily to this energy. If you are Venus in Gemini the way you relate and how you receive love and money will have got a boost. If you have Mars here, the way you marshal your troops to attack or defend will have rushed to the frontline. You may well have been called up to put your ideas to the test to even amend and adjust them so that they can morph into something new.

Sun in Gemini time, the end of May into June was about shape shifting and stretching, experimenting and fresh fields. It was about sticking our necks out or to discover that we were where we wanted to be along. Ah sweet, sweet eureka! It was right here for us after all, now maybe we have turned over another couple of leaves as a result. Hard to get all these ideas out of our heads.

Head to Head with Kylie Minogue who has Sun in Gemini
Sainsburys advert couldn't get unknown Megan Wylers version out of our heads, perhaps less is more.
credits: firstpost & guardian & telegraph 
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