Saturday 27 July 2013

Mars in Gemini - Promote Your Own Brand

Guitarist/Songwriter & co-founder of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards has Mars in Gemini
Rolling Stone magazine credit Richards with creating 'rock's greatest single body of riffs' After over 50 years as a band the 'Stones' headlined Glastonbury Festival 2013 and Hyde Park 2013
On the 1st June 2013 the warrior planet Mars set off once again on its ongoing route march through the 12 astrological signs. This time it darted up and into the air space of Gemini the Twins, before it began further manoeuvres from the 13th of July 2013 in the water sign of Cancer. 
Former Spice Girl/Designer/Stylist for 'Brand Beckham' Victoria Beckham has Mars in Gemini
While Mars was in Gemini, it became quite flighty, lighter than air and hovered over us, restlessly shifting, adjusting, swooping and rising like a kite in the wind or like the twins on bikes. 
London Mayor Boris Johnson has Mars in Gemini
'Brand Boris' and his 'Boris Bikes', available to pedal around London, sponsored by a bank. He has just unveiled a giant blue cockerel on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square to celebrate a British win in the Tour de France.
With bodybuilder, Terminator actor Arnold Swazanegger, 'Brand Arnie' 'I'll be back'
served two terms Governor of California. 
Mars, during its stay in Gemini, would have needed gentle tugs from the control reel on the ground occasionally just to maintain its connection to Earth, but mostly its colours constantly changing with the light could have held us enthralled by its magic. For us us here on the ground this time would have had its moments of flights of fancy, big plans and fleeting glimpses of a better future. Just as a kite quickly moves into another formation so too may we have done an about-turn and re-sighted our aim.

Sean Taro Ono Lennon has Mars in Gemini
Born on his father John Lennon's birthday brought up by his house-Dad until Lennon's murder 5 years later. 
'Brand Lennon/Ono' Sean is also a musician/activist founding Artists against Fracking with his mother Japanese artist Yoko Ono 'Imagine theres no Fracking'
Mars love a good fight and is ambitious to get to its desired target, and during its stay in Gemini the ‘Action Man’ planet would have tried to achieve its goals by using the power of words and quick thinking. So Mars whilst in the sign of the writer meant the world saw over 100,000 signatures for a petition to pardon Edward Snowden, people fought with the pen. Edward Snowden fluttered from one international air space to another, neither here nor there, waiting in the liminal no-mans-land ready to move to somewhere-elsewhere at the drop of a hat.
Famous US Whistleblower on the run Edward Snowden has Mars in Gemini
Already 'Brand Snowden' a German lingerie company poster shows a young woman seductively suggesting
'Dear Edward Snowden there's still a lot to uncover'
We would also have been prone to rushing in far too quickly as we believed we thought through everything in lightening quick speed by actually may have forgotten to lock the front door. Darting here and there, our movements may have looked sporadic or just too quick, like a lizard moving in the corner of eye, dazzling and fascinating we could have been both the onlooker and the participant interchanging at the speed of light. A newly discover prehistoric lizard the Barbaturex Morrisoni was discovered, named after the Singer for the Doors, the Lizard King himself. 
Iconic Singer for The Doors Jim Morrison has Mars in Gemini
He died from a drug overdose in Paris but 'Brand Morrison' has always and still is a poster staple.
Buried in Pere Lachaise Cementry in Paris his grave did not have a marker then the French authorities placed a shield over it which was stolen, the previous site was  always covered with shells and letters.
Mars loves to get physical and in Gemini, with revel in using dexterous hands, brilliant hand eye coordination or being fleet footed. The Tour de France got underway in Corsica and ended up with a British winner.
British Cyclist Chris Froome has Mars in Gemini
Winner of the 100th Tour de France July 2013 'Brand Froome' soon to start a sponsor frenzy 

started with a free Jaguar F-type.
There was also the gladiatorial tennis battle that took place in Wimbledon.
British Wimbledon Mens Singles Champion 2013 Andy Murray has Mars in Gemini
He is signed to Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment connected to Brand Beckham and the Spice Girls .
Check out the Gemini zone in your own chart. This area will have Mars in the zippy chattering Twins buzzing through it. This is where we would have been urged to act quick witted, flirty or even used a degree of espionage. 
Scottish Actor Sean Connory has Mars in Gemini
Started off as a bodybuilder ended up as 'Brand Bond' 'I want you to die Mr Bond' but he still goes on.

In July 2013 was told to
Used wisely this could have been healthy and much longed for, for instance if through your 6th zone you could employed your skills to further your employment and your brand. 
French Iconic Designer Coco Chanel has Mars in Gemini
Her initials became the ultimate marque, her shop number the ultimate perfume, her 'little black dress' part of fashion mythology, even her birthdate became part of 'Brand Chanel'
We can all use the power of Mars to motor us through to our goal to ignite our passions and fuel our issues and drive us ever onwards, but we would also be wise to choose our targets and desires wisely and think more about the opposition and consequences of our decisions and actions.
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has Mars in Gemini
'Brand Blair' began with 'New Labour' and he was the US Liberty Medal, an annual award of courage and conviction for people who strive to secure 'liberty' for people around the world. For example Tony Blair is seen as being instrumental in ending the conflict in Kosovo and boys born in that country following that war have been given the name Toni or even Tonibler
. However 'Brand Blair' took a hard knock after what is seen as 'PR lies' about'Weapons of Mass Destruction', the 'War on Terror' and Blair's apparent strong support of American foreign policy under US Hawk President George W Bush to the continuing extent of UK participation in the Invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq. (manufactured image)
With Mars in Gemini the mind will want to drive the passions, the mind will be a weapon of inspiration or can just spit out weapons of mass destruction in the form of harsh, hurtful words. 
Pink Floyd Band Member Roger Waters has Mars in Gemini
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group has urged other entertainers to denounce the rock musician anti-Israel activistism of Roger Waters after a giant pig shaped balloon emblazoned with a Star of David was released at a concert in Belgium on the 18th July 2013. 'With this disgusting display Roger Waters has made it crystal clear. Forget Israel, never mind limited boycotts promoting Middle East Peace. Waters is an open hater of Jews' Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Waters has been a vocal activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel accusing Israel of 'ethnic cleansing', 'apartheid' and 'international crimes.' The inflatable pig is totally associated with 'Brand Waters' in many contexts over nearly 50 years.
Arguments are favoured battle grounds but often the real battle is simply boredom. Has the energy of Gemini benefitted us  just recently or did we just get too fidgety and feel like our mental cogs and wheels have just been spinning or did something start up that may never stop.
credits: BBC & the Times & armani & max keiser & the guardian
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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