Tuesday 23 July 2013

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's Son - Father & Sun in Cancer

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Baby Son HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge 
born 22nd July 2013 with Sun in Cancer.
Phew! as Britain boiled and baked on its hottest day of the year, the Duchess of Cambridge finally released her little bun out of the Royal oven giving birth to a baby boy at 16.24 pm in the private Lindo Wing, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, West London. 
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Will & Kate with Little Prince George 
& Princess Diana & Prince Charles with Little 'Wills'
Fuelled with an accurate time of birth, a somewhat novel event for British astrologers, we are able to instantly draw up a birth chart for the baby Prince. As it turned out the precise time of birth mattered a great deal since the Sun, Moon and Venus all changed sign that day.
Whole Sign Birth Chart Royal Baby Prince George of Cambridge 
Fascinating to see that the bright shining solar energy of this baby born to be King was not Leo the Royal sign after all but Cancer the sign of ‘the clan’. The Sun's degree at 29.58 is literally the tail end of the sign of Cancer, a few minutes later and it would have been Leo. But no, clearly this baby's purpose, the Sun, is to address full on and even embody, family, hereditary, the past, roots, clan and tribe. 
              The sign Cancer can be a totem for country, tribe, religion, faith, family, or nation, which people gather around, examples, include the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela. 
Dalai Lama & Nelson Mandela both Sun in Cancer
The Sun also symbolises what each of us draws from our father or paternal heritage and this Royal baby’s father is Prince William, his grandmother, Princess Diana and ‘step-grandmother’, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall who were born under the sign of Cancer.
Prince William & his mother Princess Diana both Sun in Cancer
When a planet is in the last degree of a sign it is an anaretic degree or a critical degree. This is the planet having a last and final gasp in this sign and going out with a bang. Planets in the anaretic degree seem to boldly embody the qualities of the sign, they declare loud and proud 'here I am, this is me!' 
Duchess of Cornwall Camilla has Sun in Cancer
Romance began in 1971 and never went away through both their marriages.
This is the planet saying this is your last chance to sort out these issues and so just so as you see them they will continually bump into your widescreen viewpoint so that you are unable to ignore them. 
King Edward VIII has Sun in Cancer
Abdicated his throne in 1936 'to marry the woman I love' American divorcee Wallis Simpson
Cancerian issues for this Royal baby will be unavoidable and obvious. The Cancer issues, clan, heritage, possession, lineage, tradition and FAMILY-FAMILY-FAMILY!
The last time that there were three male heirs to the throne was during Queen Victoria's reign.
This Cancerian family orientated Sun, using Whole Sign Houses, is tightly tugging at the 10th house Leo cusp as close as it possibly can so the Solar, male, father principle is right at the top of the chart, the highest aspiration and greatest ambition, it is at the peak of its purpose, on the cusp of Kingly Royal Leo. In other words saying ‘I have a Cancerian Daddy who is King, who is much admired and who I will closely follow’.
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge William & Kate
Bringing us quickly onto the Mother principle, which we should be quick about when dealing with Cancer, symbolised by the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. This Royal baby’s Moon is again tightly attached to the Male Solar principle as it lies exactly opposite in the sign of traditional Capricorn, which incidentally, is also the Sun Sign of the baby's mother the Duchess of Cambridge. Babies born with a Capricorn Moon tend to be asked to grow up quickly, to curb childlike impulses and to be mature. The ways of the world can weigh heavy on their shoulders, and Mum is perceived often as being drawn into the world of work or public life. This lunar principle is tucked as tight as can be to the cusp of the 4th house, underneath just a toddler clinging onto mummy's skirt but all the while peaking out.

With a Scorpio Ascendant the Baby Prince will learn to cloak his real feelings and mask what is really going on for him, hiding may become a way of surviving. Often those born with Scorpio Ascendents can report feeling as if there are under surveillance cameras or being followed by a film crew, there are always 'on'.

Lastly a mention has to be made to his Venus in Virgo, on the fixed star of Regulus the most royal of stars! (Regulus) This Venus will be very precise about how and what he shows of himself, nothing will be haphazard or casual. This Venus sign has a deep desire to serve, to help in as many practical ways as possible. This Venus is also opposed by Neptune the planet of spin, dreams, confusion, hype and film. You don’t need to be an astrologer to predict the quanitiy of film footage and media attention this little guy will attract!
Singer/Songwriter Cat Stevens (goes under the name Yusuf Islam) has Sun in Cancer
credits: guardian & wikepedia
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