Tuesday 23 July 2013

Sun in Cancer - Emotional Pitstop

French Writer & Aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Little Prince being his most famous book and one of the best selling books ever. 
On June 21st 2013 the Sun traveller moved country, this time it gently swam the breaststroke, gliding through the water sign of Cancer. It felt good to ease and feel our way through, to suss out and pick up on things that at first glance appeared to appear as inconsequential. We received and tuned into to all manner of messages, as more often than not we ‘got it’ as we subtly navigated our way through the shallows and the depths and the rise and fall of our warmer (Northern Hemisphere) days and nights. Our emotions and impressions were tidal, our days washed seamlessly into the nights, life surged one minute and drew back the next. Up and down we bobbed grabbing onto whatever flotsam and jetsam washed past us as we closely examined it so that its purpose could be established where upon it may be discarded or possessed accordingly...and then we also waited...
The Duke of Cambridge Prince William has Sun in Cancer
His wife Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to little Prince George 4.24 pm 22nd July 2013
The baby is also Sun in Cancer.
Our purpose, the Sun, during Cancer the Crab time, will have been to develop and establish a base of emotional security both for ourselves and others, we may have to build from the bottom up, starting from scratch, but at least we have the power to decide and choose the pattern of the foundations. This is building block time, this is time to have gathered the materials and people and ideas from which the rest of the year will pivot. Hope you felt the need to gather, gather, gather, choose wisely come from your heart, gut and soul and not have been solely rely on intellect and just what we are told, or previously learnt, instead hope we all tried to take everything for their merits as we saw fit and judge things as fresh, new and pure.
Virgin Group Founder British business magnate Richard Branson has Sun in Cancer
Dyslexia and a bad academic record led Branson into being a billionaire and owning his own island home
This Cancer space that the Sun, our purpose, found itself in was extremely favourable to our efforts to gather, intuit and hone in on what it is you need. It will have supported our efforts to deeply and sensitively connect emotionally. Exercise our gut feelings, our impulses to nurture, grow and care. We have wanted to direct our energies into your nest, those closest to us or into our own inner nature. We will have responded in our own unique ways and given value to these responses, as they are our truth bearers guiding us into further understandings.
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has Sun in Cancer
Both his parents were well known actors.July 2013 he played Julian Assange also Sun in Cancer in Wikileaks thriller The Fifth Estate. Mars in Aquarius - Idealistic Battles & Contradictions
There was a shift to the emotional the imaginative, the mystical as we drawn to things that gently whisper to and coax our soul. There is always the constant sound of the sea drawing us ever deeper into the inky blackness of the unknown. We will have been tantalised by things just out of reach, which requires a stretch to grab hold of. Things that we know may drive us to the edge but can also offer sweet rewards. Things may not have seemed as cut and dry as they were during the Gemini month as we became thirsty for moisture.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has Sun in Cancer'My religion is love and compassion. What I am today is because of the love and compassion I received from my mother. Though she was an illiterate villager she was a very kind lady who loved other people.'
As we all journeyed with the Sun, we all moved into Cancer's facility to gather, absorb, digest and adopt. It’s symbol is the crab, hard shell outing covering a tender underbelly. Cancer the Crab a creature at home on land or water, sea or rock, sand or ocean. Just as long as it has a home. During Cancer time we may have been questioning, scrutinising and digesting issues of home, family, our roots and un-rootedness. Some of which may be highly indigestible but this will not stop us trying to understand. We may be examining our emotional connections as if our lives depended on it no matter how long that life is. 
Fu Suqing has Sun in Cancer 
She was a baby 115 years ago and she is applying to the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest woman.
Here are a couple of Cancerian secrets: 1) they will ALWAYS long for home and 2) they long to travel. This is a combination of the stable and the unstable, desperate to make a secure purchase from insecure fragments, to make a home whilst scoping out the next current that will take it away to new waters. Welcome to Cancer waters, which are where, we, as the Sun traveller, found ourselves. These issues and behavior’s will have been all around us, whether we like it or not, whether we pondered, answered, deliberately evaded or debated them, at some level we will have met them face to face.
English Cricketeer Stuart Broad is Sun in Cancer
He started his career in the shadow of his father, Chris former England's opening batsman. A growth spurt at 17 started his unique contribution as a fast bowler. Inflicted with Australian 'sledging' (verbal aggression) during Ashes July 2013.
So what can we have expected as Cancerian energy poured down to us through the Sun’s rays? After all we will have been affected whether we were indoors, outdoors, sleeping or waking, we were be saturated in its radical and far-reaching power. We could expected to be more sensitive, family-aware, nostalgic and sentimental. We may have 'disappeared' into our selves for periods of time, as we nipped off the radar to attend to very personal business.
The zone's presided over by Cancer in our lives will start to undergo their annual scoping and securing. If you have planets ‘tuned in’ to receive Cancer energy then they will vibrate easily to this energy, if you are Venus in Cancer the way you relate and how you receive love and money will have got a boost. If you have Mars here, the way you marshal your troops to attack or defend will have come to the ascendancy. You may well be called up to defend someone you love.
X Factor Judge Singer Cheryl Cole has Sun in Cancer
The nations sweetheart had stardom with Girls Aloud, community service early on in her career for lashing out at a toilet attendant, changing the nation’s mind about her, winning their hearts on X Factor as the most emotional judge, marrying and divorcing footballer Ashley Cole who kept on cheating, catching malaria and nearly dying, earning millions and she still just wants to start her own family more than anything else.
Sun in Cancer time, the end of June beginning of July is about deeply engaging on an emotional level, it will involve some face-to-face time with family or past issues. We will be challenged to merge with our soul, to contact ancient energies and then to move forward into the future with the past just a little bit more integrated. We don’t want to get stuck in the past the currents of the ocean will draw us forward and part of us will be thrilled by it and feel that we are in flow with our purpose but cleansing the past may take a few pitstops. As we pull into Cancer time for just one of those pitstops remember to take the time to pullover.
Drummer of Kings of Leon Nathan Followill has Sun in Cancer
The band comprises of the three Followill brothers and their cousin and named after their grandfather.
credits: wikepedia & BBC news
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